Is Globallee a scam? Or another MLM pyramid scheme in disguise?

Is Globallee a scam

You came across Globallee in your search for making money online or somebody told you about its so-called MLM earning opportunity and you started looking for more information. So, what is Globallee? Globallee is a company that offers a range of health products and services, and they also have a lucrative MLM program that allows you to make money by selling their products. But is it the right opportunity to work with? Is Globallee a scam? Can you make money with Globallee MLM?

In this detailed Globallee MLM review, we’ll explain how the MLM program works, its products, compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining this company. We’ll also give you our recommendation on whether or not you should join Globallee MLM.

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What Is Globallee?

Globallee is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of products, including health and wellness supplements, and beauty supplies. The company has been in business since 2019 and operates in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and several other countries.

Lamia Bettaieb, Mark McKnight, and Nauder Khazan are the co-founders of Globallee. The company is known to provide a healthier lifestyle to its customers by offering products made of natural ingredients.

What is Globallee MLM?

The MLM opportunity is a networking arm of Globallee that offers commissions to individuals who can sell its products and recruit team members. These members are called Independent Brand Ambassadors.

These Independent Brand Ambassadors are rewarded with exclusive product discounts, and a lucrative compensation plan to work with. There is a dedicated training portal that provides systems and software along with business tools and marketing material to begin your MLM journey.

How does Globallee MLM Program Work?

To work with Globallee MLM, you have to join the program as an Independent Brand Ambassador. There is an enrolment fee of $49. This does not include the products from Globallee.

In order to generate sales, you will have to purchase the product kits separately. There are multiple product kits on offer that costs between $189 to $1049.

Once you have successfully registered with Globallee, you can start sharing and selling its products via the Globallee replicated website or promoting through other sources to qualify for commissions.

Globallee products

Globallee products are mainly sold in the health and wellness segment. Some of the highlighted products offered by the company are:

Globallee products

TAKA health drinks – TAKA is the flagship product of Globallee. This category has different types of health drinks that improve physical and mental energy levels. It also offers glowing solutions to your skin, as well as weight management support. The products consist of ingredients like Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Magnolia Officinalis, and many other herbs collected from different parts of the world.

Beauty Eye LASHES – Globallee offers eyelashes as a beauty supplement for women. There are different collections to choose from and each collection contains a mink, winged, and glam sets of lashes. The product is complemented with DIY extensions to create your desired looks. Globallee lashes help you customize and improve the beauty of your eyes.

Health Supplements – Globallee also offers health supplements in the form of capsules and drops. This category has Eterno, IAccel, etc. The product consists of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, glutamine, glycine, zinc, magnesium, etc. that help improve hormones, and provide necessary vitamins, and energy boosters for your health.

From an overall perspective, Globallee products have nothing new to offer except the brand and labeling. There are 100s of MLM companies selling similar products in the health and wellness segment.

I couldn’t find any information on return and refund policies followed by Globallee on its products.

Are Globallee products worth their pricing? 

I couldn’t find Globallee products available on any other online platforms. This is a good thing from a selling perspective as it makes Globallee products available exclusively to direct selling. Some of the positive reviews you can find about Globallee products is available on its Facebook page

I am not a big fan of such reviews and I personally advise you to cross-verify such statements made on the company’s own social media page.

As far as Globallee products pricing goes, here are some of the observations:

Collagen Peptide from Globallee costs $62+ whereas some of the best-selling collagen peptide products on Amazon do not cost more than $50.

Similarly, Globallee health drink TAKA costs more than $37 and some of the similar health drinks on Amazon costs less than $30.

To summarize, Globallee products are comparatively expensive which can surely impact your sales effort in the long run.

How to Make Money with Globallee MLM?

The primary way to make money with Globallee MLM is by selling products to others.

You can also earn commissions by recruiting others to join the company and by helping them to sell products.

Globallee compensation plan

Globallee compensation plan offers weekly and monthly commissions. Weekly commissions consist of customer club and fast start bonuses.

