Is Max International a scam? Make money selling Glutathione!

Is Max International a scam?

If you are looking for an MLM company that is into selling of health and wellness products to help people improve their health then you must check Max International. The company operates through a multi-level marketing compensation plan, which means that individuals can earn money by selling its products and recruiting others to join the company. But the question is, is it a legit opportunity? Is Max International a scam? Can you really make money with Max International MLM?

In this detailed Max International MLM review post, you will find how the MLM program works, its products, compensation plan, and whether or not it is a good opportunity for you.

New to MLM?

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What is Max International?

Max International was founded in 2006 by Steven K. Scott, who is also the author of many best-selling books. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has a presence in many countries around the world.

Max International markets a range of health and wellness products that are based on the science of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that is found in every cell in the human body.

What is Max International MLM?

Max International MLM is a multi-level marketing opportunity that allows individuals to earn money by selling its products and building a team by recruiting others.

Individuals who join Max International MLM are called Associates. Associates can earn money through the compensation plan of Max International MLM which is designed to reward their efforts in recruiting new members and selling products.

Associates are offered dedicated training and education, business tools, and support as part of their business journey under the Max International MLM program.

How does Max International MLM work?

Max International MLM works by joining it as an Independent Associate. Individuals can sign up for Max International MLM by filling out an online application. 

The cost of joining Max International MLM is a one-time business activation fee of $25 plus another $25 annual fee to maintain your virtual office.

Associates will also need to purchase a starter kit in order to participate in the compensation plan. There are three options to choose from and the kits range from $150 to $999.

Once your enrolment process is completed, you will get access to a comprehensive training program of 90-days, a virtual office that consists of online business tools, and miscellaneous marketing material to begin your sales campaign.

Max International Products

Max International products

Max International offers a range of health and wellness products. The products are helpful in improving overall health and wellness by boosting human glutathione levels. Glutathione is an essential anti-oxidant residing in every human body and this is potentially boosted and supplemented by Max International products.

The company’s flagship product is MaxGXL, which is a supplement that is designed to help the body produce more glutathione. It helps improves the cellular structure and functionality of vital human organs by fixing the deteriorating cells and eliminating harmful toxins, and chemicals.

Some of the other notable products are MaxOne, MaxATP, Max357, Cellgevity, etc. which help in providing necessary health benefits related to weight management, nutrition, and dietary supplements.

Max International products are in the same line as other health and wellness MLM products with an exception of the term glutathione.

There is no information on return/refunds of Max International products which is crucial from a selling perspective. However, the Autoship option is associated with all the products for Independent Associates.

Are Max International products worth their price? 

Max International products have the edge when it comes to quality and effectiveness. The Glutathione concept works really well and its users are very happy with the results.

Max International product reviews

The products are also available on Amazon and items like MaxOne, Max357, and Cellgevity have garnered more than 4-star ratings which are really cool.

However, pricing is a major letdown. There are many alternative supplements with Glutathione ingredients that cost way lesser than Max International products. Below are some examples.

This will certainly impact your sales campaign as an Independent Associate. People like to have good products but at the same at a cheaper value.

To cut it short, Max International products are expensive but possess good qualities.

How to Make Money with Max International MLM?

There are typically two ways to make money with Max International MLM:

  • Retail Commissions: Associates can earn a commission on the retail sales of Max International’s products.
  • Recruiting Commissions: Associates can earn a commission on the recruitment of new members to Max International MLM. Additional bonuses can be earned on your recruited member’s product sales.

Max International compensation plan

There are five main ways that associates can earn money with Max International MLM:

Retail Commissions: Here, associates can sell Max International products to customers at retail prices. The products can be purchased at a discounted price being an associate and sold at retail price to customers directly. The difference between the discounted price and the retail price remains your retail commissions or profits.

Then there are mainly four types of commissions/bonuses that can be earned on recruitment and team-building efforts.

