Is Perfectly Posh a pyramid scheme? Make money selling natural ingredient products

Is Perfectly Posh a pyramid scheme?

If pampering yourself is harder owing to your day-to-day busy life then you must read this post. Because here I will talk about a company named Perfectly Posh that offers solutions for your personal care. In their own words, these solutions are made to pamper yourself. What’s more, is, Perfectly Posh encourages its customers to share the products with others through network marketing and earn money. Network marketing may not be new but is prone to scams and other illegal ways of making money. So, is Perfectly Posh a pyramid scheme? Or is it a legit earning opportunity?

I will reveal all the details about Perfectly Posh as a company, its products, the compensation plan it offers, and the pros and cons of joining its networking marketing or MLM program.

New to MLM?

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What is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh is a company that sells beauty products including skincare, and personal care categories. The products are made of natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruits, nuts, flowers, etc.

All the Perfectly Posh products are made in the USA and come with a cruelty-free tag that does not involve hardcore animal-based ingredients.

Perfectly Posh was founded by Ann Dalton in 2011 who is also the creator and promoter of its products.

What is the Perfectly Posh MLM?

Perfectly Posh products are sold through a multilevel marketing business model. The MLM is offered to women and anyone who have a desire to make money by selling beauty products. The people part of Perfectly Posh MLM is called consultants.

The MLM opportunity offers instant commissions on every product sale plus extra bonuses and incentives for sponsoring others to join your team.

How does the Perfectly Posh MLM work?

Individuals interested in joining the Perfectly Posh MLM need to find a sponsor consultant. You can contact an existing consultant who introduced you to Perfectly Posh products or find a consultant by inputting your location zip code on the Perfectly Posh website.

Once your consultant position is approved, the next step is to start promoting products by purchasing a starter kit. Perfectly Posh offers two types of starter kits that cost $35 and $105 respectively.

Perfectly Post starter kit

Starter kits contain sample products, a replicated website, an app, and other marketing materials to start your business journey. Newly recruited members are trained from a community of experienced Perfectly Posh consultants.

There is also a $10 fee to be paid every year to continue your consultant position.

Perfectly Posh products

Here is a small video on the Perfectly Posh products catalog:

Perfectly Posh product line-up is another range of beauty products that deal with skin, body, face, eyes, lips, etc. In short, you can find many products that cater to taking care of your whole body in the form of face wash, soap bars, creams, moisturizers, wipes, and many more.

These are commonly found products on many stores offline and online. So, what makes Perfectly Posh products different? It is the so-called company claims of natural ingredients that are part of its every product. The ingredients are direct extracts from natural fruits, flowers, butter, milk, oils, salt, etc.

Perfectly Post products

The products are sold as individual items or bundle packs and costs between $10 to $150. All the products are backed by a 30-days return or exchange warranty.

Are the Perfectly Posh products worth their price? 

Are the beauty products dedicated to Perfectly Posh only? Are natural ingredients part of Perfectly Posh products only? If you can answer these questions in an obvious manner then you can easily understand that Perfectly Posh products are just other products.

The importance of pricing is irrelevant when you have so much competition in the beauty products market.

Still, the research shows that Perfectly Posh products are fairly priced. One of the examples is their face wash which is priced at $21 on its website and the same product is available on Amazon for $23.99. This is where the earning difference lies for its consultants.

But from the competition perspective, there are many products in the same category that are cheaper than Perfectly Posh products on Amazon.

It is also important to keep in mind the online availability of Perfectly Posh products. This scenario can make things more difficult for its consultants to sell the products directly.

How to make money with the Perfectly Posh MLM? 

To make money with the Perfectly Posh MLM program, you have to perform two activities consistently:

  1. Achieve personal sales – This is the direct-selling method where you can get involved in promoting Perfectly Posh products to others and make commissions.
  2. Build a team of members – This is where you will have to convince your customers, friends, or relatives to join your team. The recruitment will help you rank higher and become eligible for additional perks, and bonuses.

Perfectly Posh compensation plan 

Here is the detailed Perfectly Posh compensation plan if you want to know the complete details.

