Is Plexus a pyramid scheme? Plexus Worldwide MLM Review (2022)

Is Plexus a pyramid scheme

If it is an MLM the products must be related to the health and wellness segment. Not every time but this has been a general trend. So, whenever there is a discussion about MLM a lot of questions come to mind about its legitimacy and earning opportunity. Plexus is another MLM company that sells many health-related products and also offers an earning opportunity through direct selling and recruiting. Now you must be thinking- Is Plexus a scam? Is Plexus a pyramid scheme? Can you really make money selling Plexus products? Etc.

In this detailed Plexus MLM review, you will find the answers to all the above questions. You will also learn about how Plexus MLM works, what products and compensation it offers, and the pros and cons of joining its MLM program.

New to MLM?

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What is Plexus?

Plexus Worldwide is a direct-selling company that offers a wide range of health and wellness solutions. The products cater to weight loss, gut health, nutrition, and personal care sectors.

Plexus Worldwide was founded by Tarl Robinson in 2008. The man himself has direct sales experience and thorough knowledge of how the networking marketing business model works.

Plexus is located in Arizona, the US. Currently, it has more than 20 wellness products and is a winner of the Torch 2021 award by BBB, and is also a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition

What is Plexus MLM?

Plexus MLM is a network marketing arm of the company where individuals can sell their products to earn commissions. People can also make bonuses and override commissions on recruiting people in the company.

With Plexus MLM, you get several benefits in the form of commissions on product sales, a 25% discount on product purchases, free products through the Plexus perks reward program, and access to the latest product previews and promotions.

Plexus also offers business tools including free personal training, a success kit, tools, resources, the Plexus Engage app, and community support as part of its MLM program.

How does Plexus MLM work?

Plexus MLM is a membership-based business opportunity. You can join Plexus by becoming a VIP customer. It costs $9.95 and will give you savings on products and miscellaneous earning benefits. 

Being VIP customers, individuals are entitled to buy products with 25% off retail pricing and get access to healthy lifestyle programs, tools, and resources.

You will have to buy a welcome pack (8 options) that ranges from $109 to $209. VIP customers also receive a personal link that can be shared with friends and family to earn Plexus MLM compensation-based income.

Plexus starter kits

When people buy products using your referral link it will pave the way to convert yourself as a Brand Ambassador which is the real part of the Plexus MLM program.

Once you are converted to Brand Ambassador, you get access to free training, Plexus Engage App, product previews, and community support from established Plexus consultants.

Plexus products

Plexus is a typical health and wellness MLM that offers a variety of products primarily to manage weight, improve gut health, and achieve a better lifestyle through proper nutrition and diet. Following are some of the popular categories and products from Plexus that can be part of your MLM business:

Bio Cleanse & Plexus Slim – Bio Cleanse is one of the flagship products from Plexus that is also part of its welcome packs. Bio Cleanse capsules are gut health supplements that help in cleaning your digestive system. The product consists of Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Citrus bioflavonoids as featured ingredients that are sources of anti-oxidants.

Plexus slim
Plexus bio cleanse

Bio Cleanse is well supported by Plexus Slim Microbiome Activating powder that is made of green coffee bean extracts, chromium polynicotinate, and prebiotic microbes. It supports metabolism, cardiovascular health, and blood pressure levels resulting in improved gut health.

Plexus Balance – This product is a dietary supplement that helps maintain blood glucose levels, and specifically works on carb and sugar controls for better weight management.

Plexus balance

The ingredients include extracts from white kidney beans, common beans, cinnamon barks, and mulberry leaves that are instrumental in breaking down carbohydrates and sugar levels. Plexus Balance capsules perform better with a proper diet plan.

Joyome – Joyome is used to create skincare products by Plexus. Under the Joyome label, you will find creams, moisturizers, serums, cleansers, etc. that are helpful in revitalizing and improving skin appearance.

Plexus joyome

One of the highlighted products is Joyome Collagen Complex. This is a multi-action dietary supplement to improve, strengthen, and protect the skin structure. It consists of Hydrolyzed types I and III collagen with Vitamin C, E, Biotin, and different kinds of superfood blends.

