Is Optavia MLM a scam? Make money with healthy eating habits?

Is Optavia MLM a scam?

Bizarre eating habits, work stress, and unnatural lifestyle are some of the reasons to gain unwanted weight. Lack of work-life balance forces many people to look for different shortcuts to keep their diet and weight in check and this is where dietary supplements and weight-loss programs come in to picture. There are numerous companies that offer weight-loss solutions in the form of supplements with a coaching program. In this review post, we will look at Optavia. The company provides dietary supplements for weight loss with a coaching program through an MLM. If it is an MLM, you cannot trust the company or the product blindly. So, what is Optavia MLM? Is it legit or a pyramid scheme? Is Optavia MLM a scam?

You will find answers to the above questions and many others in this post. Continue reading to know more about the Optavia MLM program, its products, the compensation it offers, and the pros, and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Optavia?

Optavia offers health and wellness solutions primarily focused on weight loss. The company provides different products with supportive diet plans and dedicated coaches for better results.

Optavia was previously known as Take Shape for Life, Inc. The company prides itself on being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medifast, that is into providing health-related products since 1980.

What is the Optavia MLM program?

Optavia is the new face of Medifast’s coach-driven health and wellness-related weight-loss program. It offers an earning opportunity to individuals who are trained to provide end-to-end coaching and guidance to its customers on dieting and weight loss. The individuals are called Independent Optavia Coaches.

Optavia rewards its independent coaches with a compensation plan that is based on direct selling and making a team of coaches. The program includes business tools, accessories, and support to help its members grow their business faster.

How does the Optavia MLM program work?

Optavtia MLM opportunity works in three steps. You will have to find an existing Optavia coach to get registered, purchase a starter kit that costs $199, and take guidance and support from the Optavia coaching community to kick-start your business campaign.

Under the kit, members get access to a website for the first 12-months, Optavia success system, coaching guides, 5&1 weight plan pack, and some gears and gadgets. The membership renewal is required annually by paying a fee of $99.

If you find the Optavia MLM opportunity interesting then visit to find the coach in your location or fill out the details of the coach that you already know of.

Optavia products

The products offered by Optavia cater to weight-loss solutions in different types of dietary meals and plans. The products are backed by Optavia’s healthy habits adoption tips that are part of the overall weight-loss program.

Below are some of the products that you can share with your customers as an independent coach:

Fuelings: Optavia offers two types of dietary meals under its Fuelings option. Essential fuelings and Select fuelings. The meal package consists of necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrition. There are cookies, shakes, pancakes, cereals, oatmeal, and soups to suit every individual need and mood.

Lean & Green meal: The lean & green meal is part of a healthy habit plan. The meal includes proteins and fats in the form of non-starchy vegetables that are healthy and keep your body fit. There are multiple choices that can be consumed throughout the day.

Optimal Weight plan: This is a 5&1 weight plan that is most popular among its users. The program is clinically proven and backed by scientific research approved by physicians, and dieticians. The weight plan consists of smaller meals to be taken in short intervals six times a day to resist the cravings and keep the weight in check.

There is a 30-days return policy offered by Optavia on its consumable products. That means a customer can return and get a refund (minus shipping fees) if they are not satisfied with the results of the product. This return policy can be a booster from the selling perspective.

Are the Optavia products worth their price? 

Optavia products are not pricey. However, since these are dietary supplements that should be consumed regularly the pricing may come into the picture. It may look over-priced owing to delayed or bad results. The overall ratings for Optavia products are less than 3-stars calculated on its effectivity and consumptions aspects.

There are several complaints related to their shipping and delivery issues on BBB that puts their health solutions and business ethics under severe scrutiny.

How to make money with the Optavia MLM program? 

The earning ways are straightforward. With Optavia, you have two options to make money:

  • Sell optavia products directly to your customers,
  • Recruit other coaches under your team and earn commissions on their sales and further recruitment.

Optavia MLM compensation plan 

Optavia’s compensation plan is very detailed in structure. Earning commissions and bonuses are aligned with your achievement of consistent sales and recruitment.

The commissions and bonuses are paid on compensation volume (CV) that is calculated on qualified products’ pricing range.

As a beginner Optavia coach, you can earn 15% commissions on Personal Compensation Volumes (PCV) for a minimum of 5 clients with additional bonuses between 3% to 13%. With a 400 PCV for 5 clients, you can expect to make $460 as commissions and bonuses.

