Is Essante Organics a scam? Make money selling organic products!

Is Essante Organics a scam

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, or if you’re interested in starting your own business, selling products from home is one of the convenient options. You will find many companies that provide such opportunities. Essante Organics is one of them. It is a company that offers a wide range of health and wellness products, and also offers an MLM compensation plan that can help you make some money. But can you really make money with Essante Organics MLM? Is Essante Organics a scam?

In this detailed review post, we will take a closer look at what Essante Organics is all about, and discuss the products, compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining their MLM program.

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What is Essante Organics?

Essante Organics is a health and wellness company that sells a wide range of products based on organic and toxic-free ingredients. They offer everything from skincare products to dietary supplements, and they claim that their products can help you improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Essante Organics was founded by Michael Wenniger in 2009. The company is located in Arizona, the US and has been rewarded 7 times by Business For Home for its products, training, compensation, and leadership.

What is Essante Organics MLM?

Essante Organics MLM is a program that allows individuals to sell their products and earn commissions on sales. Individuals known as Brand Partners can join the MLM program, and earn money through product sales as well as recruiting other people to the company.

Essante Organics offers training, business tools, and community support to its Brand Partners as part of its MLM program.

How does Essante Organics MLM work?

In order to join the MLM program, you must first become a member of Essante Organics. You can do this by visiting their website and signing up for a free account by clicking on Join & Save. 

Choose the Brand Partner option to create your account and follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Essante Organics product kits

One of the requirements of being an Essante Organics member is buying product kits. These range from $29.95 to $499. It gives you membership, training, and a lifetime website to order products at a wholesale price and share them with others to earn commissions.

Essante Organics products

Essante Organics offers a wide range of health and wellness products to suit everyone’s needs. The products are based on natural and organic ingredients that have balanced pH levels and are mainly divided into:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Body care
  • Home care
  • Baby care
  • Essential oils

Some of the Essante Organics products include:

7.365 pH shake – This is a dietary supplement in the form of protein powder. The product can be consumed as a meal replacement shake that provides all the proteins contained in a vegan meal. It helps improve metabolism, immunity, and digestion and supports various physical requirements related to weight management, muscle strength, energy, etc.

Essante Organics products

Vitamin C Facial cleanser – This is a toxic-free certified facial cleanser that is enriched with vitamins and minerals from the organic green tea leaf, amino acids, camu camu amazon fruit, mango, etc. There are no harmful ingredients involved and this product helps your skin maintain a vital alkaline pH balance for a smooth and healthy glow.

Essential oils – This category includes multiple essential oils in different flavors such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cinnamon, Lemon, etc. that provides many health benefits. Essential oils can be used to manage body aches, fungal infections, respiratory functions, and many more.

Likewise, you can also find many products related to home and baby care. All the Essante Organics products are backed by a 30-day guarantee and return policy which can make selling life easier for its distributors.

Are Essante Organics products worth their price? 

The highlight of all the Essante Organics products is their ingredients. The reviews surrounding its products are very positive. You can check many reviews on the company’s Facebook page and the Business For Home website

Essante Organics is not the only company that promotes organic and toxic-free products. There are many such alternatives available online, especially on Amazon.

If you compare the pricing, pH protein shakes costs between $20 to $90 on Amazon, whereas Essante Organics charges $102.63.

Similarly, Eucalyptus essential oil is priced at $17.20 on Essante Organics website and some of the best-selling essential oils on Amazon do not charge more than $15.

To summarize, Essante Organics products are comparatively expensive and this could be a big hurdle during your selling campaign as a distributor.

How to make money with Essante Organics MLM?

There are mainly two ways to make money with Essante Organics MLM.

  • You can earn commissions on sales generated by your team. These are called retail commissions, and,
  • Additionally, you can receive rewards for building a large team and for achieving sales goals. You can also earn bonuses based on your rank in the company.

Essante Organics compensation plan

The Essante Organics compensation plan consists of multiple commissions/bonuses.

As a distributor, you can expect to make 30% commissions on retail sales. These are paid on weekly basis and calculated on the number of products you sell through your website.

Once you start enrolling new members into your team, you can expect to earn the following bonuses:

Express start gold bonus – This is a one-time bonus of $500 paid in the first 30-days of your joining. The requirement to earn this bonus is recruiting 4 people into your team.

Endless team bonus – This is an override commission on building two teams. You can make 10% commissions on all the sales made by your team members. There is no requirement for you to make any sales yourself to earn this bonus.

Matching bonus – This is a 25% commission on your team members Endless team bonus earned. The commissions are paid weekly and the percentage increases to 100% based on the personal ranks of your team members.

Expansion race bonus – This bonus is paid to members who are on the list of the first 50 members. The bonus share percentage is 1% of the total commissions made by your country/region.

Remember, 75PV (personal volume) every month is the requirement to earn the above commissions/bonuses.

The commission structure is very generous on paper but it remains very demanding in terms of sales and recruitment. You can check the Essante Organics compensation plan here for full details.

Can you make money with Essante Organics MLM?

One of the main reasons to make money with Essante Organics is the way they promote their products. Natural, organic, and toxic-free are some of the terms mostly researched and preferred by many people.

However, this factor alone cannot make you rich overnight. Financial success is always challenging with any MLM. There is no income disclosure statement available on Essante Organics distributors so it is difficult to arrive at the actual earning figures.

But, you have to spend consistent money on your membership, product purchases, and other resources related to your business promotions. You have to also consider the efforts and hard work required for consistent sales and enrolment of new members to achieve your target volumes.

The success ratio is just 1% in the MLM business and you can be part of this percentage provided you overcome the above challenges.

Is Essante Organics a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Essante Organics is not a scam. They are a legitimate company with a wide range of high-quality organic products. The company is in existence since 2009 which reflects reliability and trustworthiness from a joining perspective.

Essante Organics is not a pyramid scheme. They have physical products which every member can sell to earn money. Pyramid schemes make profits only by recruiting more and more people without any product or services.


  • Reliable company – Essante Organics has gained enough experience and spent enough years in the MLM industry to be considered a reliable and trustworthy partner. The company has a good reputation and is well-established. It is here to stay for a long time owing to its strong leadership and business ethics.
  • Natural organic products – This is one of the biggest advantages of joining Essante Organics. The competition in the health and wellness segment is huge and people need some sort of change and freshness in the products they want to spend on. This is perfectly offered by Essante Organics toxic-free and organic products.
  • Positive product reviews – Essante Organics’ product effectiveness and results are very positive. There are many customer testimonials that can be used as a referral to generate maximum sales.


  • The products are expensive – This could be the biggest drawback. No matter how good the products are and the type of ingredients used to prepare them, it is the price that remains a deciding factor. People can find many alternatives similar to Essante Organics products at a lower value which could badly impact your sales numbers.
  • Team-building challenges – It can be difficult to find people who are interested in joining an MLM, especially in the health and wellness industry. This segment is over-saturated and having a team of a higher number of people is the only option to increase your income. Continuous recruitment is not sustainable in the long run.

Conclusion: Is Essante Organics MLM recommended?

Essante Organics is a good company with high-quality products. Its MLM program has a lucrative compensation plan.

However, in order to be successful with their MLM program, you will need to generate regular sales and build a team. To make matter worse, the products are expensive too so you need to sell them at a high price point in order to make a profit.

Personally, I would recommend Essante Organics if you are looking to improve your health through natural products. However, I do not think that Essante Organics is a good choice for someone who is looking to make consistent money.

It is better avoided and I suggest you prefer other alternatives to MLMs such as make-money-online programs. There are many of them and if you get too confused then check my recommendation below.

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