Is Mannatech a Scam? Can you make money selling Aloe Vera ingredients?

Is Mannatech a scam?

There are many MLM programs with dietary supplements and personal care solutions as their main products. The differentiation lies in their flagship product. If Ambrotose sounds interesting to you then I urge you to go through this review post. It will cover all the details about a company called Mannatech. Mannatech offers health supplements and an earning opportunity through its MLM program. Is Mannatech a Scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? How does it work?

I will answer all the above questions and other details such as its joining fees, compensation plan, pros, and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Mannatech?

Mannatech is a company that sells various dietary supplements to help improve health, beauty, and wellness. The company is better known for its flagship product called Ambrotose made from different plant sugars that they claim to be a health solution for many diseases.

Mannatech was founded in 1993 by Samuel Caster with its headquarter in Texas. With Christian orientation background, the company focused on recruiting people through church congregations in the beginning.

As of 2017, Mannatech had more than 200,000 independent sales associates in their kitty to sell their products in more than 20 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

What is the Mannatech MLM program?

Mannatech sells its products through a Multilevel marketing business model where it recruits independent sales associates offering them an opportunity to make some money.

The MLM program is run based on a compensation plan offered to individuals on making direct sales and recruiting downlines.

Under the MLM program, the company provides personal development coaching and training, premium business tools free for 90-days, retail discounts on products, and customer support.

How does the Mannatech MLM program work?

To be part of Mannatech’s MLM program one has to become a member by paying a fee of $49.99. Visit to register yourself as a member. 

This will make you eligible for the below membership benefits:

Mannatech products

Mannatech core products are associated with integrative health, weight loss and fitness, and personal care. All the products are the result of a scientific research-based Acemannan compound from the Aloe Vera plant.

This compound is transformed into a powder called Manapol to develop solutions related to human health and immunity. Below are some of them that you can utilize to sell under your business campaign:

Ambrotose: Ambrotose has become a flagship Mannatech product. The solution is made of Manapol powder and other plant-based ingredients and acts as a glyconutrient supplement. Ambrotose is a backbone for many products that is helpful in improving human health and wellness.

TruHealth (Weight + Fitness): There are different products in this category to take care of your personal fitness and weight balance. There are fat-loss supplements, and creamy shakes in various packs to suit individual needs.

Uth (Skincare): The skincare products are a combination of cleansers, moisturizers, and creams. The ingredients include different advanced scientific formulas with a blend of Ambrotose compound. The products are helpful in improving all types of skin appearance.

Mannatech also offers a variety of additives and supplements to boost and strengthen immunity under their integrative health products.

All the products are displayed with a substantial pricing difference for retailers and members.

The best thing about Mannatech products is they are offered with a 180-days of the money-back guarantee. The customers are at will to exchange or return and claim a refund within 180-days of purchase. This may help you boost your sales as a Mannatech sales associate.

Are the Mannatech products worth their price? 

Mannatech products pricing is debatable. The pricing range may not be affordable for most people as there are hundreds of alternatives in the same category available at a much lesser price.

However, considering the background and legacy associated with Mannatech products especially Ambrotose the pricing could be fairly justified. The customer reviews and ratings are very impressive.

I found a few customer reviews on Amazon who gave more than 4.0 stars to Mannatech products. The company is not BBB recognized and stands with a rating of A- which is not bad.

What are the ways to make money with the Mannatech MLM program? 

To make money with Mannatech, you have to rely on the below options:

  • Earn commissions on direct selling of products,
  • Build a team and make bonuses and commissions on their sales.

Mannatech compensation plan 

Mannatech offers a typical compensation plan like other MLM programs. The commission structure and bonuses are a reflection of how you perform with your selling and recruitment skills.

There are retail profits – You can make a percentage of profits on retail sales of products. Buy the products as an associate with discounts and sell them at a retail price to your customers. The difference between retail and associate price will be your income.

You can also fulfill your customer orders by referring them through Mannatech’s toll-free number. This way Mannatech will pay you a bonus based on the price difference between retail and associate price.

There are membership bonuses – You can earn a 15% bonus if you can enroll another member under you who can purchase a product pack. The percentage increases to 20% depending on the number of purchases made by your member and you achieve an All-Star Associate status.

There are multiple bonuses, incentives, and perks – Mannatech offers several bonuses with additional perks depending on your personal sale volume and number of members. Your earnings keep increasing with the increase in your membership level.

The compensation structure is very complex and has many terms and definitions associated with associate positions, leadership levels, and earning rewards and bonuses. There are PV (Product Value) and QV (Qualified Value) that you need to maintain to earn consistent commissions.

You may go through the Mannatech compensation plan here or watch the video for a detailed understanding.

Can I make money with the Mannatech? 

Mannatech is an MLM and a traditional one. It is evident from their compensation structure that Mannatech relies heavily on its associate’s performance to make profits. As an associate, you need specialized skills.