With consistent sales and an increase in PCV, you can earn between $250-$1000 as a consistency bonus.

Your rankings will improve if you are able to bring more people as coaches to your team. There are 15-levels to climb and earn commissions and bonuses in the range of 1.5%-2.5%.

You can go into details of Optavia’s compensation plan here.

Can I make money with the Optavia MLM program? 

Optavia’s compensation plan is dedicated to rewarding its members on their personal sales and downlines. The percentage of commissions (15%) is attractive and can convert into fascinating numbers with consistent sales.

However, MLMs are very demanding. The dietary supplements and weight-loss niche is another disadvantage. There are hundreds of companies offering earning opportunities through their MLM program in the same category. So, the competition is very high, and making consistent sales will be challenging. Add to that the woes of recruiting people.

The income statement of Optavia doesn’t give encouraging figures. More than 23% of Optavia consultants did not make any money during their first year.

The average annual earnings of more than 50% of consultants were between $2500-$5000 which is less than $500 a month. This does not include the expenses of starter kits, membership renewals, and other miscellaneous costs you may spend on training, traveling, etc.

It will take tremendous hard work, dedication, patience, and persistence of years to make a living with Optavia MLM.

Is Optavia MLM a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Optavia is part of Medifast who is a veteran in providing health and wellness solutions for more than 4 decades. Optavia is here to stay for a long time due to Medifast’s stability and reputation. It is not a scam.

Optavia offers effective weight-loss solutions and healthy habit programs through its MLM program. The products are promoted and sold by independent coaches as an earning opportunity and do not rely solely on recruitment. Optavia is not a pyramid scheme.

Optavia controversies/legal issues 

The 5&1 weight loss plan of Optavia (Medifast) has been criticized for making false claims on its effectiveness. The company had to pay a hefty civil penalty of more than $3 million to settle the charges with further caution on its promoting and advertising methods by FTC and the US Department of Justice.


  • Commendable background: Medifast’s history of doing business in the health and wellness segment is commendable. The company has survived many hurdles, tough financial scenarios, and still going strong with a number of acquisitions and adoptions. This makes Optavia a reliable and trustworthy organization to be part of.
  • Tools and support: The starter kit comes with a lot of goodies to jumpstart your business. You have the access to a website, your own back office, coaching guides, etc. Not to forget the coaching team itself who are always there to support you with marketing materials and implementation of your sales plan.
  • Return and refund policy: The return policy of 30-days can come in handy to initiate sales in the beginning. With an assurance of refund, you can convince more customers to try the products and ask for a refund within a month if not satisfied.
  • Pricing of the products: The pricing of Optavia products is affordable. Most of the individual meals and packs cost between the range of $20-$50 with combined kits costing more than $400. Low pricing is helpful to create more customers and sales.


  • Competitive niche: You cannot make money in the over-saturated market of health and supplements products. People can find hundreds of alternatives on different online channels unless you come up with something that is innovative, engaging, and effective for their health.
  • Low-income potential: With high competition, your chances of making consistent income reduces potentially. Considering the high start-up cost of Optavia it will need a marathon effort to drive sales and generate revenue that can leave you enough money after deducting your business expenses.
  • Complicated compensation plan: The compensation structure is very complex. There are many ifs and buts to follow and it is difficult to make out the actual income figure you can make out of it. When there are too many rankings and levels based on recruitment rather than sales then it is a red flag.
  • Not backed by BBB: Medifast is in the business for more than 40 years but the absence of accreditation and ratings by BBB is surprising. You can only find complaints and issues regarding their shipping and delivery that have hampered their customer ratings to 1 out of 5.

Conclusion: Is the Optavia MLM recommended?

There are many factors to consider before you decide to join the Optavia MLM. The start-up cost is the biggest drawback. Not many can afford to begin with $199 and continue to pay for regular purchases of products, and membership renewals.

You may struggle to find regular sales due to the overhyped and overburdened health and wellness market. The compensation plan is hard to understand and looks very demanding in terms of recruiting members constantly to increase your income.

Optavia’s association with Medifast and quality training material can find a few members but again convincing others to follow a diet plan by adopting healthy eating habits is not everyone’s job. It requires specialized skills and some sought of professionalism so that people can believe and reward your efforts.

All in all, Optavia MLM is not recommended as there are lots to lose than to gain. If you are ready to spend more than $200 then I suggest you do thorough online research for other money-making alternatives or check out my recommendation below.

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