Is LifeVantage a pyramid scheme? LifeVantage MLM secrets revealed

Is LifeVantage a pyramid scheme?

Do you believe in anti-aging and dietary supplements? Especially if they are made of herbs and natural ingredients? If the answer is yes, then you have a chance to sell these products and make some money. One of the companies that offer this opportunity is LifeVantage. LifeVantage is better known for Protandim, an anti-aging solution that is sold as its flagship product. It is sold through the direct-selling method under the MLM program. Now if it is MLM, there must be many questions arising in your mind. Is LifeVantage a scam? Is LifeVantage a pyramid scheme? Etc, etc.

To know all the right answers and find out all about LifeVantage products, their business method, compensation plan, and more you should continue reading this review post. I will reveal all the details and, in the end, tell you whether it is recommended or not.

New to MLM?

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What is LifeVantage?

LifeVantage is a multilevel marketing company that sells anti-aging, and dietary supplements. The products also involve health and wellness solutions.

LifeVantage originated in 2003 out of Utah, US. The company has a legacy of renaming itself that started as Lifeline Therapeutics and ended as LifeVantage in 2009.

Steve Fife is the current president and CEO of LifeVantage.

What is the LifeVantage MLM program?

LifeVantage started its journey of selling its anti-aging and other products through retail marketing channels.

However, the retail source did not bring in desired results and the company had to bear losses in millions of dollars. The failure prompted sudden changes in the management and selling method.

LifeVantage adopted a network marketing method to promote and sell their Protandim anti-aging products.

The change turned the fortunes and the company started recording multi-million dollars profit and continued doing business under the MLM model.

How does the MLM program work?

LifeVantage MLM works on the direct-selling and recruitment processes. The company hires individuals as independent business owners and offers commissions on their sales and downline recruitments.

LifeVantage MLM program offers informative training and support to the IBO’s to help them get started.

As an Independent business owner, you can make commissions on retail sales margin and multilevel bonuses on your downline sales and recruitment.

How to join the LifeVantage MLM program?

To join the LifeVantage MLM you will need to find a sponsor. You can visit
to search your sponsor. Or else if you are an existing customer LifeVantage will help you find a sponsor to begin your IBO journey.

Joining is not free. Once you are enrolled in the program you will have to invest money in buying a starter kit.

There are three starter kit options to choose from:

  • Start Kit – $50
  • Premier Pack – $299
  • Elite Pack – $999

All the kits include a personalized website and reporting system, a mobile app, and business materials such as customer data in the form of emails, social posts, and customer support.

You get an additional set of premium LifeVantage products and specialized training with Premier and Elite packs.

To summarize, you have to invest some money even before you make your first sale. This is the highlight of many MLMs that sell their products to their own independent owners to make maximum profits.

LifeVantage products 

LifeVantage products cater to different health and wellness needs. Below are some of them that you can sell as part of your business:

Anti-aging (Protandim): Protandim is the second name of LifeVantage.

The scientifically researched and tested formula consisting of 5 essential ingredients like Turmeric, Green tea, Bacopa, Milk thistle, and Ashwagandha Protandim is the backbone of the LifeVantage business.

A majority of their profits are extracted from Protandim sales.

There are 5 different versions of this product that is sold under the monthly subscription range of $49.99 to $127.99. The one-time cost is $59.99.

Wellness: The products under this category specializes in general wellness. The products such as Omega+ and Protandim Vitality Stack caters to your mental and physical needs.

They help improve brain and heart functionality providing stability and strength.

The products are sold under $40.00 and $151 monthly subscriptions with one-time order prices of $48.99 and $181 respectively.

Weight-loss: There are products sold with the name of PhysIQ under the weight-loss category. These are fat burn and whey protein supplements to provide your body with the necessary elements.

It helps eliminate the extra weight from your body with a balanced diet. The subscription price for PhysIQ is $50.99 to $140.99 monthly.

There are also various products under the immunity, personal care, skincare, and pet care categories.

The good thing about all the LifeVantage products is they are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee. This could be a good selling point to build trust among your customers.

Are the LifeVantage products worth their price? 

LifeVantage products are available on other e-commerce channels too. The pricing on Amazon and eBay is almost the same as sold by independent business owners.

It is difficult to understand the logic behind this as it makes the job more difficult and challenging for IBOs to make personal sales.

The other issue is with the effects of LifeVantage products. It has been highly criticized on various platforms and customers who took their Protandim anti-aging supplements complained of several side effects.

The products are not FDA-approved and faced quite a few allegations of making false claims on aging and curing cancer.

The overall rating is less than 4 on BBB where you will find lots of negative product reviews, and complaints by its customers. With such background and sabotaging history, it may not be easy making regular sales.

How to make money with the LifeVantage MLM program? 

One way to make money with LifeVantage MLM is through direct sales. This is where you will use your starter kit to convince customers to buy the products.

You have to sell the product at a higher price as the margin between buying and selling is what you will earn as commissions which are called retail sales profits.

The other way to earn commissions and bonuses is by building your team. This is a conventional MLM earning method where you keep getting commissions for products sold by your downlines and their team.

LifeVantage MLM compensation plan 

LifeVantage offers 8-level commission plans for its distributors. The commissions are purely based on maximum sales and recruitment.