Fast start income – This type of income can be generated when your enrolled person purchases new enrolment packs within 60-days of recruitment. The commissions range between 10%-15% on the price of enrolment packs. The requirement to earn a fast start income is 50PV.

Preferred customer income – A 25% commission can be earned when you enroll a preferred customer. The requirements are a complete product purchase and 50PV to qualify for these commissions.

Binary income – Binary income works on an enrolment tree pattern. This is basically when you remain active by purchasing products worth 100PV, and maintain at least 1 personally enrolled person active (100PV) that will fetch you 5% commissions on both volumes.

Max International compensation plan

Leadership and Global Bonuses: Associates can earn bonuses as they progress through the various levels of the compensation plan as well as earn a percentage of commissions on the company’s global sales volume. This type of bonus largely depends on your personal rankings and team size. Higher rankings and bigger teams will fetch you more income.

Associates are required to maintain a 100PV (Personal Volume) to qualify for earning commissions.

Here is the detailed Max International compensation plan if you want to go detail-by-detail.

Can you make money with Max International MLM?

When it comes to income disclosure of its Associates the statement you can find goes back to 2011. This is more than a decade old and highly irrelevant. Still, going by the income figures captured in the statement the average annual income of an active associate was $140.50.

Max International income disclosure statement

This is exclusive of the expenses you incur during your stint as an associate with Max International. Factoring in membership fees, starter pack costs, and product purchasing costs to keep your membership active, the earnings will definitely go into deficit.

MLMs are designed to favor the members who join the company in its initial phase. Because these are the people who enjoy the financial results more than newbies.

So, if you are planning to join Max International as a newbie then beware. It is hard and challenging to make money with Max International MLM.

Is Max International a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Max International is not a scam. It is a legit company selling high-quality health and wellness products since 2006. The company has survived the challenges of being an MLM and still expanding its presence in other countries. It is here to stay for a long-time.

It is not a pyramid scheme either, technically. The focus on rewarding its associates is more on product sales by its members and not on the number of recruited people.


  • Max International’s existence – The company’s established background is certainly a boost for the people looking to join it as an associate. MLMs don’t survive longer and remaining in business from 2006 is no mean feat. Max International’s existence makes it a reliable and trustworthy company to work for.
  • High-quality products – The company offers a range of health and wellness products that are based on the science of glutathione. The results of Max International products are well-received and appreciated by its users. The ratings and reviews are very positive and certainly helpful for its associates to make regular sales.
  • MLM resources and support – Max International associates get rewarding resources and support to grow their business. It offers systematic training, a virtual back office, and dedicated support from your sponsor as well as the Max International help center.


  • Start-up cost – The cost of joining Max International MLM is $25, however, associates will need to purchase a starter kit in order to participate in the compensation plan. The starter kits can go up to $1K and this makes Max International’s start-up cost higher. It may not be affordable to everyone.
  • Expensive products – Max International products are relatively expensive. This can make selling difficult as people can find many alternatives to Max International products at cheaper pricing on Amazon and other marketplaces.
  • MLM challenges – Max International MLM is a multi-level marketing opportunity, and there is always the risk that members will not be able to recruit enough new members or sell enough products to make a profit. There is more to lose than earn with MLMs in the absence of constant hard work, effort, and patience.

Conclusion: Is Max International MLM recommended?

MLMs are hard to survive and making money with them is another challenge. Max International prides itself on its product offerings and it certainly has value in the market. On the downside, the pricing of its product can be a negative factor in growing your business.

Health and wellness sector is over-crowded in the MLM segment, and achieving constant sales with the recruitment of people is not sustainable in the long run.

Overall, I recommend that people who are interested in joining Max International MLM should do their research and make sure that they are comfortable with the risks involved before signing up.

Instead, there are alternatives to MLMs such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, etc. that can result in similar or higher financial returns. I recommend you research these topics and if you are still unsure then check my recommendation below.

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