Is Omnilife a scam? Omnilife MLM Review, and Compensation Plan

Is Omnilife a scam?

Many of us have been accosted by a sales rep or introduced to an MLM business by a family member. They tell us how good a product is and the opportunity therein if we join the platform. This is how most of us are recruited to join a multilevel marketing company. And in most cases, the experience has been awful. This is why it is important to do some research before joining any MLM company. Recently, I have done some research on Omnilife. Is Omnilife a scam? Read on to find out whether Omnilife is right for you or not.  

There are plenty of MLM companies that offer excellent opportunities for people to make money with a low entry fee. Omnilife is one of them. But making money with MLM is always challenging. So, do I recommend joining Omnilife MLM? I will reveal everything in this review.

What is Omnilife? An Overview

Omnilife is a multilevel marketing company founded in 1991 in Mexico by Jorge Vergara. The founder had previously worked with Herbalife before establishing Omnilife.

The company has its presence in North, South, and Central America. It sells nutritional products in over 20 countries including Spain, United States, and Brazil.

How does Omnilife MLM work?

Omnilife MLM works through a compensation system that involves the earning of a commission.

You will earn some commissions for selling their products and also earn from the efforts of the people you recruited into your team.

The commission rate is between 20% and 50% depending on your level.

How to join Omnilife?

To join Omnilife as a distributor, you would have to pay $39. And you would have to score 300 Personal Points to maintain your status and earn commission monthly.

You can visit, select your country of residence and click “I WANT TO JOIN” to fill out an online registration form.

Can I make money with Omnilife?

Yes, you can make money by selling Omnilife products. With direct selling, you can earn between 20% and 50% commission.

Another way to make more money is to recruit people into your team. You can earn a lot of commission from the efforts of your team members.

Omnilife Compensation Plan 

Omnilife has a uni-level compensation plan. It means you have to employ teamwork and build your downline.

The compensation is quite long but I will try to keep it short. It is in three phases.

Note that PP stands for Personal Points while GP is Group Points.

1. Bronze – This is divided into three parts

  • Bronze Premier – You have to earn 300 PP, 1 downline, and a 5% override
  • Bronze Elite – 500 PP with 1,500 GP with 1 downline and 7% override
  • Bronze Supreme – 800 PP with 2,000 GP and 9% override

If you are an active distributor, you can earn an additional 10% quick start bonus for the first 90 days of sales.

2. Silver – This is phase two and it is divided into three:

  • Silver Premier – You have to earn 1,200 PP, 4,000 GP, and 4 downlines
  • Silver Elite – 1,500 PP with 7,000 GP with 4 downlines
  • Silver Supreme – 2,400 PP with 10,000 GP with 4 downlines

You can earn a $500 promotional bonus for reaching phase two.

For qualifying for phase two, you can also earn $500 if you teach others to reach phase two.

3. Gold and Diamond – This is phase three

It is for developing new leaders like the Silver but has more points than the Silver level.

  • Gold Premier – You have to earn 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 12,000 DLP including 4 downlines
  • Gold Elite – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 34,000 DLP including 4 downlines
  • Gold Supreme – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 80,000 DLP including 4 downlines
  • Diamond Premier – You have to earn 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 200,000 DLP including 5 downlines
  • Diamond Elite – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 500,000 DLP including 6 downlines
  • Diamond Supreme – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 1,200,000 DLP including 6 downlines
  • Double Diamond Premier – You have to earn 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 3,000,000 DLP including 7 downlines
  • Double Diamond Elite – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 8,000,000 DLP including 8 downlines
  • Double Diamond Supreme – 2,400 PP, 10,000 GP, 20,000,000 DLP including 9 downlines

Who can join Omnilife? 

Omnilife is for anyone who understands how the MLM structure works.

It is also for people who are interested in selling health and nutritional products.

Is Omnilife a scam?

MLM companies are synonymous with scams. This is why many people are afraid of joining the platform.

But it must be stated that Omnilife is not a scam. It is a legit company that sells quality nutritional supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Omnilife a pyramid scheme?

Answer: Omnilife is a direct sales company. The company is selling products to people through its distributors or members. This means it is not a pyramid scheme.

2. Are Omnilife products of high quality?

Answer: Yes, their products are made of the highest standards.

3. Is Omnilife approved by the FDA?

Answer: No, it is not approved by the FDA.

4. How much is Omnilife membership?

Answer: Omnilife membership costs $39 including shipping and handling. You will be given a membership kit. This allows you to make orders online.

5. Do Omnilife products have any side effects?

Answer: Yes, the products have some side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, redness of the skin, etc.

6. Is Omnilife rated by BBB?

Answer: No, it is not rated.


  • Omnilife was established in 1991. The company has operated for 30 years. This means the company is reputable with a good track record.
  • It is a legit and serious MLM company. A scam MLM company would have been liquidated long before now by the regulatory body.
  • The company has evergreen products. It means the products will always be in demand no matter the turbulence that the economy suffers.
  • Omnilife has a good financial standing. The company is always making millions of dollars yearly. It means the organization is financially healthy.
  • The products are of a high standard. This leads to repeated purchases by the users.
  • The company rewards its members with some nice commission rates. The rates are from 20% and above.


  • The products have not been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).
  • Omnilife products are quite expensive. If many people cannot afford their products, it means the company is losing a lot of money.
  • A bad reputation due to several lawsuits against the company and its owner is another drawback for the company.
  • The company’s representatives are fond of making bogus claims about the products. This is false.
  • You will have to recruit people to join your team if you want to make a good commission.

Conclusion: Is Omnilife MLM recommended?

As much as network marketing is still a good business model for making money, I won’t recommend that anyone joins the Omnilife MLM.

You need a lot of hard work, persistence, and perseverance to succeed with any MLM program.

It is better to take up a paid job where you are guaranteed some payment monthly than to join an MLM business.

First of all, you need to sell to a lot of people to earn a decent commission and when you recruit people into your team, you are not sure they would perform so that you can earn some commission of their efforts.

All of these make MLM an extremely difficult business model to join. There is no guarantee with MLM because it is full of uncertainties.

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