Is Nikken a scam? Make money with magnetic therapy!

Is Nikken a scam?

Selling health and wellness products isn’t easy when you have 100s of companies offering them. It is therefore necessary to do thorough research and compliance before you plan to join such platforms. In this post, we’ll take a look at Nikken. It is a network marketing company that offers an earning opportunity selling its health and fitness products. But is it legit? Is Nikken a scam? Can you really make money with Nikken?

Find the answers in this Nikken MLM review post. We’ll also discuss the products, compensation plan, and pros and cons of joining Nikken, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

New to MLM?

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What is Nikken?

Nikken is a well-known health and fitness company that offers a wide range of products to improve your overall health and wellness.

The company was founded in 1975 by Isamu Masuda based out of Japan and later expanded to different parts of the world. It’s currently headquartered in California, the US, and has a presence in more than 15 countries.

Nikken offers its products based on 5 pillars of wellness which are Healthy mind, Healthy body, Healthy family, Healthy society, and Healthy finances.

What is Nikken MLM?

Nikken MLM is the network marketing arm of the company. It offers a way for people to become independent distributors of Nikken products and earn commissions on sales.

The Nikken MLM program is fairly straightforward – you can either sell products or become a distributor. As a distributor, you’ll earn commission on the sales of products you sell, as well as on the sales of products your downline sells.

As a distributor, you get help, support, and training from your sponsor as well as retail commissions, and bonuses as financial rewards with the Nikken compensation plan.

How does Nikken MLM work?

To get started with Nikken MLM, you need to become a distributor by joining through its website

The joining formality requires you to have a sponsor. In case, you don’t know one, then just opt for ‘need consultant’ option and Nikken will help you find one.

The enrolment fee is $99 for a year and you will have to shell out extra money on some marketing tools and websites (around $50-$60 per month) which is optional but required from a business growth perspective.

Nikken products

Nikken has a wide range of products available, including everything from health and fitness products to air filters and water filters. They also offer a line of nutritional supplements, which are a big part of their business. Some of the products include:

Nikken products

-Magnetic therapy products

-Far infrared saunas

-Air filters

-Water filters

-Performance wear

-Health and wellness supplements

-Weight management products

Nikken’s flagship product is its magnetic therapeutic-based items that include a massage machine, a watch, and jewelry sets. These items help improve the overall immune system, blood pressure, sleep, and metabolism.

Nikken provides a 30-days money-back guarantee on its nutrition and skincare products. It also offers a return/refund policy of 1-year for the products in resaleable conditions.

Are Nikken products worth their price?

I found a few reviews on Amazon for Nikken products. This is Nikken mStrides magnetic insoles that can be worn as footwear that provides balance acupressure and blood circulation for better health. The product received more than 4-star ratings and most of the reviews are positive. These are priced at $109 per pair.

Nikken product review

Another product Nikken Kenko Magflex, a back support belt is available on eBay. The product is highly rated and reviewed by its users and gathered more than 4.5-star ratings.

Compared to other products Nikken’s pricing seems to be on the higher side. Below are a few of the examples that offer similar benefits as that of Nikken magnetic insoles but are way cheaper.

To conclude, Nikken products are reputed and of high quality but too costly from a selling perspective.

How to make money with Nikken MLM?

To make money with Nikken MLM, you need to:

Sell products directly to earn commissions and,

Build a downline of distributors to earn bonuses

Nikken MLM compensation plan

Nikken seems to be too conservative about its compensation plan. The structure is not readily available on its website and its last compensation plan is of 2017. Going by the income disclosure statement, it seems Nikken is still offering the commissions, bonuses, and advancement levels as per its 2017 compensation plan.

The compensation plan offered by Nikken MLM is based on a binary structure. This means that you are placed in a team with another distributor, and you earn commissions on the sales of products generated by your team.

You can earn retail profits, leadership bonuses, and other miscellaneous rewards based on your personal rankings.

Nikken compensation plan

The retail commissions are paid up to 20% on your personal sales. As you start to achieve a certain sales volume and recruit people under your team, you can enjoy extra bonuses and incentives. 100PV (Personal Volume) product purchases are required to climb the rankings.

The leadership bonuses can be earned up to 6% on your personal rank and your team’s sales.

Nikken’s compensation plan seems very generous when it comes to commissions and bonuses but the real question is…

Can you make money with Nikken MLM?

The direct answer is no. This is proven by the income disclosure statement of Nikken distributors. The average yearly income of the first-level (Direct) distributor was $19.55 and that of the highest level (Royal Diamond) was $104k.

Nikken income disclosure statement

Highest-level distributor figures must be enticing but notice the average number of months one has to spend to achieve those figures. It took 301 average months (that’s almost 25 years). The first-level distributor figures are forgettable but still, it took 49 average months (that’s 4 years to be precise).

So, you can imagine how much money you can make after spending so many years, money, and efforts on Nikken MLM.

Financial success is very rare and tough to achieve. This is because of the MLM business model which rewards more to the people who are sitting at the top level and nothing for the beginners.

Is Nikken a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Nikken is not a scam. It is a legit company selling high-quality health and wellness products since 1975. Staying in the health segment for so many years is no small achievement but the business model has faded its popularity in recent years.

The company rewards its distributors for recruiting people to achieve higher product sales. So, technically it is not a pyramid scheme. However, since the compensation is more focused on rewarding people with bigger teams it does reflect a pyramid scheme in disguise.


  • Vintage history – Nikken is a well-known producer of health and wellness products that was established in 1975. Its existence is mainly owned by its seasoned management team who have vast experience in the network marketing industry. Very few MLM firms survive this long and this makes it a reliable and trustworthy company to join.
  • Quality wellness products – Magnetic therapy is not new but again, very few MLM industries offer such products in the health and wellness market. The best thing about Nikken products is the positive review and feedback from its users. The solutions are well-received and perform effectively from a health improvement perspective.


  • Over-priced products – The quality of Nikken products is let down by its pricing. These are too costly and compared to other similar products that are cheaper it could be a hard sell for distributors.
  • Competitive industry – If not for pricing, the competition in the health and wellness segment will definitely eat up your target audiences. When it comes to solutions that improve blood circulation, immunity, metabolism, etc. there are 1000s of them available on different marketplaces and online platforms. You really need to be innovative and hardworking to make regular sales.
  • Tough to make money – As evident from Nikken’s income statement, it is really tough to make money with its MLM program especially, for beginners. There is a lot of investment, sales, and recruitment pressure involved and this is where most beginners fail to continue in the network marketing field.

Conclusion: Is Nikken MLM recommended?

Nikken has been in business for over 40 years, and the products offered are high quality. The uniqueness of products is noteworthy and the MLM program does have a rewarding compensation plan on offer.

At the same, the plan is based on a binary structure, which can be complex to understand and very demanding. It may be difficult to achieve regular sales owing to competition and building a downline of distributors continuously is never sustainable.

Its income disclosure statement is highly disappointing and considering the bare minimum success ratio, it is better to avoid the Nikken MLM program.

I better recommend you to research other earning resources online. There are many of them and if you cannot find one or are unsure of joining then check my recommendation below.

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