Is Paparazzi Accessories a scam? Make money selling cheap jewelry

Is Paparazzi Accessories a scam?

Are you a woman looking to wear beautiful jewelry for just $5? Are you also looking to share your shining accessories with others and make money? If the answer is yes to both, then you should read this review post about Paparazzi Accessories MLM. The company is into selling jewelry and offers an earning opportunity through networking marketing. But before you decide to consider this so-called business opportunity, it is important to have answers to a few questions. Especially, if it is an MLM. Is Paparazzi Accessories a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? How does Paparazzi Accessories MLM work? And many more.

You will also find the compensation it offers and the pros and cons of working with the company.

New to MLM?

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What is Paparazzi Accessories company?

Paparazzi Accessories is a jewelry manufacturing company founded in 2013. The company sells various jewelry items and related accessories at just $5 which is the main highlight. The products are made in China and Paparazzi Accessories aims to keep their jewelry design fresh and original to maintain the trend.

Paparazzi Accessories is also known as Paparazzi Jewelry and is a result of its founders Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve.

What is Paparazzi Accessories MLM?

The jewelry items from Paparazzi Accessories are sold exclusively through their independent consultants. This is where the Paparazzi Accessories MLM business opportunity come in.

Paparazzi Accessories MLM offers 35%-45% commissions to its consultants on personal sales. In addition, consultants can also increase their earnings by making a team of members who can further purchase and sell the products.

How does the Paparazzi Accessories MLM work?

The Paparazzi Accessories MLM is sponsor-based membership. To join the MLM opportunity, an individual has to find an existing Paparazzi Accessories consultant for a referral. Alternatively, you can go to the Paparazzi Accessories website and find the consultant based on your zip code input.

Once you become a member, the next step is to invest in purchasing a starter kit. There are three types of starter kits:

Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kits
  1. Preview Pack – $99
  2. Small Home Party Kit – $299
  3. Large Home Party Kit – $499

All the above three kits come with a certain number of Paparazzi Accessories exclusive jewelry pieces, a tool kit, party invitations, and other marketing materials. You can choose the kit that suits best of your budget.

And lastly, start selling the products from your stater kits among friends, family, relatives, etc. Consultants are also offered a personal website to make sales online.

Paparazzi Accessories products

Paparazzi Accessories’ product range includes many types of jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. The products are offered under different themes such as Paparazzi Collection, Zi Collection, Uniquely Urban, Blockbusters, and others.

The best part about Paparazzi Accessories is its pricing. All the products cost $5 per piece which is crazy. Jewelry design and style are ever-changing so most of them look attractive and different. The fact that the designs keep changing makes it first-come first-buy products.

Overall, Paparazzi Accessories products are worth buying one-time even with the Made in China tag.

Are the Paparazzi Accessories products worth their price?

The pricing is never an issue. $5 is not too much to ask. But cheap pricing tends to generate curiosity around the quality and durability of every product. The products are exclusively sold through consultants only so the real good and bad are not transparently known.

Paparazzi Accessories Products

Based on my research, there are no major compromises on the quality and one should not expect too much from products worth $5. The pricing comparison is unfair and someone who prefers pricing and looks over other things can consider investing in Paparazzi Accessories products.

How to make money with Paparazzi Accessories MLM? 

When it comes to making money with Paparazzi Accessories MLM, there are two common ways to do it:

Direct sales – Under the direct selling method, consultants have to organize parties, promote and sell products to earn retail profits. This can be also done through sales from a personal website.

Making a team – Consultants have to build a team of members who can purchase the products, and sponsor more consultants. This allows consultants to improve their rankings and make additional bonuses, and incentives.

Paparazzi Accessories MLM compensation plan 

Commissions offered on direct selling are very encouraging. Consultants are offered 35%-45% retail profits on the products they sell. This means if you sell products worth $100 ($5×20 pieces), you are eligible to make $35-$45 which is really good.

Secondly, making a team of members and convincing them to buy the products for further sales can increase your earnings. Here, there are almost 14-levels of leadership to be achieved where consultants can make between 5% to 10% bonuses on their team member’s purchases, sales, and sponsors.

