Is Nature’s Sunshine a scam? Make Money selling herbal supplements!

Is Nature's Sunshine a scam?

You must have heard about Nature’s Sunshine as a company. It is a renowned brand existing for more than 4 decades serving dietary and personal products. The interesting part of its existence is its business model that runs on the Multilevel Marketing method. It claims to offer a business opportunity for people looking to build a source of income selling its products. So, there are questions to be answered before you consider joining this business opportunity. Is Nature’s Sunshine a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme?

What is the compensation plan it offers? Can you really make money with Nature’s Sunshine products? And many more. Keep reading to find the answers and know if Nature’s Sunshine MLM opportunity is worth joining and recommended from my personal research perspective.

First, it is imperative to know…

New to MLM?

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What is Nature’s Sunshine?

Nature’s Sunshine was founded in 1972 by Gene and Kristine Hughes as a manufacturing and distributing company of dietary supplements.

The company has its headquarters in Utah, the US, and is a major contributor of dieting and personal care products consisting of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Nature’s Sunshine has a worldwide presence and has established itself as one of the most popular and reputable health companies.

What is Nature’s Sunshine MLM?

Nature’s Sunshine MLM is a result of its business operative method where its products are sold to consumers through independent consultants.

The MLM provides a platform to health professionals in different categories such as dieticians, herbal shop owners, fitness coaches, and other individuals looking to share the knowledge of Nature’s Sunshine products and earn money.

The MLM program provides extensive training and support from existing Nature’s Sunshine consultants, along with product discounts, deals and offers, and of course revenue in the form of commissions.

How does Nature’s Sunshine MLM work?

The MLM opportunity from Nature’s Sunshine works on similar lines as other MLM programs. There is a joining criterion to be fulfilled by purchasing a welcome (starter) kit.

The kit costs $40 that includes one-year membership, provides a 25% discount on all orders with 2 monthly shipments free of cost.

Nature's Sunshine starter kit

As an active consultant, you are offered training, education, and other promotional material to begin your selling campaign.

Nature’s Sunshine Products

As evident from the company’s name, the products offered by Nature’s Sunshine is related to health supplements made of natural herbs. It’s not new or exceptional in any sense but remains important from a selling perspective.

The type of products includes different capsules, tablets, and powder from a supplements perspective. They also provide personal care solutions such as creams, lotions, gels, etc. The dieting supplements also include Kosher products.

Nature's Sunshine products

The products offer solutions related to skin problems, weight, dieting, immunity, digestion, mental, and physical stress, etc. The ingredients are helpful in boosting vitamins, and energy levels. It improves digestion, detoxification, and provides balanced nutrition to your body.

The highlight of Nature’s Sunshine products is all of them carry a 90-days money-back guarantee. Customers are also offered an option to return products in case of dissatisfaction.

Are Nature’s Sunshine products worth their price? 

When we look at other options in the same category, Nature’s Sunshine products look marginally over-priced. Not all of them though.

Their quality and effectiveness cannot be denied. It could be owing to their legacy in manufacturing such products.

Nature's Sunshine product reviews

The ratings and reviews surrounding Nature’s Sunshine products are fairly positive. The competition seems to have caught their attention with a lot of their products found on many online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. This will certainly impact their direct selling methods in the coming future.

Nature's Sunshine product ratings

That being said, Nature’s Sunshine products are still valued and worth spending money irrespective of the buying resources.

How to make money with Nature’s Sunshine MLM? 

A majority of MLMs work in the same manner when it comes to making money and Nature’s Sunshine is no exception. You can make a commission in two ways:

  • Sell the products directly and earn revenue sharing,
  • Build a team of members and earn commissions on their purchases and sales

Nature’s Sunshine compensation plan 

Nature’s Sunshine offers a comprehensive compensation plan to its consultants based on the selling of products by you and your referrals.

