Is It Works a scam? Make money selling weight-loss wraps!

Is It Works a scam

If you like coffee, you will be happy to know that coffee helps you lose weight. Don’t believe it? It does with It Works coffee. What’s more is, you can even make some money by just sharing the coffee and other health products of It Works. I am sure you have started wondering if this is real or a scam. Is It Works a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? Can you really make money with It Works?

I will answer all these questions and more in this It Works MLM review. You will learn about It Works as a company, its products, the compensation plan it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is ‘It Works’?

It Works is a company that sells health, wellness, apparel, and skincare products. The company is well-known for its coffee products that help lose weight. It also offers other nutritional supplements to gain fitness and improve immunity.

It Works was founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost in 2001. The company is headquartered in Florida, the US. It also has a presence in Canada, Australia, Europe, South Korea, etc.

What is ‘It Works’ MLM?

The MLM business model is where It Works sell its products. The company offers an earning opportunity to individuals who can sell its products and build a team of like-minded people.

The MLM program offers ongoing training, an eSuite to track the progress, product samples, related business tools, and community support to its members.

How does ‘It Works’ MLM work?

To start working with It Works MLM, you have to register yourself as a Distributor. 

Having an existing sponsor detail is a requirement to join the program. Once enrolled, you can start selling products by purchasing a starter kit. The starter kit will cost you $99, including product samples and brochures.

In addition, you will have to pay a $35 annual fee to renew your membership. There is also a $20 monthly fee to maintain your website.

All these resources will help you jumpstart your selling campaign to earn commissions.

‘It Works’ products

There are multiple categories of products offered by It Works. Some of them include:

Weight loss – This category includes different types of tablets, shakes, coffees, teas, etc. that helps reduces carb and control weight. One of the highlighted products is the Skinny Brew coffee blend, a fat burner.

This is a top-rated product that consists of French roast coffee, green coffee bean, and nootropics. The product is soy-free, and keto-friendly which helps burn fat improving energy levels and metabolism.

Nutritional supplements – Nutritional supplements include many types of superfoods in the form of teas, snacks, immunity-boosting tablets, coffees, etc.

These products consist of green ingredients such as sprouts, mushrooms, leafy plants, and more. The supplements are helpful in regularizing digestion and strengthening immunity.

Beauty & Personal care – This category has one of the flagship products of It Works called Skinny Wrap. The product is made of seaweed, green tea, and guarana that can be used as a body wrap to burn fat.

Some of the other items include gels, facials masks, facial pads, night creams, etc. that are effective solutions for improved skin and other body parts.

It Works also has some products in the clothing category such as T-shirts, tops, leggings, etc. that work in tandem with their nutrition and weight loss products.

All the It Works products are supported with a 30-days return/refund policy.

But to be fair, such products are sold by many other MLM companies so there is nothing new or great about It Works products except the brand and labeling.

Are ‘It Works’ products worth their price?

It Works products are not approved by FDA. The effectiveness and quality of It Works products are questionable. There are many bad reviews on Trustpilot on It Works products and after-sale service. The company gathered less than 3-star which is below average. 

It Works product reviews

Many customers have complained of poor results and false information provided by its distributors on the auto-ship feature. The customers were charged back-to-back for three months without their consent.

When you look at the pricing, the Skinny Wrap costs $84 whereas similar body wraps on Amazon cost up to $60.

The pricing of It Works products is comparatively expensive. What’s worst is, that these products are also available on Amazon which could make direct-selling more challenging.

How to make money with ‘It Works’ MLM?

There are two ways to make money with It Works MLM program:

  • Retail commissions on selling the products to retail customers
  • Miscellaneous bonuses on team building and their product purchases/sales.

‘It Works’ compensation plan 

With the It Works compensation plan, you can make the following types of commissions and bonuses:

Retail commissions – This is the difference markup between the retail price and wholesale price of a product that you sell to a retail customer. You can keep the difference as your retail commissions.

Fast start bonus – This bonus is paid when you sponsor 2 new loyal customers into It Works within the first 30-days. The bonus amount is $100.

Management level bonus – You can earn between 2% to 10% commission bonuses on climbing different levels.

It Works compensation plan

Leadership and generation bonus – Being a diamond-level distributor you can earn up to $150 bonuses when your downline enrolls a fast-track program customer. In addition, generation bonuses are applied depending on the personal group volume percentage. Generation bonuses can be earned between 1% to 4% based on your distributor level.

Constant recruitment efforts are required to remain eligible for commissions and bonuses.

Can you make money with ‘It Works’ MLM?

The average monthly income of all the active It Works members was $202. That’s not bad compared to other MLM companies in the same segment.

It Works income disclosure statement

However, that does not mean you can make money easily. The MLM business model requires patience and persistence to achieve financial success.

If you look at the table, the average monthly income of a distributor-level member is just $57. This is exclusive of the expenses incurred during the business stint.

It is only after spending 3-4 dedicated years of hard work and effort that one can see satisfactory financial earnings.

Still, MLMs are prone to risks and many people fail to sustain their membership status due to demanding sales and recruitment requirements. If you are ready to overcome these challenges then you can make some money with It Works MLM.

Is ‘It Works’ a scam or a pyramid scheme?

It Works is not a scam. It is a 100% legit company that sells health and beauty supplements since 2001. The number of years indicates that the company has survived the tough challenges of being an MLM and still going strong with worldwide expansions.

I am not a big fan of the MLM compensation structure. It Works is no different. It focuses on rewarding its members who can bring more and more people into the company. This makes it look like a pyramid scheme in disguise. The only thing that prevents it from being a complete pyramid scheme is its products.


  • Well-settled company – It Works is into the MLM business since 2001. Decades of experience, strong leadership, and a stable financial structure has kept it afloat. The company is reliable and trustworthy from a long-term perspective.
  • Variety of products – Most of the MLMs concentrate on 1-to 2 products to market their business but It Works has versatility. You can take advantage of the apparel, and beauty segment if health and wellness products are not working. It gives you ample opportunity to neutralize your marketing potential with different types of products.


  • Over-competitive niche – Irrespective of the type of products you want to sell, health, wellness, beauty, weight-loss, etc. are all over-saturated. These products are available with 100s of other MLM companies as well as online marketplaces which makes them a hard sell. Pricing is another factor that can dent your sales campaign further.
  • Negative reviews – It Works products are highly criticized for their performance and refund services. Many customers are not happy with the product results and dissatisfied with its after-sales support. Both these aspects play an important role when you enter the market to sell the products.
  • MLM compensation challenges – Qualifying for commissions require you to enroll loyal customers and have a business volume of 80BV. What’s more, is, you have to keep selling products of a certain volume for which you will have to keep adding people to your team. This is a task that cannot be fulfilled forever. Any complacency in achieving your targets can lead to loss of membership and investments. The compensation plan is very challenging and non-sustainable.

Conclusion: Is ‘It Works’ MLM recommended?

What works in favor of It Works is its product line. There are many to sell and weight-loss and beauty segments are something that can be exploited for a long time.

However, feedback and bad reviews can affect your sales. Plus, the competition in the health and wellness industry has crippled the market. You have to keep pushing yourself to achieve regular sales.

Selling and recruiting are the only two ways you can expect to cover your MLM business expenses and make some money. But I guess the end result won’t make you happy. So, it’s better to avoid MLMs like It Works and concentrate on researching other resources to make money.

I recommend you Google make-money-online options. The results will be many and if you find them overwhelming or confusing then check my recommendation below.

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