Retail Sales Profit – This is earned by keeping a sales margin between your buying and selling price of a product.

For example, if you sell Protandim at $69.99 whose original price is $59.99 then $10 will be your retail sales profit.

Bonuses – There are 7-level bonuses that are paid for maintaining a certain product volume (PV). The commissions vary with different levels of positions you climb. Around 40% of commissions are paid under this category.

For example, there is a 30% smart start bonus that is paid on purchasing 100-199 PV by a newly enrolled or an existing distributor under your team. The bonuses add up with the addition of PV and further recruitment of downlines and purchases.

The higher you climb the more chances of making commissions and bonuses.

If you are interested in finding more details on the LifeVantage compensation plan, click here.

Can I make money with the LifeVantage MLM program? 

Making money with any MLM is difficult and so is the case with LifeVantage. First of all, before you make money you have to spend a considerable amount of money on buying their starter kit, and other selling expenses.

So, you will always have to keep a certain amount by side in case you fail to achieve satisfactory sales.

Next is selling. Your income largely depends on how much you sell and selling a product that can be purchased on different platforms is not easy. You will have to find innovative ideas and offers to convince people to buy the product personally.

And last but not least is recruitment. This is where most of the individuals fail. It is extremely difficult to keep momentum in adding the members under your team regularly.

This may result in spending more money in purchasing the products yourself to keep your distributor position active.

All the above scenarios are backed by the LifeVantage income disclosure statement 2020. The minimum average monthly commission paid to a distributor rank individual was $4 and the maximum was $22,500.

There is no consistency or assurance on how much money you can make with LifeVantage.

Is LifeVantage a pyramid scheme? 

LifeVantage is not a pyramid scheme at least officially. Yes, there is massive recruitment required to achieve sales and profits but at the same time, LifeVantage offers reputed wellness and dietary products to serve human health.

Pyramid schemes solely rely on multilevel recruitment without any products or services.

Is LifeVantage a scam? 

LifeVantage is into selling anti-aging and other health-related products since 2003. The company faced many controversies and allegations for its business methods but still going strong. It is not a scam.

LifeVantage legal controversies 

Legal issues and controversies are not surprising for any MLM. LifeVantage has been charged with many accusations related to false product claims, its side-effects, and network marketing business method.

In 2017, LifeVantage violated certain FDA sections through illegal advertising and false claims on their anti-aging products. The company was served with a legal warning by FDA.

In 2009, the company paid $400k to settle the matter of illegal intrusion and acquisition of Zrii, LLC.

The controversies followed in 2011, 2016, and 2018 in the form of different lawsuits against LifeVantage’s false product claims and illegal business methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to join LifeVantage?

Answer: To join LifeVantage you have to buy a starter kit of $50.

2. Is LifeVantage FDA-approved?

Answer: No. It is not FDA-approved.

3. Is LifeVantage accredited by BBB?

Answer: No. LifeVantage is not rated by BBB.


  • Attractive compensation plan: The compensation plan of LifeVantage is very generous. The fact that you can earn profit-sharing commissions through your personal sales is motivating. The other bonuses and perks included with recruiting is on the higher side. The company offers between $100k-$500k as one-time rank achievement bonuses for Pro 10 ranked distributors.
  • Money-back guarantee: All the products of LifeVantage have a 30-days money-back guarantee. That means if someone is not satisfied with the product and returns it within 30-days the company is willing to refund the money. This can be a deal-maker in making consistent sales.
  • Training & Support: LifeVantage offers dedicated resources to scale your business higher. The availability of a personal website, tracking, promotional methods, and support are instrumental in helping you excel in sales. There is also a dedicated distributor support section which is an added advantage.


  • Product controversies: LifeVantage products are marred by many false claims and controversies. Their flagship product Protandim is surrounded by many negative reviews owing to serious side effects. A bad reputation is the least someone would want to sell their products.
  • Not FDA-approved: This is another drawback. FDA is a symbol of trust and having its backing could make LifeVantage products acceptable worldwide. Being in the health and wellness industry for so many years LifeVantage should initiate the process of getting its products FDA-approved for better business results.
  • Personal investment: The investment is evident with purchasing of starter kit that costs $50. In addition, there are costs associated with the personal promotion of products and self-purchasing scenarios to maintain your distributor position. This may seriously impact your overall business earnings.
  • Negative customer reviews: The product results and customer services are not backed by customers. There are many complaints related to side-effects such as rashes, headaches, allergies, etc. against their products. The customer service is highly criticized for its poor response and long turn-around-time.

Conclusion: Is the LifeVantage MLM recommended?

LifeVantage is a pure MLM that earn their profits by selling products to their own distributors. The effects of their products do not support the company’s claim of curing aging and other ailments.

On the contrary, the users have reported many side-effects owing to its consumption.

The MLM program has its pros such as a starter kit to help you jump start your business, a personal website, and all the training and support. The compensation plan is very attractive.

There is lots of money to be made but at the cost of regular investments, hard work, sales, and recruitment.

A distributor’s life is not easy with LifeVantage MLM. I would not recommend LifeVantage MLM to someone who is looking for serious and legit ways to make money.

There are many other options such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc. These are equally profitable without too much investment or risk with minimum to no inventory.

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