Is DHgate a scam? DHgate Review with Pros and Cons

Is DHgate a scam?

If you are looking for a place where you can buy goods at cheaper rates than Amazon and eBay, then Dhgate is a platform that you can give a try. It is an online platform where buyers connect with sellers for business transactions. But you must understand that online safety is not always guaranteed when you are purchasing products online. This is where a discerning person will ask questions like: Is DHgate a scam or a legit platform? Is it safe? Etc.

To avoid being scammed on the platform, I will answer all these questions and more. I will also give you some safety tips so you can avoid scammers who are masquerading as sellers on DHgate.

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What is DHgate?

DHgate is a marketplace like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay where you can purchase goods at affordable rates. It is a place where buyers meet manufacturers to transact business online. DHgate is predominantly made for sellers from China.

It is based in Beijing, China, and was established by a Chinese businesswoman, Diane Wang, in 2004. I have to state clearly that DHgate is not the seller. It is just a mediator between buyers and sellers.

How does DHgate work?

DHgate works by signing up for free on the platform. To sign up, you will have to visit their website at

After signing up as a buyer, you have to carefully look for genuine sellers to avoid being scammed.

Once you make your purchases as a buyer, DHgate holds your payment in trust using an escrow platform called The payment is only released to the seller after you have confirmed the receipt of the goods purchased from the seller.

DHgate Products & Services

The products and services offered on DHgate are similar to other marketplaces with a difference in pricing.

The company has thousands of products in almost every category you can think of. You can find fashion, jewelry, sports, electronics, automobiles, health, beauty, and much more.

The pricing is an attraction to customers with 50%-60% discounts. DHgate provides delivery of products across 200+ countries with secure payment options and easy returns and refunds.

DHgate Pricing

It is free to join DHgate. It only charges a 3% service fee for a successful transaction.

Can I make money with DHgate? 

Yes, making money with DHgate is super easy since the goods on the platform are cheaper than that of Amazon and eBay. To make a good profit from DHgate, ensure that you jerk up your profit margin by up to 50%. This helps you to cover different costs like shipping and other miscellaneous expenses.

DHgate also has a full-fledged affiliate/partner program. The program is eligible for agencies, advertisers, bloggers, and influencers who can earn up to 30% commissions on referring customers to use the platform. Click here to join and learn more about the DHgate affiliate program.

Is DHgate a scam? 

DHgate is not a scam but there are scammers on the platform who are disguising themselves as genuine sellers.

Yes, the possibility of getting scammed on DHgate is high. DHgate is like other online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay where you can also come across a fair number of scammers disguising as sellers or manufacturers.

Tips to follow to avoid being scammed on DHgate 

To connect with a credible seller and avoid being conned, these are the tips to follow:

Always check the reviews made by customers – Before you contact a seller and make a purchase, ensure that you check the feedbacks and reviews made by other customers on the product page of the seller. Doing this will certainly reduce your worries.

These reviews and feedback will tell you if the seller is genuine or not. Make sure the seller has over 250 reviews and must have at least a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Don’t patronize sellers with zero or minimal reviews.

Also, check for the dates of the reviews. They should be recent reviews; not reviews made a long time ago.

The seller’s profile should be checked – Apart from checking the reviews and feedback on the seller’s product page, you should also check the profile of the seller. You check out for four things – review score, service score, overall feedback score should be more than 95% and check when the seller joined the platform.

Don’t confirm delivery when the products have not been received – Resist the temptation to confirm delivery before the receipt of the order. DHgate doesn’t release the payment made by the buyer until the receipt of goods purchased from the seller is confirmed. If the goods received are not as described, you can contact DHgate for mediation.

Don’t transact business with any seller outside of DHgate – It is against the rules of DHgate to transact with any seller outside of the DHgate platform. So, if a seller tells you to make payment directly to him or her, then that is a sign that you are about to be scammed. Always make payments through DHgate to avoid scammers.

Avoid making a large order for the first time – Don’t make a large order for the first time when you connect with a seller. Start with a small order and increase the quantity in the next order after you are satisfied with the first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to use DHgate?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use DHgate since it holds the buyer’s payment until the goods are received by the buyer.

2. What is the duration of shipping?

Answer: This will depend on the seller. But standard shipping can take up to 35 days. You can choose fast delivery if you want your goods to be delivered in less time. This also means you are going to pay more.


  • Free registration – To register on DHgate as a Buyer is completely free of charge. Just click on “Join Free” to register on their website at
  • Cheap products – Products on DHgate are cheaper when compared with other marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. You can also get replicas on the platform. There are discount deals on apparel and mobile phones that make products in these categories cheaper than retail stores near you.
  • Lower service fee – DHgate charges just a 3% service fee when the transaction between a buyer and seller ends smoothly without any disputes. The fee is reasonable compared to other platforms that charge a fee of between 5% and 10%.
  • Safe transactions – While there are many scammers on DHgate, you can make transactions safely if you don’t go outside of the platform to strike a deal. This is because DHgate uses to hold the buyer’s payment. Payment is only released to the seller when the buyer has acknowledged the receipt of the products purchased.
  • Dispute mediation – If a seller is contacted about an issue and the seller is not responding or unable to solve the issue, you can contact DHgate for dispute resolution and they will look into the issue and mediate appropriately.


  • Prevalence of scammers – There is a high possibility of being conned on DHgate if you didn’t do proper due diligence on the sellers. There is nothing DHgate can do if you get swindled by a supposed seller that asked you to make a direct payment to him or her.
  • Bad for branded products – DHgate is not the right platform where you can purchase branded products. You will probably get replicas that look more like the original.

Conclusion: Is the DHgate platform recommended?

It is a fact that products found on DHgate are cheaper than the ones on Amazon and eBay. This is because these products are directly from the manufacturers.

But you must beware of scammers who pretend as sellers to con people of their hard-earned money.

Don’t ever make direct payment to a seller. You must make your payment to DHgate who now holds it in trust for you until you have confirmed that you have received the products as ordered.

No matter the rating of any of the sellers, I would recommend that you purchase goods only from the premium merchants or top merchants.

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