There are overall 5 levels to achieve on which different percentages of revenue sharing and commissions can be earned. Refer to the below screenshot:

Nature's Sunshine compensation plan

Consultants can also make commissions through Nature’s Sunshine affiliate sharing model.

The percentage of commissions ranges between 1-12% depending on the level you climb. There are additional bonuses and discounts offered on products purchases.

Consultants have to maintain TOV (Total Organizational Volume) to increase their level and maximize their earnings.

Overall, the compensation plan is not too complicated or too simple and largely focuses more on recruiting members and earning commission on their purchases and sales.

You can check Nature’s Sunshine compensation plan here for full details.

Can I make money with Nature’s Sunshine MLM? 

As we have seen, the compensation plan of Nature’s Sunshine focuses hard on rewarding consultants with bigger teams. The money is there to be made but with lots of hard work, dedication, and recruitment.

Nature’s Sunshine is not transparent about its consultant’s income disclosure which is kind of surprising. But considering its reputation and quality of products there is a good chance of making decent money provided you have high qualities of selling and recruiting people.

The start-up cost is comparatively low however sustaining the recruitment process to earn passive income is difficult. You have to also consider the challenges to sell health and wellness products in a highly competitive market.

The success rate is the bare minimum in MLMs so making money with Nature’s Sunshine is not possible for everyone.

Is Nature’s Sunshine a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Nature’s Sunshine is not a scam thanks to its established reputation of more than 40 years and genuine products. The company has seen many ups and downs and still remains a strong contender in the health supplements segment.

The way it makes money is controversial but still legit. It encourages recruitment of people and offers money on their product sales rather than recruitment numbers. So, it’s not completely a pyramid scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Nature’s Sunshine BBB accredited?

Answer: No. It is not BBB accredited.

2. Are Nature’s Sunshine products FDA-approved?

Answer: Yes, the products are FDA-approved.

3. How does Nature’s Sunshine pay its consultants?

Answer: Consultants are paid through the PayQuicker account to receive commissions within hours.


  • Established history and reputation – Staying in business for decades is no mean feat. This shows the credibility and trust showered on Nature’s Sunshine by its customers. The company is here to stay and getting associated with it is highly recommended.
  • Good quality products – As a consultant, you get the benefit of selling high-quality products that are popular and trustworthy globally. The product feedback and reviews are very encouraging and it makes half the job easier while making sales. FDA approval is another big advantage from a selling point of view.
  • Money-back guarantee – This is another plus point. Money-back guarantee and simple return policy are sure ways to convince and sell the products. It provides customer assurance and helps in increasing conversions.
  • Great MLM benefits – The benefits, support, and resources offered to consultants are great. Consultants get up to 45% discounts on products purchase, another 25% on sharing the products with your friends, free shipping, and superior training plus education.
  • Low start-up cost – Consultants can join the MLM program for just a $40 starter kit which is comparatively very low. This is really motivating from a beginner’s perspective.


  • Highly competitive product market – Health and wellness products are saturated. The market is highly competitive with thousands of products available online and offline. In such a scenario, making regular sales is extremely challenging.
  • Difficult to make money – Nature’s Sunshine is an MLM that reward their consultants on regular recruitment and consistent sales. Even though the products are great but continuous sales and sponsorships are not sustainable from a making-money perspective.

Conclusion: Is Nature’s Sunshine MLM recommended?

To succeed in any MLM you have to be fearless and aggressive in the first few years to make money. In the absence of which, it is difficult to survive.

People who can afford to invest money, drive sales, and convince people to make a team can reap rich dividends. This has to go on for years to see financial results that are exciting and beneficial.

Nature’s Sunshine MLM is a complete package. It has resources, support, and a decent compensation plan on offer. The company is a well-known and reputed campaigner for providing solutions that are advantageous and productive. The MLM is recommended if you are willing to learn and invest time and money for a longer period of time.

Otherwise, if you are someone looking to make passive income in half the time and money compared to MLMs then check out my recommendation below.

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