Is OneOpinion a scam? OneOpinion Review, Features, and Earnings

Is OneOpinion a scam?

Paid surveys are one of the online income resources. They are not the best option to make big money instantly but are helpful in providing some financial relief to pay off your bills/dues. I spend many hours testing and researching some of the best survey sites that pay for taking surveys. One of the survey sites that I discovered is OneOpinion. There are many OneOpinion reviews online but this is the most definitive review you would ever read. Is OneOpinion a scam or legit?

In this post, you will find out all that you need to know about the OneOpinion survey site.

What is OneOpinion? An Overview

OneOpinion is a survey site that rewards you with cash or gift vouchers when you take part in survey questionnaires.

It was established in 2011 to conduct surveys on behalf of the world’s leading marketing and research companies.

The platform awards you points for each survey that you take and the points can then be redeemed for cash or reward vouchers.

The vouchers include Amazon and Visa.

How does OneOpinion work?

The surveys that are provided on the platform give truthful feedback for businesses who want to improve their products or services.

Cash is then paid in exchange for your honest opinion on the surveys you have taken.

The process works in three ways. Sign up to be a member of OneOpinion, start to take available surveys, and earn cash for the surveys you have taken.

You will always get an invitation to take a new survey through your email address.

How to join OneOpinion

To join OneOpinion, you have to be residing in the US or UK. If you are a resident of any of these countries, you can go to the platform’s website at to sign up and become a member.

Features/Benefits of OneOpinion

There are some features/benefits that you gain by joining OneOpinion.

Here are some of them:

1. A chance to test new products

Once, in a while, members of OneOpinion are allowed to test new products before they are launched in the market.

The products are sent to your home with the accompanying questionnaires. You will have to provide honest answers to the questions provided after testing the product.

2. Strong security to protect your account

Hackers and scammers can hijack your account for fraudulent activities. This is why there is a two-factor authentication to protect your account. This stops someone else from gaining unauthorized access to your email address.

3. Excellent customer service

If you have any inquiries, the chatbot known as “Emily” will help you to answer some of the questions. You can reach the customer service on the phone for detailed answers.

How does OneOpinion pay its panelists? 

Members of the platform are paid through PayPal after reaching the minimum threshold of $25 which is 25,000 points.

Can I make money with OneOpinion?

Of course, you can make money with OneOpinion. You can make between $2 and $3 per hour. Remember, you will have to earn points before the points are converted to cash.

Below is the OneOpinion points system:

  • 10 points give you $0.01
  • 100 points are $0.10
  • 100 points are equivalent to $1

So, let’s go back to the question again. You will earn money by taking surveys on the OneOpinion website but it will take a long time to make a decent amount.

The points awarded for each survey also vary. You can earn 100 points for a survey that takes between 15 to 20 minutes. There are also times that surveys may not be available.

It is advised you don’t quit your day job because of a survey site. But you can make some cool cash if you sign up to many survey sites. This can help you to augment your income.

Is OneOpinion safe? 

Yes, the platform is very safe. It makes use of two-factor authentication to protect users’ accounts. Security codes can also be sent to the user if it is required. This is an extra layer of security.

The platform also takes data privacy very seriously. They promise that your data will never be shared with third-party organizations.

My Personal Experience Taking Surveys with OneOpinion 

Taking surveys with OneOpinion is a worthwhile experience and I think it is right to share it.

1. Collection of points

The points awarded are equivalent to between $1 and $5. 1,000 points are equal to $1. You will have to request payment when you reach 25,000 points which earn you $25.

You will get an email message when new surveys are available. The topic for the available surveys, the points to earn, and the estimated time to complete the surveys will also be shared in the email message.

2. Disqualifications come with free points

You will be awarded 50 points if you get screened out or disqualified. So, if you are disqualified five times in a day that is 250 points.

3. Points are awarded instantaneously

Each time you complete a survey, you are awarded the corresponding points immediately. The points are displayed in your account.

4. You can take as many surveys as possible

This is why it is important to properly complete your profile. You will get a lot of surveys if your profile matches the available surveys.

5. No referral program

Unlike many other survey sites that have a referral program for members to earn more money, OneOpinion doesn’t offer any referral programs. I didn’t find this reasonable.

Do I have to pay to join OneOpinion?

To join the OneOpinion survey site is free. You don’t need to pay a dime to be a member of the platform.

Beware of online survey scams

There are many scam survey sites out there. Some of them ask you to pay money before you can join their platform. That is a red flag. Don’t pay money to join a survey site.

Others allow you to join for free but won’t pay you after you have reached the payment threshold.

To avoid being scammed, you have to join tested and trusted survey sites like OneOpinion. To sign up, you have to visit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does OneOpinion have a good support team?

Answer: The platform has 24/7 customer service that is responsive and reliable.

2. Is there any other payment method apart from PayPal?

Answer: Yes, you can also get paid through a Visa debit card.

3. Is OneOpinion a scam survey site?

Answer: No, it is a legit survey site

4. Can anyone join OneOpinion?

Answer: Not everyone can join the platform. It is only open to residents of the US and UK.

5. Can people in my household join the platform?

Answer: Yes, people of the same household can join the platform.

6. Is OneOpinion rated by any rating agency?

Answer: No, it is not rated by Better Business Bureau (BBB).


  • It is free and easy to sign up
  • The platform is safe and reliable 
  • $25 minimum withdrawal threshold
  • You will get email notifications when surveys are available 
  • Cash payment is through PayPal and Visa debit card 
  • You will get a chance to test new products before launch  


  • Issues with survey qualification 
  • Surveys are limited 
  • Random deactivation of accounts without any prior notice 
  • Only available to residents of the US and UK 
  • No referral program 
  • No signup bonus  

Conclusion: Is OneOpinion a scam?

OneOpinion is a legit survey platform that rewards survey panelists for taking part in survey questionnaires. It is a good way to earn some income while watching TV.

The fact that they only accept residents of the United States and the United Kingdom is a huge drawback for many who are not living in these two countries.

Nonetheless, it remains a great opportunity for people living in these countries. It is interesting to note that payment can either be through PayPal or Visa debit card.

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