Is Kyani a pyramid scheme? Or a legit health supplements business opportunity?

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme?

Health and wellness is a billion-dollar industry and network marketing forms a core part of it. Even with so many competitors the MLMs still make huge profits selling these products. One such company is Kyani. It is an MLM company that offers a wide range of health supplements and an earning opportunity to individuals selling these products. But should you blindly trust the earning claims and join Kyani? Is Kyani a scam or a legit company? Is Kyani a pyramid scheme?

There are many such questions that need answers before making the big decision of working with Kyani MLM. This Kyani MLM review post will provide you with all the necessary details related to its products, compensation plan, and pros and cons. You will also find out if you can really make money with Kyani MLM.

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What is Kyani?

Kyani is a health and wellness company that offers a wide range of nutritional supplements. The company has been in business since 2005 and is headquartered in Idaho, United States. Its product line includes supplements for health, wellness, and weight loss.

Kyani was founded by Hansen and Taylor families with a view to sharing the versatile benefits of Wild Blueberries. The company has expanded its presence in the Asian and European markets with its business partners operating in more than 60 countries sharing its products.

Kyani is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

What is Kyani MLM?

Kyani operates as a multi-level marketing company, which means that its members can earn commissions by selling products to retail customers and by recruiting new members into the business.

The MLM program offers a binary compensation plan, proper training and education, and valuable marketing tools to help its members achieve success in their business.

How does Kyani MLM work?

Kyani MLM works in three simple steps. The first step is getting started with the help of your sponsor. 

You have to fill out the enrolment form with all the necessary details along with your sponsor ID. The next step is to purchase one of the company’s starter kits. The starter kit costs between $89 to $1999.  The costlier the starter kit, the higher will be your commissions.

The starter packs include membership in Kyani’s marketing program, a product catalog, and samples of the company’s products plus a duplicate website for online sales.

You will also need to renew your membership every year with an annual fee of $20.

Your success in Kyani MLM largely depends on learning and staying connected with your mentor and supportive community. This will help you get regular sales to earn more commissions.

Kyani products

The Kyani products are mainly categorized into health and nutritional supplements. The company’s flagship product is the Kyani Triangle of Health, which is a three-product system that includes Kyani Sunset, Kyani Sunrise, and Kyani Nitro.

Kyani products

The triplet is a supplement that contains omega-three fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, E, selenium, beta carotene, nitric oxide, and caffeine. These are available in three different packs and work in tandem that should be consumed one after the other throughout the day.

Kyani Triangle of Health works as a superfood providing balanced nutrition, improving blood circulation, and supporting cardiovascular health and cognitive functionality. The product pack is priced at $129.95 (retail price) on Kyani’s website.

In addition to the Kyäni Triangle of Health, Kyani also offers various product lines that cater to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Kyani Nutritionals such as Fit20, HL5, ON, Core140+, Origin, etc. are some of the popular products in this category.

Kyani offers a 30-days money-back/return policy on all its products for the distributors residing in the US.

Are Kyani products worth their price? 

Kyani Sunrise packets received very good ratings on Amazon. There is one product review that is very positive explaining its energy-boosting results. Overall, the product garnered more than 4.5-star ratings which are outstanding.

Kyani product review

Looking at some of the alternative products in the same category, the pricing of Kyani Sunrise is expensive. Below are a few examples.

Overall, Kyani products are of good quality but are priced higher to benefit their multilevel marketing business model.

How to make money with Kyani MLM? 

The primary ways to make money with Kyani are:

Sell products to retail customers for sales commissions, and

Make money by building a team of members to earn bonuses.

Kyani Compensation Plan 

Kyani pays commissions on a binary compensation plan, which is based on a placement tree structure.

The elements in this placement tree are taken into consideration to calculate your rank, eligibility for a fast start bonus, other bonuses based on your rank, and Kyani’s monthly paygate accumulator.