The compensation consists of two pay plans:

You can make between 20%-40% commissions on personal sales volumes. This is very generous from a percentage perspective. There are different levels of personal volumes to be achieved to make up to 40% commissions.

Perfectly Post compensation plan

Secondly, to increase your earnings you have to create a team of consultants who can further buy and sell the products. To keep your consultant position active, there is a requirement to maintain 300 PV every 6 months.

It is obvious that not adhering to the compensation plan requirements can disqualify your consultant position.

Can I make money with Perfectly Posh MLM? 

We have seen above how the compensation plan of Perfectly Posh works. To make money, you have to be always on your toes in terms of sales and recruitment. That’s the drawback of every MLM program.

Forget about selling and recruiting. It has been observed that more than 80% of people fail to remain active in their MLM journey. This is because of the ongoing pressure of selling continuously and convincing others to be part of your team. It is not easy and sustainable.

People who like selling and recruiting also have to consider the investment they have to make. The starter kit cost, annual membership cost, and PV requirement every 6 months can be only achieved with regular spending.

Even if you are somehow able to fulfill all the requirements of Perfectly Posh MLM, there is no transparency on its consultant’s income statement. Although, it’s not necessary to disclose the income figures it seems very unusual considering the number of years Perfectly Posh has been doing business.

Is Perfectly Posh a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

Perfectly Posh started its cosmetics and personal care products journey in 2011. Spending so many years in the MLM business isn’t easy. It is proof that the company is here to stay and cannot be termed as a scam.

Recruiting people is part of every MLM. It does not mean that it is a pyramid scheme unless there are no physical products to sell. This is not the case with Perfectly Posh so it is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Low start-up cost – The starting cost is low in comparison to other MLMs in the same category. It is a good thing from a beginner’s point of view who cannot afford to spend high start-up costs.
  • Good-quality products – Perfectly Posh products are made of natural ingredients that include fruit and flower extracts. The products are of good quality and free from animal testing and other non-organic chemicals which are considered safe to use. This is highly beneficial from promotion and selling perspectives.
  • High-commission rates – The compensation plan offers up to 40% commissions on personal sales which is comparatively best-in-class. There is no doubt that the financial results of selling Perfectly Posh products will be mouth-watering if achieved consistently.
  • MLM resources and support – Consultants are offered comprehensive marketing material and support by Perfectly Posh. There is a personal website that replicates the original Perfectly Posh website to make sales online. The training guidance is supported by experienced consultants and the availability of a mobile app is advantageous to grow your business on the go.


  • Perfectly Posh MLM is not for everyone – Beauty products primarily cater to pamper women. Specific knowledge and guidance on women’s personal care needs are essential to selling the products. So, the Perfectly Posh MLM program may not be an ideal money-making solution for everyone, especially men.
  • No income disclosure statement – The absence of an income disclosure statement is very surprising and also creates suspicion around the actual earning figures of Perfectly Posh consultants. This is not an obligatory requirement but is helpful and deciding factory to consider joining their MLM program.
  • Over-competitive market – The beauty products irrespective of their ingredients are available everywhere. No doubt, one has to acquire great skills and training to sell these types of products in the open market. Don’t forget the online marketplaces and the ease of purchasing and delivery they provide. All these factors are important to consider before joining Perfectly Posh MLM.

Conclusion: Is the Perfectly Posh MLM recommended?

MLMs are not permanent and neither sustainable solutions to make money. They are a side hustle that can be converted into a full-time earning opportunity with continuous dedication, investment, and time.

The same is true with Perfectly Posh. The company is reliable from a joining perspective, it has good products to sell, and also offers decent commissions to its consultants. Perfectly Posh seems a perfect opportunity for housewives, nursing mothers, and women looking to build a side income.

If you can fulfill the requirements of the Perfectly Posh compensation plan which is no doubt highly demanding then you are in to make valuable money. However, keep yourself prepared to shell out money in the process of selling and recruiting.

Alternatively, there are many resources and options online that provide consistent passive income with the same amount you need to invest in Perfectly Posh MLM. I suggest you search and find one. If you cannot, then check my researched recommendation below.

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