Likewise, there is a wide range of other products that cater to general nutrition, active lifestyle, personal care, and family nutrition. Plexus products are sold as individual items and combo packs. All the products are gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO.

One of the main highlights of Plexus products is its guarantee. Plexus offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with a full refund. This policy can certainly work as a blessing in disguise from a sales perspective for otherwise over-competitive products.

Are Plexus products worth their pricing?

Plexus products are not FDA approved. These solutions work as a supplement and not as medicine for any diseases or health issues.

Having said that, some of the Plexus products do perform on their claims. Plexus Slim has found many positive reviews with more than 4-star ratings on Amazon.

Plexus product reviews

It is well-received for its effects on curbing unnecessary appetite, and enhancing energy levels, and taste. But the benefits are not so effective if you just rely on Plexus Slim without having a proper diet plan.

Plexus Slim (30-pieces) is priced at $98.50 compared to the other best-selling products with the same benefits that cost $22.75 for 16-pieces. Buying two packets will cost $45.50 for 32-pieces. This is half the cost of Plexus Slim.

Plexus Bio Cleanse is another product that has gathered more than 4.5-stars. It is a detoxification solution for digestion priced at $65.95. There are many alternatives to this product on Amazon that are way cheaper and highly rated.

Some of the Plexus products (Plexus Slim Accelerator) were banned by Amazon in 2013/14 but this is not true for all the products. As you can see, Amazon does have Plexus products available with recent reviews and ratings.

To conclude, Plexus products are effective performance-wise but highly over-priced against its competitors.

How to make money with Plexus MLM?

To make it simple, there are primarily two ways to make money with Plexus:

  • Earn retail commissions on selling Plexus products and,
  • Earn bonuses on the purchase and sale of products of your recruited downlines.

To do this, you will have to share the products via your personal links through the Plexus website, social media, and other promotional channels.

Plexus compensation plan 

Plexus offers 8-ways to earn money with its compensation plan. To become qualified, every Plexus consultant has to achieve a sales target of 100PV (Personal Volume) which equals selling $100 worth of products every month.

New consultants have to purchase a welcome pack to become qualified brand ambassadors. An annual membership fee is another requirement for every consultant to remain active.

There are retail reward commissions that can be earned on selling products online. The commissions range between 15% to 25%. Commissions are calculated and paid on any volume over and above 100PV. Below is an example of retail reward commissions calculation:

Plexus compensation plan

There are 11-levels to be achieved that bring higher rankings, and multiple streams of commissions, bonuses, and perks.

One-time achievement bonus – Paid between $100 to $750 according to the rank you achieve.

Business building bonus – Paid when you have downlines up to 4 levels deep having purchased a welcome pack within 30-days of signing up. The minimum bonus is $25 paid on a $109 welcome pack and a maximum of $55 on a welcome pack of $209.

Plexus points – Plexus points are allotted to ambassadors having 25PV or on purchase of welcome pack by their VIP customers. Points are also applicable if your downlines achieve at least 50PV or purchased a welcome pack in a month. The points are calculated based on your personal level and volumes. Each point added will determine your next level and the bonuses you can earn.

Level-based bonuses – Once you achieve the Emerald position which is level 9, a 3% Emerald pool bonus is paid out of the 50% of the company’s commissionable volumes.

Similarly, a 1% bonus for Sapphire level consultants, and Diamond level consultants are also paid based on 50% company’s commissionable volumes.

Diamond level consultants are automatically allotted re-entry to the program with an additional position placed under you. This will double your earnings based on the performance of this additional position.

Plexus offers a car bonus program for Emerald consultants and above. The bonus is paid from $600 to $1200 against a luxury car installment depending on your personal level.

The compensation plan is very rewarding on paper but as you can see it demands a lot of effort in terms of sales and recruitment. Check the full details of the Plexus compensation plan here. 

Can you make money with Plexus MLM?

According to the income disclosure statement of Plexus, the average earnings of all its brand ambassadors was $544. I assume this is per month based on the top 10% figures of $5081 annually. It is a good sign that Plexus releases the income figures of its consultants which many other MLM companies don’t do.

