Is GeneratePress responsive? A comprehensive GeneratePress theme review

Is GeneratePress Responsive

Are you planning to build a website but don’t know what theme to use? Or are you looking for a website theme that is fast and responsive? If the answer is yes then read this GeneratePress theme review post. Because this post will reveal the answers to questions like – is GeneratePress responsive? Is it a good and fastest theme? Is GeneratePress good for SEO? Etc.

You will also learn about GeneratePress features, the price you have to pay, GeneratePress alternatives, pros, cons, and much more.

So, keep reading this post till the end!

What is the GeneratePress theme?

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme developed to build any type of website. It is a multipurpose theme that is very light, fast, and extremely responsive.

GeneratePress works really well with WordPress due to its native theme customizer that can be used for easy customization. This is the reason GeneratePress is the WordPress website owner’s favorite.

Tom Usborne is the creator and developer of GeneratePress. He started as a freelance web designer/developer and perfected his learnings with the GeneratePress website theme which is now used by more than 500K users worldwide.

How does the GeneratePress theme work?

The GeneratePress theme works by installing it on your WordPress website. To do this, you have to subscribe to its free or paid version.

If you opt for a free version just install and activate the GeneratePress theme from your WordPress website dashboard. Here is the complete video tutorial on GeneratePress installation.

GeneratePress offers a plugin for premium members. To install the plugin, first, download the plugin file, go to the plugin section in your WordPress website dashboard, select the upload plugin option and upload the GeneratePress premium plugin file.

Once you have installed the premium theme, enter the license key from your GeneratePress account, activate the modules you want to use one by one, and start customizing the theme according to your choice.

GeneratePress launched its own theme builder called GenerateBlocks which can be used to build and design a website. More on this in the features section.

GeneratePress theme price

The first question that comes to mind on GeneratePress pricing –

Is GeneratePress a free theme?

Yes, there is a free theme version offered by GeneratePress which has got limited access to its overall features.

This is a basic theme that lets you create a simple website with limited options for customizing the colors, fonts, navigations, and overall layout of a page.

The free version is ideal for starter websites that rely more on content management and are satisfied with a simple appearance. Not that it is a bad theme or a poor version in fact GeneratePress free has 98% of users giving it 5-star ratings which is outstanding.

It may lack complete customization but still remains a solid website theme for its speed, lightweight, and loading responsiveness.

But if you are looking to have total control over customization and want to build an extraordinary-looking website then you must opt for the GeneratePress premium version. Here are the pricing details:

GeneratePress has one paid membership which is divided into two plans. The paid membership is called GeneratePress Premium where you can subscribe for:

$59/yearly plan or $249/one-time lifetime plan

Generatepress Theme Pricing

Under the yearly plan, you get all premium features, full access to the site library, updates, and premium support for 1-year, and you can use the GeneratePress theme on up to 500 websites.

The one-time payment plan works for a lifetime which means you don’t have to pay anything extra until you want to discontinue using it. The benefits include all the features from the yearly plan with an exception of updates and support that you can receive for a lifetime.

I personally recommend you to go for the lifetime plan (if you can afford it) as it will save you a big chunk of money in return for excellent GeneratePress premium features.

The good thing about GeneratePress pricing is it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the theme or services.

Difference between GeneratePress free and premium

As I said earlier, the main difference between the free and premium versions of GeneratePress is customization options.

The term may seem too technical in nature for the newbies but it simply means you are working with two hands under the free version rather than working with four hands under the premium version.

When you install and activate the free theme of GeneratePress you basically get 4 options to customize:

GeneratePress free modules
  1. Site Identity
  2. Color options
  3. Typography system
  4. Layout options

Site Identity lets you set up your website’s name, tagline, and logo. Here’s how the options look for free and premium versions.

GeneratePress Free Site Identity
GeneratePress Premium Site Identity

There is no difference at all.

If you like giving visual delight to your website with contrasting colors the options to customize the elements are few in the free version. The premium version gives you more color options and more elements to customize like this:

GeneratePress Free Color Options
GeneratePress Premium Color Options

The typography system is more than basic which is quite surprising. You get access to Font Manager where you can find 4 default system fonts and more than 70 Google Fonts to design your text appearance.

GeneratePress Free Typography
GeneratePress Premium Typography

There is also a Typography Manager to help you customize the fonts on the body, headings, sidebars, and footer bar. The premium version has more font options and dynamic customization on all the modules.

The layout customization can be applied to the container, header, primary navigation, sidebars, footer, and blog.

