Is Longaberger a scam? Make money selling baskets!

Is Longaberger a scam?

So, you must have heard about Longaberger and its baskets. The company has a proven record of making handmade wooden baskets that sold like hotcakes 2 decades ago. Their MLM program was highly profitable. Do you like selling home and lifestyle products especially baskets? Does it interest you to provide an opportunity to local artisans by promoting their products? If yes, this is what Longaberger does now after its acquisition. Is Longaberger a scam or a legit business opportunity?

You will find every detail in this post. I will tell you about Longaberger’s business program, the commissions it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

New to MLM?

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What is Longaberger?

Longaberger is a company that is into manufacturing and distributing home styling products. It is well-known for handcrafted wood baskets as its flagship product. The company also delves into other home decor products such as bedding, jewelry, stationery, table linen, etc.

Longaberger originated in 1973 selling handwoven baskets. They adopted a multilevel marketing method to sell their products. The company went through several ups and downs and even ceased its operations in 2018.

It was later acquired by Xcel Brands in 2019 and is currently led by its CEO Robert D’Loren.

How does the Longaberger business program work?

Longaberger is providing a business opportunity to people especially women looking to work from home and make some money. The company’s aim is to help local artisans sell their hand-made home styling products in the national market.

The earning opportunity is called Longaberger Home & Life Stylist program launched in 2020. With this program, you can share the products through social sharing, live streaming events, hosting parties, and other promotional gatherings. The opportunity offers 20% on each sale of the Longaberger and Xcel brand products.

You can also make 5% commissions on the sale of each of your referrals. The company offers supportive tools, and a dashboard to kick start your business.

Longaberger’s business method and commissions are in the same line as that of an MLM program.

How to join the Longaberger business program?

If the above earning opportunity and commissions sound interesting to you then you can join the Longaberger Home & Life Stylist program by visiting Just enter your details and click on Join Now.

The joining fee is $49. You get supportive tools, discounts, and free products as their Home & Lifestyle stylist.

Longaberger products

Longaberger’s range of products falls into the home styling categories. With the takeover by Xcel brands, you will find products such as fine jewelry, skincare, and other lifestyle accessories.

Below are some of the products that you can share with your audience to make some money:

Baskets: Longaberger is known for its baskets. The basket carries a legacy since its launch and is still largely appreciated by its users. The baskets are manufactured keeping in mind the different carrying needs such as food, plants, cutlery, etc. The prices for baskets start from $60.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle category of products caters to skincare, jewelry, and room styling accessories. There are skincare sets, earrings, watches, candles, bed sheets, etc. to improve your personal and room appearances. The pricing varies with the types of products.

Tabletop: People can shop for different types of dish sets, bowls, dinnerware, etc. under this category. The products are commonly used and are made of good quality material to enhance the kitchen armory. The pricing on offer may differ with the type of product purchased.

All in all, the quality of products is good and suits the day-to-day needs of every household.

I have found a few Longaberger products available on Amazon. This could be one of the drawbacks to making direct sales.

Is the Longaberger worth their price?

The home and lifestyle products are something that you can’t keep away for too long. Although, the pricing of the products seems to be a bit expensive.

There are many customer complaints regarding the product’s durability and poor customer service. But they all go back to the time when Longaberger was looking to cease their operations.

The company is not rated by BBB and the results of newly launched products and their handling after the acquisition by Xcel Brands is still not transparent.

How to make money with the Longaberger program? 

There are two ways to run the Longaberger business program and it is no different than any other MLM model:

  • Direct sales through your website, hosting parties, or inviting your friends or followers to Longaberger events,
  • Build your team of individuals and earn commissions on their sales.

Longaberger commission plans 

The commission plan is straightforward. There is no complexity of bonuses or perks depending on your personal sales or recruitment.

20% commissions are what you earn on every purchase of a product through your website or other promotions.

5% commissions you can earn on every purchase of a product made through your downlines.

For example, if you sell a $60 basket $12 will be your sales commission. The best part about their commission plan is they make payments every week.

Another good thing about the Longaberger commission plan is there is no pressure on maintaining a certain percentage of sales and recruitment.

At the same time, your earnings will largely depend on how much sales you make.

Can I make money with the Longaberger business program? 

There is an opportunity to make money with Longaberger Home & Life Stylist program. But it is not easy money. You will have to make regular sales to earn 20% commissions. 20% commissions are attractive but it demands dedication and social authority.

If you have strong social networking and a selling bug you are in to make some decent money. The company provides handy resources such as a personal website, and support to help you taste some success.

The product category is another advantage and till the time there is no obligation to maintain your position with Longaberger payment plans you won’t feel the pinch to leave their business program.

However, there is no transparency on the income disclosure to arrive at the actual amount of money you can make with Longaberger.

Is Longaberger a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Longaberger cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme. Yes, you earn commissions by making a team but your earnings are calculated on their sales. Pyramid schemes solely rely on making continuous downlines without offering any product.

Longaberger has quality products that are always in demand. Even with the ups and downs the company has had a good reputation and operating since 1973. It is not a scam.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Longaberger an MLM?

Answer: Longaberger used the MLM business model to sell their baskets. New owner, Xcel Brands has continued the legacy of providing an income opportunity with their Home & Lifestylist program to women entrepreneurs. The selling method works on an MLM business model.

2. How much does it cost to join the Longaberger business program?

Answer: It costs $49.

3. When does Longaberger pay their stylist consultants?

Answer: The consultants are paid every week.


  • Product Category: The home and lifestyle product categories are unique. People are always looking for accessories to improve their home interiors. And it has a repeat value. This makes the Longaberger business program worth joining.
  • Decent Commissions: 20% commissions are really good. The fact that you can share the products through your website, and social channels can generate a lot of interest among your followers. The legacy of the products adds value and there is an opportunity to make some decent money.
  • No Recruitment Pressure: Whilst there is no complete transparency in this section but going by the commission structure and information on the Longaberger website there is no mandatory requirement of building a downline. The focus is mainly on selling and you can earn an additional 5% commission if you add more members.
  • Business Resources: Longaberger provides a personal website to their consultants that resemble their original website. There are also live streaming events so that you can invite your followers. These are helpful resources to save you time, effort, and money that you have to spend on your own arrangement for promotions.


  • Company History: Longaberger exited from its basket business operations in the year 2018 owing to financial challenges and shaky management. The company has been acquired twice in its tenure of more than 40 years. The stability of Longaberger’s business is questionable and creates doubts among its customers which may impact the overall business.
  • MLM Mindset: You have to make sales to earn money. You also have to add members to your team to increase your earnings. Both aspects are similar to working under an MLM business model that is challenging. You need to have a proper selling instinct and the patience of a snail to achieve financial success.

Conclusion: Is the Longaberger business opportunity (MLM) recommended?

Longaberger’s Home & Lifestylist program is relatively new. It is not wrong to say that the program does have a money-making opportunity, especially for women. It has a noble cause of promoting local artisans through its business program.

The commissions and supportive tools are encouraging. The home & lifestyle products have selling value. Promoting them through social media is an added advantage as the channel has a global presence.

But as evident, the business program is an MLM in disguise. The money lies in regular sales and adding downlines. Not many people succeed in fulfilling the requirements of MLM business programs.

The recommendation to join the Longaberger is still debatable and largely depends on your selling skills. The only positive vibe is its re-inception and revival under Xcel Brands.

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