Consultants are also required to maintain 50 PV (Personal Volume) worth products which could be more than $100 to keep their position active.

The compensation plan is quite deep and seems complicated. Here is the complete Paparazzi Accessories compensation plan.

Paparazzi Accessories Compensation plan

Can I make money with the Paparazzi Accessories MLM? 

Jewelry worth $5 is very affordable. And jewelry as a product has lots of attraction among women. It may not be a repeat value but innovation, and style keeps these products alive and in demand.

A commission rate of 35% to 45% is on the higher side. So, no doubt there is money to be made with Paparazzi Accessories MLM.

However, considering the income statement of Paparazzi Accessories consultants, an average monthly bonus paid to 70% of the consultants was $12.38 and that of the 5th level consultants was $989.99. To reach the 5th level you may have to spend enough time, maybe years. That means there is hardly any money in the beginning.

Paparazzi Accessories Income Statement

In fact, it may not be sustainable enough to remain as a Paparazzi consultant in the first few months or years considering the starter kit cost, and purchase of products worth $100 or more.

This is where the problem lies with most of the MLMs. You need to keep investing, selling, recruiting, keeping patience, and remaining persistent to see the desired results. Paparazzi Accessories MLM is no different. If you fail in any of the above factors, then you won’t be able to make money.

Is Paparazzi Accessories a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Paparazzi Accessories is not a scam. It is a legit company that sells women’s ornaments and is in business since 2013.

Pyramid schemes fail to provide any transparency on products and focus only on recruiting more and more people to earn money. This is not true with Paparazzi Accessories who does encourage recruiting but offers commissions on their product sales. So, it is neither a pyramid scheme.


  • Different categories of products – Fashion accessories such as Jewellery are every woman’s delight. No doubt the product will remain in constant demand and be worth selling from a business perspective.
  • Product pricing – The pricing point of Paparazzi Accessories product is outrageous. A $5 pricing is something that is affordable and buyable across the masses. It surely helps make consistent sales.
  • High commission rates – Up to 45% of commissions are really encouraging. This is against the common trend of 20%-30% commissions offered on regular dieting and supplementary products. Paparazzi Accessories excels in providing good products and high commissions.


  • Start-up cost and regular investments – Start-up cost is on the higher side. It begins with as low as $99 and goes up to $499. In addition, a consultant has to shell out regular money on purchasing products to maintain its position active and hosting parties. This may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Gender-based opportunity – Jewellery ornaments are specifically targeted at women. Although there is no official restriction on selling Paparazzi Accessories products by a specific gender, the earning opportunity remains preferably suitable for female audiences.
  • Not much to earn for beginners – MLMs treat well to people who are experienced and joined the company during its inception. A person has to spend a considerable amount of time, and money to remain in contention for making big money and a career. This may not bode well for beginners with lower intensity and patience.
  • Income potential is low – Cheap pricing has its consequences. It is good for the buyer but cannot convert into a bigger profit margin for sellers. It is evident from the Paparazzi Accessories income disclosure statement where making even 3-figure commissions is difficult.

Conclusion: Is the Paparazzi Accessories MLM recommended?

Paparazzi Accessories has quite a few positives to take away. One is the product and the second is pricing. Both the components cater well to their targeted audience and are much needed from a selling point of view.

A preview starter kit will be ideal for beginners to start with. Although, the goodies in the starter kit do not cover any details about dedicated training. So, it is assumed that a newbie has to fully rely on its sponsor.

Lastly, it is an MLM where building a team is essential to earn big. With that, you also need to excel in your selling skills because this is where the secret to making money with MLMs lies. In the absence of both, your dream income will always remain a dream.

From my personal point of view, I am not a big fan of MLMs owing to their non-sustainability aspect and so I won’t recommend Paparazzi Accessories. Instead, I suggest you research more on other make-money topics that have low investment, no sales or inventory, and provide passive income while you sleep.

If you cannot find one or do not want to spend time researching then check my recommendation below.

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