These commissions and bonuses can be earned on the product purchases by your retail customers and preferred customers. You can earn extra bonuses once you start building a team and reach level 3.

Fast start bonuses (20%-55%) are paid when you start enrolling new brand ambassadors under your team.

Globallee compensation plan

Then there are monthly commissions. This is a residual income that is paid on your leadership and team-building skills. The number of people in your team and their sales will attract higher commissions.

You can increase your earnings by climbing to senior-level positions. Higher positions are offered additional rewards and recognitions.

There are overall 12 positions to achieve with 3-levels each. To remain an active member, you have to maintain a personal volume (PV) of 50QV every month. This PV keeps increasing with the increase in your personal level.

In short, you have to constantly achieve the monthly sales quota and at the same time keep increasing the members of your team to raise your personal level. This is the only way you can expect to make some money with Globallee compensation plan.

The structure is very deep and complex to understand. You can check the full compensation plan here

Can you make money with Globallee MLM?

There is no direct answer to this since Globallee does not have any income disclosure statement on its Brand Ambassador’s earnings.

There are a few factors to consider when you consider making money with Globallee MLM. The start-up cost is low but it increases significantly if you plan to purchase starter kits.

Add to that the investments related to purchasing products to maintain your membership, plus any promotional events, traveling, and gasoline you may incur while marketing Globallee products.

Secondly, the products you are selling are comparatively expensive. These products, though high-in-demand have a considerable amount of competition. Without continuously selling, you won’t be able to earn a single penny.

Last but not least, is recruiting. The money lies in the number of people you have under your mentorship. This is an extremely difficult task to sustain.

All these factors don’t sound or feel great when you think of making money with Globallee MLM. As evident with many other MLMs in the same segment, it is always tough and challenging to make consistent income with them and Globallee is no different.

Is Globallee a scam or a pyramid scheme?

MLMs normally take 3-5 years to survive the challenges of doing business and generate profits. Globallee is fairly new and still has a long way to go to establish itself. However, this does not make it a scam.

Globallee has many physical products to offer in the health and wellness segment. The company offers compensation for its product sales and not just the recruitment of people. So, it is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Early momentum – This is one of the advantages of joining Globallee. Being relatively new, the MLM gives an opportunity to its members to perform and establish themselves as leaders. Higher positions are more beneficial and rewarding in any MLM stint.
  • Good quality products – Globallee has products that are effective and of good quality. The reviews and feedback surrounding Globallee products are very positive (even though debatable). These reviews can help you achieve regular sales and qualify for commissions.
  • MLM resources – As a beginner, you won’t be left alone in the process. Globallee offers comprehensive guides, resources, tools, and materials to its consultants. You get a replicated website and dedicated training portal and support to scale your business.


  • Over-priced products – Globallee product pricing could be an issue. The company has kept the pricing higher than its counterparts. This may hamper the process of selling their products regularly. It can get worse owing to the saturated health and wellness segment targeted by Globallee.
  • Confusing compensation structure – The compensation plan is very confusing. It has many levels, positions, rewards, bonuses, perks, etc. which need a specialized brain to understand. It is not surprising though, but making money with Globallee compensation plan demands serious sales efforts and recruitment challenges.
  • Regular investments required – Before you start to make any money there are 100s of dollars you need to invest regularly in Globallee MLM. You have to purchase starter kits to begin your sales campaign, may have to keep purchasing products to remain an active member, and spend money on advertising, and marketing campaigns that may also involve traveling places.

Conclusion: Is Globallee MLM recommended?

Globallee MLM is a tough nut to crack. There is no doubt it has quality products and a generous compensation plan on paper.

However, be aware that there is some risk involved and that you may not earn a lot of money. It is recommended that you read the compensation plan in detail before signing up. You have to also consider the market competition and upfront costs involved while selling Globallee products.

All in all, I would not recommend Globallee MLM to anyone simply because it has nothing new to offer in terms of products and compensation. There are 100s of such MLMs available that demand more and pay less.

Instead, look out for other money-making opportunities online. There are many of them that are less expensive and highly rewarding. If you cannot find one then check my recommendation below.

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