There are 15-levels of ranking to achieve that can increase your earnings. A minimum of 150 QV (Qualifying Volume) is required every month to maintain your current rank and you have to rely on your GQV (Group Qualifying Volume) to increase your rankings.

Kyani compensation plan

When it comes to earnings, there are retail profit and team bonuses. A retail profit bonus is earned when you purchase Kyani products at a discounted distributor price and sell them at retail price. The difference in amount will be your profits.

Secondly, team bonuses are applicable once you start building a team and attain a certain level of leadership rankings. The higher you climb, the higher percentage of commissions you can earn that go up to 100%.

Kyani compensation structure is very deep and detailed and you can go through it here for a better understanding.

Can you make money with Kyani MLM? 

If you look at the Kyani compensation plan it is possible to make money. Kyani has also disclosed the income statement of its distributors. The statement discloses the average monthly income of its distributors who remained active in the MLM program.

Kyani income disclosure statement

The top 50% of active distributors who were relatively new earned $42 a month in their first two years and 1% of top-level distributors were able to earn $2451 per month. The figures for 1% are not too bad considering the time spent was just two years but the percentage ratio is very low.

But before you jump to conclusions, let us also consider some factors that may play an important role in your stint in Kyani. And that is an investment.

The start-up cost is on the higher side if you choose to purchase expensive packs, plus you will have to regularly spend money on purchasing products yourself to keep your membership position active.

There could be other expenses related to traveling, gas, and promotion events that you may have to deal with to grow your business.

While it is fair to say that there is money potential with Kyani but it would not be a cakewalk. If you are okay with the above investments and ready to spend a few years of hard work, and dedication then you can make money with Kyani MLM.

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

Kyani is not a pyramid scheme in the conventional sense. This is because distributors and business partners can earn commissions by selling Kyani goods and the recruitment of people is required to earn additional bonuses. Pyramid schemes do not offer any physical products and just rely on more and more people to make money.

Kyani is not a scam either. This is owing to their reputation of being a reliable company existing since 2005. Years of experience, quality products, and strong management make it a trustworthy platform to work with.


  • Kyani’s established reputation – No doubt Kyani has done well to remain in the business for so long. It has survived more than a decade despite the tough health and wellness market and network marketing challenges. The company is here to stay and its established reputation makes it a worthwhile platform from a joining perspective.
  • Good quality products – The quality of products is worth looking at when it comes to working with any MLM company. Kyani products are high quality and have a lot of benefits. Its Triangle of Health package has been well-received and praised for its nutritional value and various health benefits. The results are evident from positive customer reviews and feedback.


  • Over-priced products – Even though the products are of good quality, Kyani disappoints big time with its pricing structure. Its flagship product is comparatively more expensive than most of the products with similar results. On top of that, these products are available on Amazon and other marketplaces which can further save shipping and delivery costs.
  • Demanding compensation plan – The compensation plan does have a structure that focuses on rewarding its membership with higher sales volume. But in the end, achieving this sales volume is very demanding and needs constant selling and recruiting efforts. In case you fail to meet the sales criteria, you are bound to lose your membership and all the prior investments.
  • Higher competition – You have too many health and wellness products to choose from in various marketplaces and even different MLM companies. And most of the products are way cheaper than Kyani products. So, this might lead to a challenging situation in selling Kyani products in the highly competitive health supplements market.

Conclusion: Is Kyani MLM recommended?

Kyani MLM is a good opportunity to make money but there are some things you should be aware of before joining.

The potential to make a lot of money is high, and the products are high quality with a lot of benefits. However, you need to be able to recruit people into the business in order to make money, which can be difficult for some people.

The monthly sales quota is another problem and you have to constantly be on your toes to achieve regular sales.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with Kyani MLM or for that matter with any other MLM owing to its business model. The success ratio is very low and this is evident from Kyani’s income disclosure statement.

If you are willing to take the risk, spend money on membership, purchase products and have the ability to recruit people into the business regularly, then Kyani MLM is recommended.

However, if you are someone looking to make good money with minimum investment and lesser time then check my recommendation below.

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