Is Dropship Lifestyle a scam?

Is Drop ship Lifestyle a scam
Is Dropship Lifestyle a scam

Some people think dropshipping is a stroll in the park. No prospective drop shipper should go into the business with this kind of mindset if you want to succeed. You have to arm yourself with adequate knowledge before going into the business. One of the best ways to acquire the knowledge hidden in dropshipping is to purchase dropshipping courses from renowned experts in the sector. One of the top-notch dropshipping e-commerce courses is the Dropship Lifestyle. Is Dropship Lifestyle a scam? You will find out in this review.

Many people are making six figures yearly from drop shipping because they have invested their time and money. Yes, you heard me right. Dropshipping requires some investments. You must have a solid foundation before diving into the waters. There are plenty of courses. Some of them are real while others are a scam.  

Read on to find out what makes the Dropship Lifestyle course a must-have.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-Commerce business where the retailers set up their online stores and sell products without owning a product or having any products in stock. Mastering the art of dropshipping is what the Dropship Lifestyle tends to achieve.

The products can be sold at any amount, then, you can pay the manufacturer the actual amount of the product while you take the remainder. For instance, if the manufacturer sells the product for $50, you can sell the product for $75 in your store. You pay the manufacturer $50 and take $25. 

That is how dropshipping works. The good part of it is that you don’t have to get involved in the delivery of the product. Once you pay the manufacturer, they will deliver the products.

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle is a well-detailed dropshipping course to help you understand everything that relates to dropshipping. It covers the whole gamut of dropshipping. It is not like the other courses that leave you in the cold after purchasing their products. This is a hands-on course to equip and get you grounded in your dropshipping journey.

About the creator of Dropship Lifestyle

Anton Kraly
Anton Kraly

The Dropship Lifestyle course was created by Anton Kraly in 2013. He is well experienced as a dropshipping coach. Over the years, he has built stores that have raked in over a million dollars in revenue. In an industry where there are so many self-acclaimed “gurus” and “experts”, Anton Kraly has built a strong pedigree in dropshipping and proved himself to be a respected dropshipper and coach. 

His goal is to ensure that people succeed in their dropshipping business. He has coached more than 10,000 students.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Outline

Here is what you will learn from the course:

  • Introduction to dropshipping
  • Learning the different types of e-commerce business models available
  • Methods of fulfilling orders
  • How a brand that delivers real value can be built
  • Where the best suppliers can be found
  • How you can choose different niches that guarantee exponential growth
  • How to setup semi-autonomous stores that are highly profitable
  • Real-time Question and Answer sessions

Why the Dropship Lifestyle course is different from others

There are hundreds of dropshipping courses out there. And you may wonder what makes the Dropship Lifestyle different. Below is why the approach to the course stands out.

  • Anton Kraly personal coaching is next to none – With enough dedication, you can learn more than 80% of the course for free. You are going to avail yourself of expert coaching and tips. Anton Kraly has successfully built a lot of multi-million dollar stores and helped more than 10,000 students succeed in dropshipping.
  • The approach – His approach in the course is methodical. Part of his methods is to teach you how to find low-volume and high-profit sales where customers can buy the products repeatedly. This is the best approach to make six figures in a year.
  • Updated constantly – Dropshipping is an involving business. If you bought a course in 2018, it won’t be useful in 2020. This is why Anton Kraly always updates the course to meet up with the latest trends and development in the industry. So, buying the course means you are purchasing an updated version and not an out-fashioned one. The latest version is 7.0. It comes with the latest tips and strategies.
  • Product listing ads – The course does not only teach you everything about Facebook ads, but it also goes further to teach you about Google product listing ads. It teaches you that there is a higher Return on Investment (ROI) using Google product listing ads than Facebook ads. Part of it is to teach you how to target the right customers using the appropriate keywords.
  • Built with Shopify – The design and optimization of the store are important if you want to make money from dropshipping. This is why Anton Kraly personally designs your store for you with Shopify. Shopify has rated the Dropship Lifestyle as the best e-Commerce course. After designing and optimizing the store for you, you will only focus on promoting your store.

How much is a Dropship Lifestyle course?

The ultimate package costs $4,997 while the premium package goes for $2,997. The cost includes building your store for you using Shopify and private coaching for one year. It also includes a retreat ticket for 2020.

How to sign-up for the course?

Visit the Dropship Lifestyle website and create your account at

Who is it for?

Dropship Lifestyle is designed for anyone who wants to succeed in dropshipping.


  • The course provides thorough and deep coaching
  • Great support from Anton Kraly
  • Adjudged the best course by Shopify
  • Constantly updated to be relevant to the latest development in the dropshipping business
  • Excellent module built on product research 
  • One year retreat that includes webinars and live events


  • The course is very expensive. This only means it is not made for everyone

Is Dropship Lifestyle a scam?

The course and the creator are 100% legit.

Conclusion: Is the Dropship Lifestyle course recommended?

Yes, the course is highly recommended for anyone going into dropshipping.

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