Is Opinion Outpost a scam? Detailed Review, Pros, and Cons

Is Opinion Outpost a scam

If you are thinking of starting a side hustle, taking part in online surveys may be a good way to start. Online surveys are targeted questionnaires for a specific audience. It is a way that many companies gather data for research and marketing purposes. In this post, I will be reviewing Opinion Outpost. Is Opinion Outpost a scam? You will find the answer in this review.

Taking online surveys won’t make you a six-figure but it is a way to earn extra cash by the side. Read on to find if Opinion Outpost helps you earn extra cash, and whether it is legit and worth spending time.

What is Opinion Outpost? An Overview

Is Opinion Outpost a scam

Opinion Outpost is a survey site where people get paid for answering survey questions.

Many companies need your honest responses to their questionnaires to help them improve on their products or create new ones. This is where Opinion Outpost comes in.

The surveys are available on diverse topics. You are rewarded with points for every survey that you complete. The points can be exchanged with gift cards or cash.

There is also the option of donating your points to the American Red Cross.

How does Opinion Outpost work?

Opinion Outpost works like every other survey sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The first thing is to sign up for Opinion Outpost. Then, you will have to complete your profile.

After completing your profile, the next thing is to start taking surveys by clicking “Take a Survey”. The points awarded for every survey is stated when you log in to the Dashboard.

Before you start to take surveys, you will find some multiple-choice questions you have to answer. Answering these questions help Opinion Outpost to give you a better survey experience that will enhance your chances of earning more rewards.

When you start taking surveys, you will need to reach a minimum of 10,000 points to cash out with PayPal. 10,000 points have a $10 value.

How to sign up for Opinion Outpost

To sign up for Opinion Outpost is simple and straightforward. It takes less than 15 minutes to sign up. Just visit and fill out the form to create an account.

You will have to check your email to activate your Opinion Outpost account. Follow the link sent to your email to complete your sign up. After you have successfully created your account, the next thing is to build your profile.

Profile creation is where you will have to answer some personal questions so that Opinion Outpost can know more about you. The information you provide will determine how your surveys will be served.

Next, is to take a welcome survey. It takes just 10 minutes to complete the survey and earn 5 points. If you want to answer more surveys, you will have to click “Take A Survey” to increase your points.

How to receive payment from Opinion Outpost

To earn cash or gift cards, you will have to earn between 50 and 100 points. It is 50 points for an Amazon gift card and 100 points for a cash payment through PayPal.

Below are the minimum points you must earn to redeem cash or gift cards:

  • PayPal – 100 points for $10Amazon gift card – 50 points for $5
  • iTunes gift card – 100 points for $10
  • To donate points to charity (American Red Cross) – 5 points for $0.50

A chance to win $10,000 in the Opinion Outpost prize draw 

Signing up with Opinion Outpost allows you to win $10,000 in a quarterly draw. You will be entered for this draw automatically as far as you have taken surveys.

This means Opinion Outpost gives out $40,000 every year in sweepstakes.

Is Opinion Outpost a scam?

Opinion Outpost is not a scam. It is a legit survey site that is tested and trusted. The company offers both cash payout and gift card option to redeem your earned points.

When does Opinion Outpost pay their members? 

Payments are made within a short period if you choose to be paid with PayPal but within 3 to 5 business days with gift cards.

Is Opinion Outpost worth it?

The fact is that there is no amount of money a survey site can pay you that can make you quit your day job. But it is an opportunity to earn something by the side with your spare time no matter how small.

If you want to earn a reasonable amount of money taking surveys, it means you will have to sign up with several survey sites. The accumulated earnings can make a difference.

Benefits of Opinion Outpost

  • Low minimum payout threshold – The minimum payout threshold for Opinion Outpost is $10. This means you can cash out within a short time.
  • Sweepstakes – You could be the winner of a $10,000 quarterly draw. This is one of the great benefits of joining Opinion Outpost.
  • Refer a friend – Opinion Outpost offers a refer-a-friend program. You can earn up to $5 per friend that you refer to Opinion Post with your custom URL.
  • Transparency – The process is very transparent. As you take surveys, you will know how many points you earned and redeem them with ease.

Can I make money with Opinion Outpost? 

Yes, you can make money from Opinion Outpost. But the amount of money you will make will depend on the availability of surveys.

There are times you may not qualify for the survey even if you have completed the questionnaire for the survey.

You can earn between $0.50 and $5 for each completed survey. A point goes for $0.10. For instance, you will earn $0.50 for a 5-point survey. The duration of each survey is between 10 and 30 minutes.

Beware of survey scams

There are many scam survey sites out there that make bogus claims of enriching people. As a rule of thumb, don’t sign up with any survey sites that ask you to pay money before you can join them.

Avoid a site that offers to pay $50 per survey. This is another sign of a survey site scam.

Opinion Outpost is a tested and trusted survey site. The company pays once you reach the minimum $10 payout threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does Opinion Outpost pay their members?

Answer: Payments are made within 72 hours.

2. How does Opinion Outpost pay?

Answer: They pay through PayPal

3. Does the Opinion Outpost website support mobile and tablet?

Answer: Yes, it does

4. How can I contact the Opinion Outpost support team?

Answer: The support team can be contacted through email at

5. Does Opinion Outpost offer Sweepstakes?

Answer: Yes, Opinion Outpost offers quarterly Sweepstakes worth $10,000.


  • Free to sign up as a member
  • The minimum payout threshold is $10
  • Flexible and reliable payment option
  • You can withdraw cash or collect gift cards
  • Cash payment is through PayPal
  • There is an opportunity to $10,000 in a quarterly prize draw


  • No mobile app
  • You may not qualify for the survey even if you have filled out the questionnaire
  • You cannot take more than nine surveys per day
  • Available to the residents of Canada and the United States of America only.

Conclusion: Is Opinion Outpost recommended?

Opinion Outpost is a legitimate survey site where you can earn money by just taking surveys. You cannot become a millionaire by taking surveys but earning something by the side is not a bad idea.

The fact that the minimum payout threshold is $10 means you can cash out in no time. This makes it better than other survey sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars that require a $25 and $30 minimum payout threshold respectively.

I would highly recommend Opinion Outpost if you are interested in making money online answering surveys.


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