GeneratePress Free Layout Options
GeneratePress Premium Layout Options

Under the premium version, you get 3 more navigation menus to customize.

You see the difference. It is not like you cannot build a website out of GeneratePress free theme.

It’s just that the premium version is more dynamic, and more customizable, with more features that give you total authority over your website structure.

How good is GeneratePress? The Premium Features

So, what do you get with GeneratePress premium, and how good it is? Let’s find out by going through GeneratePress features.

Site Library – When you start building your website, it remains a blank canvas waiting to be painted with content, design, and colors. While the content can be self-controlled, many users fall short on ideas for designing their websites.

This is where GeneratePress offers a Site Library. At present, there are more than 90 modules on offer to help you build a website design. GeneratePress keeps updating and adding new website design modules under Site Library.

GeneratePress Site Library

The modules are categorized into business, e-commerce, and blog segments but this is purely a recommendation from GeneratePress and you can choose any design to build your website.

Site Library modules are a big relief for newbies and people looking to save time on designing their website from the scratch. It offers pre-made templates that are creative, beautiful, and innovative. You can preview each template before actually using them.

Once installed you can modify, and customize these templates according to the needs and niche of your website.

From a usage perspective, you just have to select a particular website template, import it on your WordPress website and start customizing.

Theme Builder – There is no need to install a page builder plugin like Elementor to build your theme in GeneratePress. This is because GeneratePress has its own page builder version called block-based theme builder or GenerateBlocks.

Inspired by some of the advanced page builder options that work solely on creating blocks and customizing them to design the elements, GenerateBlocks is offered as a plugin that is perfect for building a theme without coding.

GeneratePress Theme Builder GenerateBlocks

GenerateBlocks is a free plugin that can be downloaded through your WordPress website’s dashboard. Once installed, the plugin gets integrated with the WordPress block editor.

GenerateBlocks theme builder can be used to edit and customize your homepage, blog posts, pages, widgets, sidebars, and footer bars.

With GenerateBlocks, you can create a container to organize your content into rows and sections.

It offers to create dynamic headlines with advanced typography, grid blocks for a flexible layout of your content, images block with visual customization, converting call-to-action buttons, and much more.

Here’s the promotional video on the GenerateBlocks theme builder and how it works:

You can play with the blocks as you like and it surely gives your website a visual appearance that you get using any other page builder.

The only drawback of this theme builder is the lack of flexibility in using the blocks. There is no drag-and-drop feature like Elementor page builder.

If you don’t like using blocks or want to have more control on the building side then GeneratePress also offers full access to its theme code.

Obviously, you must know how to code to use this feature but it definitely offers versatility to control the layout and overall appearance of a website.

You can even use the custom CSS option to explore every feature and change it to suit your needs.

Block Elements – Block Elements are another gem of dynamic elements that you can use on any page, post, sidebar, or footer bar on top of your standard content.

This is a perfect replacement for child themes. To use elements, you need to activate them under the modules on your GeneratePress dashboard. Once activated, you can access it under appearance or through the top admin bar.

You can create multiple elements under Block, Hook, Layout, and Header types.

GeneratePress Elements

The block element is perfect for placing an author box, call-to-action buttons, affiliate links, etc. at a specific section in your blog posts.

The affiliates would love to use this option to promote their products.

Hook element is ideal to create shortcodes if you know the coding as well as placing the HTML codes provided by Google Analytics or any third-party tools you want to use and integrate with your website.

The Layout type is to define the elements you want to display or disable throughout your website.

Lastly, the Header type creates a customized site header or a page hero image to be displayed on your homepage.

Block Elements is a great option to create different types of elements for your website that can keep your visitors engaged and even prompt them to take action on your recommended products.

Modules – GeneratePress premium offers additional modules that you can activate and customize. It includes:

  • Backgrounds: This module offers customization to background images and this can be used on all the layout options. Wherever you want to show a background image this is the option to use.
  • Blog: The blog module provides multiple customization options to present them in different layouts. You can also include or exclude tags, categories, featured images, sidebars, etc.
  • Copyright: You can customize the copyright message in the footer bar with your own words.
  • Menu Plus: Apart from the primary navigation, the premium version also allows you to set up secondary navigation, mobile header, sticky navigation, and off-canvas panel to show the menu tabs.
  • Spacing: You can add customized spacing to your blog posts and also to the overall theme elements with this module.

Support – The support options are not too many but they serve the purpose of resolving queries and issues in a timely manner.

