Is Liv International a scam? Or another health and wellness pyramid scheme?

Is Liv International a scam?

Selling items from home gives you flexibility and freedom. It is a good way to make some money but one needs to be careful before joining such companies. Liv International is another multilevel marketing company that claims to offer an earning opportunity selling its products. Is Liv International a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Liv International?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this Liv International MLM review post. You will also find out about Liv International products, their compensation plan, and pros and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Liv International?

Liv International is a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2006 by Jeff Tuttle who is a biochemist having decades of experience in medicines.

Liv International promotes its products with an aim to help its customers attain a better lifestyle by improving their physical, and mental health.

Liv International is a division of NuWorld Inc. and is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, the US.

What is Liv International MLM?

Liv International products are marketed by independent distributors. The multilevel marketing method is the primary source of Liv International to make money.

The distributors are offered a comprehensive compensation plan that works on selling products and making a team of members. The MLM program provides training, marketing materials, and different starter kits of Liv International products to begin your sales journey.

How does Liv International MLM work?

Liv International MLM works by enrolling in its membership program. To become an independent distributor, you have to enroll by purchasing a starter kit or through an assessment tool. 

Liv International starter kits

There are many enrolment/starter kit packs to choose from. These starter kits range between $150 to $1800. Members are offered these starter kits with up to 50% discounts. Alternatively, you can also choose certain products to build your own starter kit pack.

Once you have successfully enrolled, you can start sharing the products with your friends, relatives, and others to earn commissions.

Liv International products

Liv International products consist of health improvement, weight loss, anti-aging, and physical energy supplements.

The products carry ingredients extracted from CBD, vitamins, and nutritional elements to help your body possess a healthy heart, immunity, physical, and mental fitness.

Liv International products

One of its flagship products is Liv Edge. This product consists of nutritional supplements that help improve overall body strength and fight physical and mental illnesses with ease.

The products are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee to its members as well as a 90-days return policy for unused products.

Overall, Liv International products have nothing new to offer except labeling and branding. You can find 100s of MLM companies selling similar products in the health and wellness segment.

Are Liv International products worth their price? 

The problem with Liv International products is their pricing. These items are comparatively more expensive than most other products in the same category. Below are some examples on Amazon. These are all health supplements cheaper than Liv International products.

One of the Liv International products Green 20 is also available on Amazon. It has gathered close to 4-star review ratings by its users. Most of the customers seem to be happy with Green 20 results and effectiveness.

Overall, as an independent distributor, you will be selling quality products at higher pricing in a competitive market.

How to make money with Liv International MLM? 

In line with other MLMs, there are two ways to make money with Liv International MLM:

Direct selling – You can sell the products directly to your known ones and other people to earn personal commissions.

Recruit members – You can earn additional bonuses and perks on your team member’s product sales.

Liv International MLM compensation plan 

The compensation plan of Liv International is a typical structure offered by several other MLMs.

As an independent distributor, you get to make personal commissions on retail sales. Here, Liv International offers 20% commissions as a fast start bonus.

Once you start climbing the ladder of higher rankings you can get an additional 2.5% bonus as well as the monthly rank bonus of up to $25k. There are overall 5 manager levels, 3 director levels, and 8 executive levels to be achieved to earn different types of bonuses.

As a member, you have to achieve 135PV (Personal Volumes) to qualify for earning commissions. There is also a requirement of sponsoring 2 members in your team to remain in Level 1 membership.

The compensation plan is quite demanding when it comes to selling and recruiting.

Watch the below video for a brief understanding or check the detailed Liv International compensation plan here.

Can I make money with Liv International MLM? 

If we go by the compensation structure, then earning decent money is an uphill task. This is because of the low commission percentage.

20% may not be enough to survive the running membership costs. Take into consideration the other expenses such as traveling, gas, or promotional events and your income may go into a big deficit.

The fact that it is the health and wellness industry makes it more challenging to make a regular income. The competition is very high and it could be a herculean task to fulfill the monthly PV target of 135. Recruiting people constantly could be another hurdle.

Liv International does not have an income disclosure statement for its members which means it is difficult to arrive at a potential earning figure. This is surprising and the reasons are best known to Liv International.

To summarize, making money with Liv International is possible on paper but difficult to earn practically.

Is Liv International a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

The number of years into existence and manufacturing quality products are the two main aspects of Liv International’s legitimacy. It is surely not a scam.

However, the company does focus its compensation plan on recruitment and rankings. Making more money is only possible when you have more members under your sponsorship.

It may not be a pyramid scheme officially owing to physical products on offer but does replicate a pyramid scheme in disguise.


  • Reliable background – 2006 is quite far and remaining in business for so long is no small achievement. Considering the normal tenure for many MLMs is only 3-5 years, Liv International has done well to survive so long which is a good thing from a joining perspective.
  • Standard products – This is another advantage of Liv International. The products are well-received and appreciated by their users for their effectiveness and quality. These are also backed by an appropriate return policy and a money-back guarantee that gives you a good chance of making initial sales.
  • Start-up flexibility – Liv International offers multiple options to begin your MLM journey. There are many starter kits to choose from ranging in different pricing plans to suit individual needs. You also get to build your own starter kit based on your personal choice. It also offers an assessment tool that can be used to test your skills and potential of joining the Liv International MLM program.


  • Over-saturated market – The biggest drawback of Liv International is its category of products. It is tough to sustain your sales performance in the over-saturated health and wellness market. The segment is full of similar MLM programs offering the same products with different names.
  • Over-priced products – Pricing is another issue. The products are of good quality but when you have other options on different marketplaces and online platforms at a much lower price it is hard to convince your customers.
  • Demanding compensation plan – Even before you start making money you have to ensure a certain volume of products is achieved to qualify for commissions. In the absence of this, you may have to purchase the products yourself to remain in contention. To maximize your earnings, you have to keep recruiting people to achieve your quota of monthly sales volume. Beginners will find it difficult to make money with the Liv International compensation plan which is more demanding and less rewarding.

Conclusion: Is Liv International MLM recommended?

Liv International is another typical company offering health and wellness products through a multilevel marketing business model. There is nothing new on offer either in products, or the compensation plan.

They have products that are liked by many but are definitely over-valued. The compensation plan has many things to offer but seems achievable only on paper.

If you are someone who has a nick of working with MLMs and has achieved success then you can try the Liv International opportunity. But for beginners, I won’t recommend this MLM program because it has more to lose than to earn.

Instead, there are many such online opportunities that offer higher returns on similar investments that you have to make while joining the Liv International MLM program. I suggest you research for it and if you want to save your time researching then check my recommendation below.

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