Is Megagoods a scam? Megagoods Review, Features, and Pricing

Is Megagoods a scam?

Are you looking for a profitable and easy way to start an online store? Dropshipping is one of the best ways to grow your business without having to invest too much money. The downside is, it can be time-consuming and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. For this reason, I have created a Megagoods dropshipping review that will help walk you through the different aspects of this process as well as provide some useful tips on how to get started with this type of e-commerce business model. Is Megagoods a scam? This blog post will reveal all the truth about Megagoods dropshipping services.

Read on to find all the steps necessary to operate a successful Megagoods drop-ship business.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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What is Megagoods? An Overview

Megagoods provides dropshipping services for their stock of consumer electronics. Megagoods was founded in 2004 as a distributor of electronic goods and provides a simple platform for its customers to start and expand their e-commerce business opportunities.

Megagoods possess a collection of some high-quality and branded stock of goods in their warehouse. With the help of Megagoods you can create a successful dropshipping business quickly and efficiently.

How does Megagoods work?

Megagoods specializes in dropshipping services that include international shipping with all the necessary dropshipping tools. You are at the disposal of features such as data export, integrations, tracking, and security.

They are also good at providing various shipping options and multiple channels to accept payments.

You won’t be disappointed being a member of Megagoods services which covers almost everything that a drop shipper needs.

To work with Megagoods you just have to register with them as a free trial member. A credit card detail is required for registration but you won’t be charged in case you cancel your membership before your free trial membership ends.

How to join Megagoods?

To join Megagoods you have to visit and enter all the required information. You will have to provide your credit card details while registering.

The credit card information details will be only used if you opt to continue using Megagoods services post-free trial duration.

Megagoods offers a free trial period of 30-days to test its features and services.

Features of Megagoods

Here is the list of features offered by Megagoods:

Product Catalog: Megagoods collection of products may not be huge compared to other dropshipping companies.

However, the available category of products stocked by Megagoods is known to be of good quality.

A lot of products warehoused are from popular and reliable brands. The branded items have a high chance of getting orders as they are a lot more trustworthy among the customers.

Secondly, Megagoods also has a stock of reseller items in the popular categories. These items are fully tested and re-christened to meet the quality standards before hitting the product catalog.

Shipping: Your dropshipping business depends heavily on how you fulfill your customer orders. A lot of emphasis and monitoring are required while shipping the products.

Megagoods offers various shipping services according to the time and need of your customer in association with FedEx. You can also use USPS specifically for P.O Boxes.

In addition, Megagoods provides free shipping on selected products to save you some money.

Payments: Making the payment is no hassle with Megagoods. They support all types of international credit cards that includes Paypal ATM/credit cards as well.

Your customers don’t have to look around for other services due to a lack of payment options.

Integration: Having an existing list of products with your online store is no big deal. Megagoods allows you to seamlessly export the data from your eBay, or Amazon account.

Megagoods also supports the export of custom data, photo products, and more.

Support: Support is a must to run your business smoothly and without any problems. Megagoods customer support is a big plus point.

They offer assistance for all your queries via phone and email to keep you and your customers happy.

The benefits of Megagoods 

Megagoods has some really good benefits for the people wanting to start their dropshipping business:

Easy-to-use Website: Megagoods has a no-nonsense website. The website lacks visibility in terms of colors, navigation, and appearance but far from the truth, this is a blessing in disguise for someone who is just venturing into dropshipping.

You can easily navigate their website and find everything with their search bar.

Quantity of products: Having to choose from millions of products is really helpful if you want to expand your business. But it could be overwhelming for the beginners.

This is why you will find Megagoods useful. The quantity of products is less to choose from so it makes it easier to start your dropshipping business focusing on few items.

You can also take advantage of the list of Megagoods best-selling products.

Product pricing: Megagoods has its own warehouse to stock its products. This eliminates their dependency on other suppliers to import certain products.

Self-warehousing allows Megagoods to keep the cost of their products lower than their actual retail cost.

Time and effort: The ease of exporting the products, and data supported by Megagoods is helpful in saving you lots of time.

You don’t have to worry about putting too much effort and spending time on the listing of products, product descriptions, labeling, etc. as it is taken care of by Megagoods integration feature.

Pricing of Megagoods 

You can use Megagoods services free for 30-days under its free trial offer.

If you want to continue using Megagoods after 30-days you will have to pay $14.99 per month. That’s it. This is the only charge you have to pay for its services.

However, you will have to shell out some additional costs in terms of shipping and restocking fees. Megagoods charge $1.50 for every item you sell plus a 20% restocking fee on return items.

Is Megagoods a scam?

No. Megagoods is not a scam. It is a genuine and legitimate dropshipping services company in existence since 2004.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Megagoods free?

Answer: Megagoods has a free trial offer for 30-days to use their services.

2. Is Megagoods safe to use?

Answer: Yes, Megagoods is a secure website that uses 128bit SSL encryption. You don’t have to worry about your private data getting compromised.

3. Is Megagoods doing international shipping?

Answer: Yes, Megagoods provides international shipping only on prepaid orders.

4. Do Megagoods follow a return policy?

Answer: Yes, Megagoods follow a 30-days return policy.


  • Megagoods has an easy-to-use website
  • Megagoods stock of products are of good quality
  • Megagoods offer various dropshipping services that include shipping, returns, payments, integrations, and tracking
  • Megagoods pricing for dropshipping services is the lowest and affordable
  • Megagoods feature of exporting data and products help you save time and effort
  • Megagoods has very good customer support via phone, and email


  • Megagoods lacks a wide variety of products
  • Megagoods website appearance needs improvement
  • Megagoods charge an additional shipping fee on every sale
  • There is no support via chat
  • Megagoods does not support payment via Paypal
  • Megagoods lacks advanced dropshipping features compared to its competitors
  • No inventory alerts, monitoring of stock is manual

Conclusion: Is Megagoods dropshipping recommended?

As stated above, Megagoods has an equal number of pros and cons. In fact, the cons may outclass the pros in detail. However, there are some good things about Megagoods.

First of all, the ease of use that it offers on its platform is really simple. The cost of items and service fee of $14.99 is the lowest in this category.

You also get good support from the Megagoods support team. All these features and benefits are worth recommending if you are looking to begin your dropshipping business without any technical knowledge and low cost.

The drawbacks such as the low quantity of products, website appearance, lack of drop shipping training material make it look lackluster.

In addition, the dropshipping fee on every sold item may not be affordable in the long run considering the fact that a majority of items are stored in-house by Megagoods.

If you are just looking to step into the dropshipping business, I would recommend using their services. At least on a free trial for 30-days. Otherwise, there are many dropshipping alternatives with much better features, and pricing to make you a successful drop shipper.

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