There is a comprehensive documentation section that does a great job of laying out each and every module in detail. You won’t feel the need to ask for anything outside of documentation when you want to use the theme elements and features.

GeneratePress Documentation

However, in case you get stuck or want to know more about certain features you can take help from the support forum. Just insert the topic you want to have a solution on and you will find many answers/responses submitted by the team.

If you don’t find the solution through the support forum you can open a new topic by raising a ticket. The support team does reply to your queries asap.

You can also submit your questions related to pre-sale, account/billings, or any other technical issue through the contact form.

The downside of GeneratePress support is there is no live chat, phone contact, or email support which is kind of disappointing.

All said and done, it is time to know how GeneratePress actually performs on its features. The first thing to know…

Is GeneratePress responsive?

A theme has a major role to play in your website’s performance. It is important that you choose a theme that is lightweight and extremely fast.

GeneratePress scores are really high on these metrics. To say the least, it is considered one of the lightest, fast-paced, and highly responsive website themes. You can imagine the space taken by a theme on the server that weighs only 60kb.

Because of this, GeneratePress is able to load faster which is instrumental in enhancing your visitor’s experience. Google loves those websites that perform really quick without any pause/downtime. This will definitely help you gain authority in search engines.

To test the performance, I put my own website to the exam, and here’s what I found:

Considering the content, images, videos, widgets, etc. that I have on my website the results are pretty amazing.

I was actually surprised to see those numbers in the 90s and 80s (was expecting lesser because of the visuals I use on my website but that shows the capability of the GeneratePress theme).

GeneratePress is fully responsive when it comes to viewing the pages on a mobile screen. The theme has a variety of options to customize and amend the theme features to suit different sizes of screens and compatibility.

It is always recommended to disable the elements that cause slowness and this is fully allowed by GeneratePress.

Is the GeneratePress theme worth the price?

Absolutely. GeneratePress costs less than $5 per month if you pay $59 annually and remember you can use the themes on 500 websites which I think is overwhelming.

GeneratePress is one of the lightest themes even better than its close competitor Astra.

Yes, Astra costs less ($49/annually) than GeneratePress on its annual plan but I always prefer performance over pricing where GeneratePress slightly excels.

Another option is OceanWp. This theme is a perfect match for GeneratePress in terms of pricing. It costs just $54/annually but you can use the premium features only on 3 sites. However, OceanWP is a great option for Web Shop builders.

There are alternatives to GeneratePress that are cheaper but nothing beats the speed, lightweight features, and pricing it possesses.

Which theme is best Astra or GeneratePress?

Astra is one heck of a competitor to GeneratePress. Both the themes are best contenders in terms of performance, features, and pricing.

It is difficult to prefer one over the other however if you prefer performance over features then GeneratePress is the best option. Not that Astra is mediocre but marginally behind in numbers with GeneratePress.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more features especially, the free version then Astra is the theme to go for. You can also find some additional goodies with Astra if you want to build an e-commerce site.

GeneratePress can also be integrated with WooCommerce but falls short on integration features related to shopping carts, sidebars, and additional customization to products and catalogs.

Both the themes are equal in support, and both offer commendable page builder compatibilities but GeneratePress has a slight edge because of GenerateBlocks.

The asking price is justifiable for both themes. Again, GeneratePress may look a bit cheaper than Astra even though Astra costs $49/annually to access its premium features.

However, users tend to pay another $150+ annually or $499 lifetime to get an additional set of plugins and add-ons related to page-builders with Astra. This can be avoided with GeneratePress.

To conclude, GeneratePress is the best theme for bloggers, and affiliate sites under WordPress with the speedy page loading, and high-octane performance.

Astra is the perfect theme for e-commerce platforms and users looking to make in-depth customization on their websites with more features.

Is GeneratePress a block theme?

Yes. GeneratePress is a block theme where you can build the pages and overall theme design with the help of block elements.

GeneratePress works well with the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) and it has more advanced features in its own theme builder called GenerateBlocks.

You can explore different versions, styles, colors, and patterns and customize your headlines, paragraphs, images, videos, buttons, etc. with GenerateBlocks theme builder.

Does GeneratePress use Gutenberg?

No. GeneratePress does not use Gutenberg but is fully compatible with Gutenberg. This means you can work with GeneratePress to build your website with a Gutenberg-based WordPress block editor.

GeneratePress is the first theme to have theme builder functionality built inside the block editor that helps you customize frontend styling, disable elements, and improve the content appearance on your website.