There is selling and recruiting on regular basis without which you cannot earn a penny. You have to invest in your membership fees ($49.99) and its renewal which is $24.99, you will have to monitor the performance of your team and depend on their purchases and sales to maintain your associate level. Check the below expenses screenshot.

You will have to incur expenses in the form of traveling, calling, purchasing product samples, etc. All these factors are highly demanding and the end result may not be encouraging.

The latest income statement disclosed by Mannatech is the proof. The average monthly earnings of an associate (non-leadership rank) were $2.30 and that of a director-level ranking was $129.90. Deduct your expenses from the above income figures and you are left with peanuts.

Making money with Mannatech is like climbing an Everest which may take months or years to become financially successful.

Is Mannatech a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Mannatech has a proven history of producing and selling qualitative health products. The company’s strong background and stability since 1993 is an indication that they are here to stay for a long time. They sell products for the good sake of human health through independent sales associates.

The business method is controversial but the products and age-old history prevent it from being termed as a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Mannatech controversies/legal issues 

Mannatech is crippled with controversies and legal issues in the past. From 2005 to 2009, the company was accused with allegations of making unproven false claims to cure various ailments and diseases, violating certain sections of trade practices, and operating an illegal marketing scheme.

The company made drastic changes to its top-level management with the resignation of Samuel Caster and the dismissal of other senior leaders. Mannatech’s reputation slid further with the endorsement of its products through politician Ben Carson’s promotional videos and events.

Mannatech settled the above lawsuits by paying multiple fines and penalties in millions of dollars. Although, they did not admit or accept any of the charges.

The most recent lawsuit came in the form of an FDA warning letter issued for violating Federal Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice in the year 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Mannatech accredited by BBB?

Answer: No. it is not accredited by BBB.

2. Are Mannatech products FDA-approved?

Answer: No. Mannatech products are not FDA-approved.

3. What is the cost to join the Mannatech MLM program?

Answer: The cost is a payment of a membership fee of $49.99.

4. Are Mannatech products safe to use?

Answer: Mannatech’s products are made of glyconutrient ingredients in the form of Ambrotose powder. The ingredient is very safe with the appropriate dosage. Intestinal gas and bloating are some of its side effects. However extra care and prescription are advised for pregnant and nursing mothers.


  • Mannatech’s stability: The company’s long-lasting history is something you can rely on. The financial stability and the company’s capability to deal with challenging scenarios make it reliable and trustworthy. It ensures you have a long stint and a lasting future. Mannatech fits perfectly in this category.
  • Products quality: The products backed by scientific research and proven effects are noteworthy. Ambrotose solution is a winner which is also part of every product manufactured by Mannatech. The products are backed by positive customer reviews and ratings.
  • Money-back guarantee: This is another highlight of making consistent sales. A money-back guarantee that lasts for 180-days is a sure winner to convince many minds. It gives assurance to your customers that they can test and exchange/return the products if not satisfied.
  • Resources and support: Offering various personal development resources such as coaching and training is part of the Mannatech MLM program. The company focuses on providing necessary support to its associates to help them achieve more with their business campaign. The support and resources are well-needed to fulfill tough sales targets and recruit downlines regularly.


  • Over-burdened health supplements market: Health and dietary supplements are everywhere. You will have to bend your back continuously and come up with bizarre sales methods to make new customers. The market is over-saturated and making money in such conditions is a faraway truth.
  • Over-priced products: The pricing of products will add to your woes. Some of the companies in the same niche are offering products at a much lower price and that too through the different sales channels. Mannatech’s only saving grace could be its products with Ambrotose labels.
  • Lawsuits: You may lose half of your customers owing to the sabotaged history of Mannatech’s lawsuits. Even though not completely proven, one can’t deny the fact that this could be a deal-breaker for its associates.
  • FDA approval missing: FDA backing and assurance could be a game-changer for Mannatech. The product’s effectiveness and claims will always remain questionable until proven and approved by a reputed authority like FDA.
  • Complex and complicated compensation structure: The money is there to be made and the simplicity of Mannatech’s compensation plan is in its retail profits achieved through personal sales. Other than that, the other aspects of bonuses, perks, and incentives are highly demanding and need an expert mind to understand and implement.

Conclusion: Is Mannatech MLM recommended?

MLM is dedicated to a certain section of people who are hardcore sellers. It demands a skillset of proper mindset, dedication, persistence, and patience to achieve something. This is evidently true of Mannatech’s MLM program.

It has a few things such as products, training, support, and lower membership cost going in its favor. However, the concept of making money with its MLM program depends heavily on recruiting. This is a tough task. Add to that the product pricing, and distribution issues. It will spoil your overall hard work to make customers.

The income figures for existing associates are not encouraging and neither is the history of the lawsuits.

More than earning, it is the spending that you will be bothered about. So, my recommendation is to stay away from Mannatech’s MLM program and research other money-making alternatives online.

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