Is Le-Vel Thrive a scam? Should you thrive on this MLM opportunity?

Is Le-Vel Thrive a scam?

Looking for a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) firm in the health and fitness segment? There are hundreds of these MLM firms offering thousands of wellness products. They claim to provide a flexible working schedule and thousands of dollars in commissions. One such company is Le-vel Thrive. But is it all true and simple? Is Le-vel Thrive a scam or legit business opportunity? Or is it just another pyramid scheme in disguise?

You will find answers to these questions and many more in this Le-vel Thrive MLM review. Keep reading to know what is Le-vel Thrive MLM, how does it work, the commissions it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is Le-vel Thrive?

Le-vel Thrive is a producer of health and wellness products. The company was founded by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper in 2012.

Le-vel sells its products under Thrive brand that includes health supplements. The categories involve weight loss, nutrition, and a balanced diet for good health and a better lifestyle.

What is Le-vel Thrive MLM?

Le-vel Thrive sells its wellness products with the help of Brand Promoters. In other words, these are independent consultants offering their services to market Le-vel Thrive products and earn commissions.

Le-vel Thrive operates an enrolment process to recruit its Brand Promoters (BP). In return, the company provides training, support, and 20% commissions plus incentives/bonuses against its BPs marketing and sales.

How does Le-vel Thrive MLM work?

To work with Le-vel Thrive MLM you have to enroll or register yourself as a Brand Promoter which is free. Just visit the Le-vel Thrive website and find your sponsor for enrolment. 

The MLM program provides comprehensive training, support, and other marketing resources. All this is taken care of by your sponsored partner.

To start your MLM campaign, you need to purchase a starter kit from the below three options:

Le-Vel Thrive starter kits
  • Starter kit worth $200
  • Promoter kit worth $400
  • VIP kit worth $800

All the kits include Le-vel Thrive best-seller wellness products. You can start promoting these products directly, or through different marketing, and social media channels to make commissions.

Le-vel Thrive products

Le-vel Thrive offers many health supplements including weight-loss pills, vitamin and mineral tablets. These supplements are effective for joint functioning, improved cognitive performance, and lean muscle support.

The items are designed for everyone who desires excellent health, whether they’re buying individually or in a family.

All the products are marketed under Thrive brand. Some of them include:

Thrive plus,

Thrive fit,

Thrive skin,

These are all health supplements in different types such as capsules, shakes, and face masks.

There is also their flagship product named Thrive Experience which is an 8-weeks program for weight loss.

The package consists of a combination of many ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc. that helps individuals have a balanced diet and nutrition without putting on extra weight.

It is to be noted that Le-vel Thrive products are not FDA-approved and are considered an additional way to have better control on your cravings and gain fitness. It is not a remedy, or cure for any kind of disease, or illness.

Are the Le-vel Thrive products worth their price? 

Talking about the price of these products, they seem to be comparatively expensive. The average price you pay to get a balanced 3-4 weeks diet is between $100-$150. You can find many products on Amazon with similar benefits under $50. Below is one of the examples:

About the quality and effectiveness, the products are fairly rated. Most of the reviews are close to satisfactory and the reactions and feedback are a mixed bag. There are also a few complaints regarding Le-Vel Thrive customer service.

Le-Vel Thrive product reviews


Overall, it is fair to say that Le-vel Thrive products are expensive and fall short of effectiveness expectations.

How to make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM? 

Below are the two ways you can expect to make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM:

Retail sales – Here, you can sell the products directly and earn personal commissions.

Build a team – In this category, you can convince people to join your team. With more and more people under your mentorship, you can make additional bonuses on their sales.

Le-vel Thrive compensation plan 

The Le-vel Thrive compensation plan is a typical MLM compensation plan.

The company offers 20% commissions on retail sales. These are straightforward earnings on your personal sales.

Then there are commissions on your team’s achievements. You can make between 4%-12% commission on their products purchases and sales.

Le-Vel Thrive compensation plan

The income increases once you reach a certain level of position in your stint. Experienced Brand Promoters are paid 20%-40% bonuses on their team commissions. There is a VIP auto bonus, Lifestyle getaway, and much more.