Can you use Elementor with GeneratePress?

Yes. You can use Elementor with GeneratePress but with some conditions and rules. GeneratePress easily integrates with Elementor page builder versions (free and pro).

Elementor is a popular page builder which can help you enhance not only the visual appearance but also responsiveness.

Here are some of the helpful resources to get started using Elementor with GeneratePress.

How to create a responsive homepage in GeneratePress with Elementor

Guidelines to use Elementor with GeneratePress

Generatepress alternatives

In my opinion, the GeneratePress theme is not something that can be easily replaced but if you want to look at more options then here are the five alternatives:

  1. Astra
  2. OceanWP
  3. Kadence
  4. Thrive Themes
  5. Divi

Is Generatepress good for SEO?

GeneratePress is an SEO-friendly theme. It delivers extremely well on responsiveness, time, and speed.

The biggest advantage of GeneratePress is its very lightweight which makes it load faster without any latency.

This is one of the metrics in Google and other search engines algorithm that likes to give preference, and authority to websites with high performance.

In the end, it can help your site rank higher and gain SEO authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GeneratePress the fastest theme?

Yes. GeneratePress is extremely lightweight, lean, and very practical. The minimal loading time makes it the fastest theme.

Is GeneratePress a good theme?

GeneratePress is a good theme from a performance perspective. You get lots of features under the free version and the premium version adds another dimension to website building.

The features, customization, compatibility, and integrations are extremely good and with low pricing, there is no denying that GeneratePress is more than just a good theme.

Do I need a child theme with GeneratePress?

It depends on your requirement. You can install a new child theme using GeneratePress documentation or you can make use of Elements (hook feature) to write your own shortcodes and CSS.

How do I remove the copyright from the GeneratePress theme?

Removing the copyright message in the GeneratePress premium version is easier. Just activate the copyright module, and go to Appearance > GeneratePress > Copyright option.

Under Copyright go to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Footer. Edit the message as per your choice and hit publish button.

If you are on a free version, removing copyright messages is not allowed directly. However, you can still do it with the help of external plugins or through coding.

How do I add a child theme on GeneratePress?

To add a child theme on GeneratePress, download the .zip file provided by GeneratePress and save it on your computer. Then go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload.


Free theme – The free theme offered by GeneratePress is very generous. You can literally build a complete website if you are involved in blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. without spending a dollar.

It is limited on customization features however you won’t feel the need unless you really want to play with the front end of your website.

30-day money-back guarantee – There are no questions asked if you don’t like using the GeneratePress theme and want your money back.

This can be done within the first 30 days of purchase which proves how confident the GeneratePress team is about their product.

Excellent performance – GeneratePress performs exceptionally well in terms of loading and responsiveness.

The user experience is top-notch, customization features are amazing, and GeneratePress also helps your website scale higher in the search engines.

Very useful Theme builder – The block-based GenerateBlocks theme builder is very unique and useful. It is a great feature to design and customize your website. The elements work on blocks used to customize layouts, headlines, blog appearances, etc.

GenerateBlocks is offered as a free plugin which means you don’t have to spend additional costs on third-party page builders like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

Affordable pricing – GeneratePress is very affordable at just $59 per year. The cost can be further reduced by 40% on subsequent renewals and Black Friday offers.

The best way to save more money is by opting for its lifetime payment plan of $249 which gives access to all the premium features and support forever.


No drag-and-drop functionality – There is no drag-and-drop functionality in designing and customizing your website.

Although, you can still build the website without any major hassles but having it could be the biggest plus point in saving time especially, for people who lack basic technical knowledge.

No contact support – This is another drawback. The support forum is full of information, learning materials, tutorials, and help when you need it but there is no other way to get in touch with the team.

No contact support, no emails, no live chat.

Conclusion: Is the GeneratePress theme recommended?

The GeneratePress theme is highly functional and professional-looking. The theme is tested, and trusted by thousands of users worldwide.

It is a versatile theme not only for bloggers, and affiliate sites but also for e-commerce website owners.

GeneratePress supports and integrates well with major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, etc. and it also offers its own theme builder in the form of GenerateBlocks which is very practical and loaded with premium designing features.

The documentation is comprehensive, the pricing is universal and the primary feature that makes it stand out from the competition is its performance.

Leaving limited support options aside, the GeneratePress theme should be the number one choice for many types of website builders. It has a free version that is fairly rich in features and perfect for starting a website.

So, if you are planning to build your next website with no or low budget then try GeneratePress now.


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