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There is no doubt that as an online entrepreneur, you will want to deploy an email marketing system to have a personal relationship with your mailing list or customers. The use of the email marketing system has got a higher conversion rate than using social media. Where there is a dilemma is in choosing the right tool for your email marketing campaigns since there are hundreds of email service providers. The choice has always been around the three popular platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse. In this article, I will be introducing to you a relatively new email marketing tool that has started to make a great impact within a short period of coming into the email marketing software market called Convertkit. Is Convertkit a scam?

Read on as I review ConvertKit in comparison with other tools.

What is ConvertKit? An Overview

ConvertKit is an email marketing software for building an audience online. Professional bloggers, online merchants, entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, etc. will love to work with this tool.

After using ConvertKit for some time, I realized it is specifically designed for professional bloggers and writers who are interested in selling books. The templates are not like others that are focused on promoting online stores, sales, and marketing. 

You will love these templates because they come in plain text and simple HTML. Another interesting part is that you can easily move your mailing list from other tools like MailChimp to ConvertKit without any issues.

With ConvertKit, you can host landing pages and create auto-responder series that allows you to send a series of emails to new subscribers automatically. Email subscribers can be segmented meaning you can target subscribers based on their interests. This helps in driving engagement because of the increased level of open rates and click-through. 

Email automation is easy to use and powerful too. You can set up several triggers and actions to know what happens in real-time when someone clicks your newsletter.

ConvertKit Pricing & Packages

ConvertKit comes in three plans – Free, Creator, and Creator Pro. It has a 14-day free trial period.

  • Free plan – This free plan costs $0/month. You can sign up for the free plan without a credit card.

Benefits of the Free Plan

The benefits of the plan include customizable domain, unlimited traffic, tagging of subscribers, 1,000 subscribers limit, unlimited forms and landing pages, sending of email broadcasts. It comes with no integration, no premium support, and no automated funnels.

  • Creator plan – The Creator plan costs $25/month for a maximum number of 1,000 subscribers. As you start getting more subscribers the price will increase. 3,000 subscribers go for $49/month; $79/month is for 5,000 subscribers; $99/month for 8,000 subscribers; $119/month will get you 10,000 subscribers.

Benefits of the Creator Plan

The benefits of the plan include customizable domain, unlimited traffic, tagging of subscribers, 1,000 subscribers limit, unlimited forms and landing pages, sending of email broadcasts, integration, premium support, automated funnels, plus free migration.

  • Creator Pro plan – The Creator Pro package gives you everything you need and more. Its starting cost is $59/month for more than one million subscribers.

Benefits of the Creator Plan

The benefits include everything you get from the Creator package plus advanced features such as inviting your team, priority support, newsletter referral system, scoring of subscribers’ engagement, deliverability reporting, Facebook custom audiences, redirection links in email broadcasts, and free migration.

ConvertKit Comparison and Alternatives

Let us see how ConvertKit stands against the other email marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign and MailChimp.

ConvertKit vs. ActiveCampaign

Whenever online creators are contemplating switching from one email marketing tool to another, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign always comes to mind. The reason for this is that both tools have almost the same face value. Their functionalities are similar too. Both are hybrid CRM tools and are easy to use. 

ConvertKit has more advanced automation triggers compared to ActiveCampaign. In all, there is not much difference between the two except for the price difference. ConvertKit is more expensive than ActiveCampaign.

ConvertKit vs. MailChimp

These two email marketing tools don’t come cheap. But ConvertKit offers more features than MailChimp. They both have an easy-to-navigate interface with a drag and drop editor. For ConvertKit, the email templates are text-based while MailChimp offers HTML-based templates. 

MailChimp features 100 templates comprising newsletters, holiday emails, event invites, and e-commerce promotions while there are just 3 email designs for ConvertKit. Everything depends on your usage. When it comes to automation, ConvertKit beats MailChimp hands down.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does ConvertKit have a free plan?

Answer: Yes, ConvertKit has a free plan

2. Where is the data stored?

Answer: ConvertKit stores all data on Amazon Web Storage (AWS). The server is located in the United States of America. The email servers are from Mailgun.

3. Can I get a refund if I find out ConvertKit is not right for me?

Answer: Yes, a refund can be claimed within 30 days of signing up.

4. Will there be an upgrade if I outgrow the subscriber limit on my current plan?

Answer: Yes, you will be automatically upgraded if you outgrow the limit of your plan.

5. Can I switch to ConvertKit from other email marketing systems?

Answer: Yes, the migration is free and you can migrate to ConvertKit with ease.

How to register and start using ConvertKit

To start using the tool, you have to visit

Who is it for?

ConvertKit is most suitable for professional writers and bloggers.


  • Customizable opt-in forms – ConvertKit allows for easy customizable opt-in forms from a myriad of available templates. With the built-in visual builder, you can customize any templates, then, copy and paste the code into your website.
  • Personalized emails – The process of personalizing your emails with ConvertKit is a breeze. There are simple email templates with nice designs and layouts you can manipulate and send out. You are sure that the sent emails will reach their destinations. 
  • Automated visual builder – ConvertKit comes with a high level of automation that works based on the actions of the subscribers. Mails can be sent on autopilot while you are still in bed.
  • A/B testing – Use different variables to determine if your landing page, email, or automation are performing well. This feature helps you in monitoring the performance of your email campaigns. 
  • Excellent integrations – ConvertKit has a great integration level with other software and platforms such as Shopify, Teachable, Stripe, PayPal, and many more.


  • No lead scoring – The absence of lead scoring is a big minus for ConvertKit. For a prospective list of customers, it is important to know the worthiness of your leads. 
  • Limited automation – ConvertKit has basic automation in comparison with the advanced automation that you find with ActiveCampaign. This limitation lacks the utilization of the tool to the fullest.  
  • Limited A/B testing – There is no advanced split testing with ConvertKit. Split testing is restricted to email subjects.  
  • Relatively expensive – New bloggers and writers may not be able to afford ConvertKit. The least plan costs $29 per month.

Legit or scam

ConvertKit is a legit email marketing system for increased conversion and sales. 

Conclusion: Is Convertkit recommended?

Yes, if you are targeting the conversion through email campaigns then ConvertKit is highly recommended.  However, it is not recommended if you don’t have a big budget and want to send visual emails. ConvertKit only offers text-based templates. You cannot upload your template.

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