Is Norwex Legit? Norwex MLM Review

Is Norwex Legit?

Keeping the house and environment clean is everybody’s responsibility. It ensures that the world you live in is safe, harmless, and secure for you and your children. But cleaning is a tough task. Especially if done with harmful chemical solutions, and tools. Norwex is a company that sells eco-friendly products such as cleaning cloths, air purifiers, and water filters. The products are used globally due to their efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning without any chemicals or scents. You may also find it interesting that Norwex has an MLM program that offers many different ways to spread the word about these amazing products. It provides an income opportunity to every household. Is Norwex legit or a scam?

In this post, I will tell you what is Norwex MLM program, how does it work, and everything else that you should know to help you make a decision on joining it or not.

What is Norwex? An Overview

Norwex is a manufacturer of cleaning and personal care solutions that was established in 1994. The Norwegian company has a mission to make the world pollution-free by creating products that are safer, healthier, and largely sustainable.

Norwex has expanded its presence in 15 countries to share its Norwegian experience and values. Norwex was founded by Bjorn Nicolaisen.

How does Norwex MLM work?

Norwex has an MLM program that works on hosting parties and promoting their products to your guests to drive sales and earn commissions. You can also adopt direct sales, and other methods of your choice to sell their products.

The MLM program offers generous rewards and commissions. To be successful, you have to constantly build a downline of hosts and sell the products to your guests to earn a certain percentage of commissions.

In order to take advantage of the Norwex MLM program, you will have to join as an Independent Sales Consultant.

How to join the Norwex MLM program?

To join the Norwex MLM program you have to visit their website, select your desired location, and click on ‘Join’.

Norwex Products

Norway is considered to be one of the most polluted-free and natural places to live in. Norwex products are inspired by its country’s living environment.

Claimed to be safe and chemical-free, the category of Norwex products comprises bathroom cleaners, mattress cleaners, odor-removers, carpet cleaners, and the most popular microfiber cleaning cloths.

Norwex claims that their products are “radically chemical-free” and safe to sustain a cleaner and healthier living environment.

How to make money with the Norwex MLM program 

There are mainly two ways you can make some money with the Norwex MLM program:

Hosting Parties: This is the most encouraged method favored by Norwex to promote their products. You have to arrange parties, provide a demo to your guests, and earn commissions on every sale.

Norwex also has a free host program that offers all the host benefits to their sales consultants. It helps improve sales and provides different product rewards to the host.

Recruiting Downline: The other way to generate income through the Norwex MLM program is recruitment. You can increase your earnings by building your downline through internal parties. Norwex claims the average earnings based on internal parties with your downline can be $500.

Norwex Commission Plan 

Norwex commission structure has 8-levels of positions to make consistent earnings. You have to start as an Independent Sales Consultant by purchasing a party starter kit that costs $200* plus tax.

*The party starter kit is free if you are able to generate $2000 retail sales during the first 90-days of joining as a sales consultant.

The Norwex commission structure is very detailed and moderately complex. To summarize, you can find the major highlights of the Norwex commission plan below:

Number of Levels – 8

  • Sales Consultant
  • Team Coordinator
  • Sales Leader
  • Executive Sales Leader
  • Senior Executive Sales Leader
  • Vice President Sales Leader
  • Executive Vice President Sales Leader
  • Senior Vice President Sales Leader

Level Requirements:

  • Every level requires a maintenance amount of cumulative personal retail sales that vary between $250-$1000 to keep your position active.
  • Every level requires you to engage new personal sales recruits. You have to also ensure that a certain number of your existing personal recruits remain active.

Level Benefits:

  • You get standard 35% retail discount on your personal retail sales across levels.
  • You get standard $300 in free product of your choice on each personal recruit across levels.
  • You get standard 5% commissions on group sales.
  • You earn varying amounts of commissions between 0.5% – 2% on each level of personal recruits of your Team Coordinators.
  • You are eligible for Gifts & Rewards across levels.

Norwex rewards senior-level positions with additional bonuses and incentives.

The more you climb up the level, the higher chances of making consistent income.

Can you really make money with Norwex MLM? 

Making money with any MLM is always challenging. Norwex has very generous commission plans and offers a variety of perks and incentives. You can make decent money if you are good at hosting parties and convincing people to buy products and join your team.

The non-availability of the Norwex Income Disclosure statement is a sign that they don’t want to disclose the real truth behind their earnings from the MLM program. In such a scenario, it is difficult to arrive at any specific amount of money that you can make with the Norwex MLM program.

However, as evident from many MLM schemes, you cannot earn a sustainable income to make a living.

Who can benefit from Norwex MLM? 

Norwex MLM program is ideal for people who are into direct sales and marketing. Alternatively, students, housewives, event organizers, and people who love partying every weekend can take advantage of the Norwex MLM program.

Is Norwex legit or a pyramid scheme? 

Norwex has physical products that are of high quality and standards. The products are also available on many online platforms across various countries.

Norwex has adopted multi-level marketing as one of the ways to market and promote their products apart from direct selling.

Practically, Norwex is not a pyramid scheme and is a legit company operating since 1994.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Norwex an MLM?

Answer: Yes, Norwex has a multi-level marketing program to help individuals earn money by promoting and selling their products.

2. Does Norwex products really kills 99% of bacterias?

Answer: Norwex microfiber cloth is popular for cleaning and killing bacteria. As per the research, the microfiber cloth contains silver that helps deactivate germs and bacteria. A small cleaning with hot water associated with a microfiber cloth can kill the bacteria.

3. Are Norwex products expensive?

Answer: No, Norwex products generally cost between $15-$40.


  • Norwex is a reputed brand with high-quality products across 15 countries
  • The category of Norwex products are always in demand and required in day-to-day activities
  • Norwex MLM compensation plan has good commission rates with attractive rewards and incentives
  • You can make a decent amount of money with proper planning, and recruitment with Norwex MLM
  • It is easier to promote and sell the products to your friends, and relatives by hosting parties


  • Norwex MLM program is not free to join
  • The marketing channels are limited to promoting Norwex products
  • The requirements for being a Norwex MLM member is highly demanding
  • Income opportunity is not sustainable
  • It is not convenient and affordable to host parties to promote Norwex products
  • Norwex commission structure is very complex
  • The income disclosure statement is not available for the Norwex MLM program
  • The product niche is highly competitive

Conclusion: Is joining Norwex MLM worth it?

Norwex is a reputed brand across the globe. They have some very useful products that are highly effective and environmentally oriented. The products are available online with Amazon and have generated lots of positive reviews. There are some negative reviews as well but those are part of every product available online.

Talking about Norwex MLM, the commission plan and products are certainly worth considering, but if they don’t suit your needs or goals then it may not be a good fit for you.

MLM business is dedicated to a certain section of people who are good at convincing and selling. If you are not one of them, Norwex MLM is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to explore an MLM opportunity, the Norwex commission plan is worth it.

However, hosting regular parties, consistently recruiting and maintaining downlines, and the costs associated with it are not affordable nor convenient for everyone.

In that case, we would recommend exploring other opportunities rather than joining Norwex at all costs as there could be better options out there.

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