Plexus income disclosure statement

Going by the statistics, the top 1% annual income stands at $37553 which comes close to $3000+ per month which is actually good. However, don’t be too excited by these numbers as the top 1% are those consultants who have spent a considerable amount of time and money to reach this level.

The MLMs success ratio is less than 1% and the reason behind this is having to recruit people constantly. This is very much possible if an MLM company is fairly new but Plexus has spent more than a decade which must have faded its momentum and interest. So, hiring new consultants will be very difficult.

If you cannot recruit consistently you may fail to achieve the sales target required to climb higher rankings. And without reaching the next level you cannot be part of that 1% who earn a respectable income. This could be the reason that a lot of Plexus consultants leave their MLM journey midway.

Some of the other factors that may impact your MLM journey are competition, higher pricing of products, and regular investment to meet 100PV volumes every month with the purchase of welcome packs.

So, to summarize, you can make some money with Plexus MLM provided you persist with it for a long time.

Is Plexus a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

Plexus is not a scam. It is a 100% legit company that sells high-quality health supplements and pays its consultants on selling these products. The company has a solid history and stable management to keep it floating for a long time to come.

Technically speaking, Plexus cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme as it rewards its consultants for the sale of products sold by themselves or by their recruited people. The hiring of people is required to achieve the sales target and earn bonuses. Pyramid scheme companies do not offer any major products and rely on recruiting just more and more people with false claims.

Plexus MLM lawsuit 

Plexus had been in the middle of some serious allegations and a lawsuit filed against its products and business practices.

FDA issued a warning in 2014 to Plexus for marketing its products as drugs instead of health supplements. Its consultants were found to be guilty of making false claims about treating various diseases with Plexus products and earning financial freedom through its MLM program.

A few Plexus products such as BioCleanse, ProBio5, Fast Relief, Breast Check kit, and 96 Protein Go-Pack Chocolate were under scrutiny for wrong marketing and safety concerns.

A bunch of these products were discontinued by Plexus and the company also took action by removing a number of product videos and updating its compliance policies to counter the allegations.


  • Established company – Despite several ups and downs, and stiff competition Plexus has continued to remain one of the top contenders in the MLM segment. It is a well-established firm and there should be no doubts about its legitimacy and long-lasting capabilities.
  • High-quality products – There is no doubt or concern about the effectiveness and performance of Plexus products. The products offer a variety of health benefits to their users if taken according to the directions. Most of them are rated highly and these positive reviews can play a very important part in improving your sales numbers.
  • Money-back guarantee – 60-day money-back guarantee with a full refund is a real booster to convince your audience. No customer would think twice to buy a product that can be returned with a full refund within the 60-days of its purchase. This can attract lots of faith and trust among Plexus users.


  • Products are over-priced – This has been a problem with many MLMs and Plexus is no exception. We have seen the product pricing by comparing them with similar alternatives. The pricing difference is significantly higher which can make them a hard sell regardless of the money-back guarantee.
  • Highly saturated market – The health and wellness segment is a million-dollar industry with a wide variety of products and an equal number of MLM companies selling them. The competition could be a deciding factor between the success and failure of Plexus consultants who will have to remain consistent and innovative in their MLM journey.
  • Lots of negativity – Plexus remain surrounded by lots of controversies and negative impressions in the initial stages of its inception. FDA warnings, bad marketing tactics, and false product claims are some of the issues faced by the company which is still taken into consideration while using its products or joining the MLM program.
  • No income guarantee – The income disclosure statement from Plexus is proof that there is no guarantee of making regular income with its MLM program. Their compensation is very rewarding when you have a good number of people under your sponsorship and recruiting is easier when there is lots of buzz and interest around the company. Unfortunately, Plexus falls short of expectations and the income potential is very low or nil.

Conclusion: Is Plexus MLM recommended?

I would personally not recommend Plexus MLM to anyone. It is a good company to have products that can improve your health and lifestyle. But that is the only reason to get associated with it.

Making money by sharing its products may not attract a lot of people. As evident by its compensation plan, the money lies in the number of people you have under your team who can purchase and sell products further. Achieving this feat seems very challenging and difficult.

So, instead of spending your time researching Plexus and other MLM opportunities, I would suggest checking my recommendation below to make money online with less investment and higher returns.

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