Consultants also need to maintain their position active and remain qualified by purchasing or selling at least 200PV ($200) worth of products. This will be an added recurring cost to remain a live Le-vel Thrive Brand Promoter.

In short, the more time, and money you spend and the more you sell and recruit people, the higher will be your chances to make decent money with Le-vel Thrive MLM.

Can I make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM? 

We have seen how you can make money with Le-vel Thrive. But can you actually make money? There are many factors to be considered to answer this question.

First, you need to consider investments. The start-up cost is on the higher side. A minimum of $200 is required to begin your selling campaign.

Then there will be hidden costs in the form of traveling, and on your marketing resources. Keep another $200 every month aside to maintain your consultant position.

Secondly, you need to be consistent in achieving regular sales to make personal commissions. 20% commissions may not be enough so in order to increase your earnings you will have to recruit downlines and that too on a continuous basis. This is too much of asking and may not be sustainable in the long run.

And lastly, the actual earning figures. This is very disappointing. More than 90% of Le-vel Thrive Brand Promoters could not make more than $20 a month ($159 a year). That’s ridiculous.

Le-Vel Thrive income disclosure

It is evident from the income disclosure statement that it is very challenging to make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM.

Is Le-vel Thrive a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Le-vel Thrive is a legit company selling wellness products since 2012. Their founders are well-experienced in the health industry. The company has survived these many years due to its founder’s reputation and legitimate products.

Le-vel Thrive is another multi-level marketing firm that profits from salespeople to sell items, and it isn’t a pyramid scheme in any way.


  • Le-vel Thrive’s stability as a company – Le-Vel has been operating since 2012, which is excellent because it is not easy to survive a competitive market without any hurdles. This is also owing to its leaders who have immense knowledge and experience in this segment. Le-vel Thrive is here to stay and you can rely as a consultant on its credibility.
  • Good commissions and perks – The commission structure is really motivating when it comes to earning extra income. Agreed, this is based on your recruitment skills but if achieved, you can expect to make 3-4 figures commissions consistently. There are attractive bonuses and getaway trips on offer if you can reach higher levels.
  • Useful training and resources – New joiners are not left alone. There is training on offer. Le-vel also provides marketing material and other supporting resources to newly appointed Brand Promoters. There is hardly any effort or experience required to be a member of the Le-vel Thrive MLM opportunity.


  • Expensive products – Le-vel Thrive products are expensive. There is no doubt about it and this can be a big drawback when achieving your sales target. People can find similar or much better items in the open market/online marketplaces for a lot lesser price. This is evident from our research on Amazon.
  • Negative reviews – If pricing is not enough, the results of Le-vel Thrive products are another concern. There are many negative reviews and feedback on the Le-vel Thrive supplement’s effectiveness and side effects. The products are not backed by FDA which makes them vulnerable to several doubts before purchasing.
  • Tough competition – The health and wellness industry is one of the over-saturated markets in the MLM segment. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of MLM firms selling the same products with different names. You need to be extra smart and innovative to find success in selling such products.
  • Difficult to make money – Making money with Le-Vel is very difficult. This is crystal clear from its income disclosure statement. A big majority of its consultants failed to achieve satisfactory earnings. Add to that the investment and recruitment woes. You cannot remain in the business if you are not ready to spend money and recruit people consistently.

Conclusion: Is Le-vel Thrive MLM recommended?

There are very few things that go in Le-vel Thrive’s favor. One is their background as a company and the second is the commission structure. Apart from that, you don’t have much to gain from this Le-vel Thrive MLM opportunity.

Even the commission structure that looks good on paper offer more money on recruiting people. This is because you have to constantly improve sales for which you will need to have a bigger team.

High competition, lots of hidden costs, discouraging income figures are all the other factors that do not make Le-vel Thrive a recommendation.

If you want to start a flourishing home-based business, MLM is not the greatest model to pursue at least not the Le-vel Thrive MLM.

Spend your time researching online about other money-making options. If you cannot find one, then check my recommendation below.

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