Is Emris International a scam? Make money with Hemps!

Is Emris International a scam?

Making money from home is generally regarded as a difficult task. However, choosing the appropriate opportunity may make all the difference in whether or not a project succeeds or fails. This is largely true when you read about MLM firms. It is possible to have an edge if you join a multi-level marketing firm (MLM) at an earlier stage, but there are several drawbacks. Emris International is relatively new and it is an MLM. But is it a good time to consider joining this MLM opportunity? Is Emris International a scam or is it a pyramid scheme?

Once you’ve finished reading this Emris International MLM review, you’ll have everything you need to know about whether this is the best firm for you. Let me tell you about what is Emris International MLM, how does it work, the compensation it offers, and the pros and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Emris International?

Emris International is another company in the MLM segment that sells health and wellness products. The product range includes CBD oil, health supplements, and skincare solutions.

The company started its operations in 2019 and was founded by Matthew and Ilean Harris. As of now, it has operations in the US, South Africa, and Ireland.

What is Emris International MLM?

Emris International MLM is an opportunity where individuals can work as its Independent Brand Ambassadors. The company offers commission-based earnings on selling its product through a network marketing module.

How does Emris International MLM work?

The information related to its business opportunity is very limited and one needs to register themselves on its website to get more details. Still, based on my research through different online resources this is what I have found.

The joining criterion is getting yourself registered on its website

Once registered, you are bound to pay $35 as an enrolment fee + purchase a few business kits. This will also give you access to a personal website through which you can start selling Emris products.

Emris International products

Emris product line consists of essential oils and some health supplements. Some of them are below:

CBD Oil – CDB oils consist of many health benefits. This is the flagship Emris International product known as Synergy oil which is produced in the United States using organically grown hemp. This product is said to have been subjected to third-party laboratory testing and has received the FDA’s approval.

Emris International products

Dietary supplements – This category basically includes pills and drinking supplements that help reduce weight providing balanced nutrition. Some of the products are called Vida, Eniola Tea, Vitality Plus, etc.

As evident, you can find thousands of such products through 100’s of MLM companies. These are also available on many online marketplaces. This could be the first drawback wherein you have to put lots of effort into driving sales and commissions.

Again, all the information about products is resourced from other online sources and you can fetch more information as Emris International Brand Ambassador.

Are Emris International products worth their price? 

Since the product details are not transparent for everyone on its website it is difficult to know how much Emris International products cost. Still, I was able to extract some information on its CBD oil product that ranges between $80-$100.

You can find a few good reviews on its Facebook page

The products and company have garnered close to 5 stars ratings. But the reviews and feedback could be misleading or biased as most of them could have been posted by its own consultants. Still, to be fair I haven’t found any negative reviews on any other sources.

Going by the CBD oil pricing, the alternatives are available at a much lower cost on Amazon. It seems Emris International products are comparatively expensive.

How to make money with Emris International MLM? 

Going by the detailed Emris International compensation plan, there are mainly two ways to make money:

Retail commissions – You’ll sell Emris International goods to consumers directly and earn a retail commission on each item.

Team commissions – You’ll have to establish a network for people to promote under you, and you’ll earn residual income if they succeed.

Emris International compensation plan 

The compensation plan is quite deep. But basically, it offers the same package as all other MLMs.

There are retail commissions of 20%. This is the difference between the product purchase and selling price.

Additionally, bonuses will start to come in once you start enrolling more people in your team. The percentage is between 10%-15% for VIP-level and 1% for Global-level.

Emris International compensation plan

Emris also offers a Fast Start bonus for recruiting new brand ambassadors who enroll with a product subscription.

Then there are team commissions of up to 10%. Overall, there are 10-levels to achieve. As usual, the higher you climb, the higher will be your earnings.

Here is the detailed Emris International compensation structure

Can I make money with Emris International MLM? 

Emris International’s stint as an MLM company is relatively new. So, there are lots of potential for its consultants to make good money as people who join now will remain in the top-tier who make maximum income.

Having said that, reaching that position demands lots of commitment, dedication, learning, and of course investments. If you can overcome these challenges then you can expect to make 3-4 figure commissions.

However, Emris International is a typical MLM and your primary source of income will generate from recruiting lots of people. This is evident from its compensation plan structure.

Building a team of members consistently is a tough task and that too is to sell dietary supplements which has a saturated market.

Actual income figures are inconclusive since there is no income disclosure statement released by Emris International.

Is Emris International a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Emris International is a legit company selling legal health and wellness products. It is not a pyramid scheme either since it has physical products to sell. Pyramid scheme companies solely rely on just recruitment of people without any products.

However, it is too early to conclude on the above statements considering the number of years Emris International has been in the business. 2019 hasn’t gone too far and it takes at least 5 years or more to decide the fate of an MLM company.


  • Emris International’s existence – The company’s stature is fairly new but the newness of any firm also brings lots of opportunities and potential to grow as an individual. It also provides a perfect platform for anyone to learn and establish themselves in the MLM industry.
  • Visionary leadership – The founders of Emris International are experienced professionals in the network marketing business modules. Their vision and hunger for success can lead the company to greater heights and this could be a good sign for people looking to build their own business.


  • Lacks transparency – Emris International’s website is very conservative when it comes to offering details on its networking marketing business opportunity. You cannot rely on outside sources completely and have to enroll yourself in the program to find the truth.
  • Complicated compensation plan – There are too many levels and requirements involved in Emris International’s compensation plan to achieve bonuses. This makes it too complicated to understand. It also focuses more on recruiting people for rewarding its consultants.
  • Very competitive market – There are just too many MLMs and companies offering essential oils and health supplements in the market. The selling task could be humongous considering the alternatives available on many online platforms at lower pricing.
  • Emris International’s history – Yes, a short stint can have both effects. Positive and negative. A company’s reliability and trust are measured based on the number of years and business success achievements. Here, Emris definitely falls short on expectations as it has a long way to go to prove its metal.

Conclusion: Is Emris International MLM recommended?

There are two ways to look at it when it comes to recommending Emris International MLM. Individuals who are looking to make their careers in networking marketing can check this business opportunity from Emris International.

The early stages of any company provide an edge to the people associated with its business. They can reap rich rewards in the future probably they survive the challenges of the initial stages.

Secondly, Emris International is an MLM. Success and sustainability rates are very low in the MLM industry. It also involves lots of risks, investments, and hard work for minimum returns.

If you are looking for a stable earning opportunity at lower investments then there are many resources available online. I recommend you spend time researching these resources and avoid Emris International.

If you can’t find one that suits your needs then check my recommendation below.

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