Is Commission Gorilla a scam? Make money building affiliate pages!

Is Commission Gorilla a scam

Promo pages, product bonuses, and page builders are some of the incentives that help you convert visitors into customers. If you are a big fan of such product bonuses but find the task tedious building them then this Commission Gorilla review will be helpful. Is Commission Gorilla a scam? Is it good enough to make money using its product pages?

These are some of the questions you will find answers to. In addition, you will also learn about the features, pricing, pros, and cons of using Commission Gorilla.

What is Commission Gorilla?

Commission Gorilla is a software built to offer affiliate/promo pages to promote any product. With Commission Gorilla, you can build promo pages from scratch or even use the pre-built pages for your promotional benefits.

The software is equipped with some really cool features like a Bonus library, Drag and Drop page builder, managing multiple campaigns, hosting, and much more.

As an affiliate marketer, having a good product isn’t enough to generate sales unless you offer some extra bonuses that are free and valuable. This is where software like Commission Gorilla comes into the picture.

Who owns Commission Gorilla?

Commission Gorilla is one of the established products from renowned online entrepreneurs Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason.

The duo are the founders of Promote Labs Inc. and have tons of experience in developing digital courses, software, and membership subscription sites.

One thing for sure is that you are not falling into the hands of some untested newbies by using Commission Gorilla.

The product is the result of vastly experienced people and it can help you taste financial success if used correctly.

How does Commission Gorilla work?

Commission Gorilla is a web-based software that makes its usage easier. The software can be accessed from any device and from any location. There is no requirement for downloading or installing anything.

To access the features of Commission Gorilla you will have to create an account. This can be done by visiting the Commission Gorilla website.

Alternatively, you can also access the platform via the JVZOO marketplace. The product is part of JVZOO’s affiliate network and existing users can access it directly through the JVZOO platform.

Once you have created an account by paying the subscription price, you can start using Commission Gorilla to build bonus pages and insert them into your affiliate products to make more commissions.

How much does Commission Gorilla cost?

The cost is $49 that you have to pay every year to access Commission Gorilla. From what you get in return, the price seems very affordable. There is also a lifetime pricing option of $69.

This is not the only payment you make. There are 4-OTOs starting with:

Commission Gorilla V3 Pro – $37 one-time

Commission Gorilla Instant Bonuses – $47 for a 30-day trial

Commission Gorilla Sales Page Bypass – $67 (Add on)

Commission Gorilla Review Block – $17 (Add on)

You will be prompted to buy one from the above OTOs but this is very much optional. However, buying them could benefit you with more features and bonuses of Commission Gorilla.

What do you get inside Commission Gorilla? Commission Gorilla Features

So, when you pay the above price, here is what you get inside Commission Gorilla:

When you login into Commission Gorilla you get an easy-to-navigate dashboard and menu bars.

Commission Gorilla dashboard

The dashboard has a subtle view of statistics and clicks your affiliate page has generated. This includes page hits and CTA hits along with the numbers on most and least converting pages.

The menu bar consists of the home page, new bonus, bonus library, a new page, my pages, and my account tabs.

Let’s start with the new bonus tab. This is where you can create a new bonus to promote your affiliate product. When you click on the new bonus tab you will be greeted with:

Bonus Blocks – There are 4 different bonus blocks to create and save your bonus products. Simply put, by using Commission Gorilla’s bonus blocks you get 4 types of layouts to build and store bonuses.

Commission Gorilla bonus blocks

The first block is called ‘Classic Layout’. In this block, you can upload an image and add a title and some description alongside the image to create a simple and classic bonus page.

The second block is ‘Image/Graphic’. Using this block, you can upload an image/banner and customize it using graphics to create a visually appealing bonus page.

The third block is the WYSIWYG editor. This can be used to create a new bonus page from scratch. It is completely customizable so that you get the taste of your own choice of information to attract your audience.

The last and final block is about creating a bonus page that appears only on the delivery page. This is called the ‘Invisible Block’.

The content of Invisible Block is accessible to buyers who opt-in to your promo page and are then directed to the bonus delivery page to claim their bonuses.

Creating a new bonus page using bonus blocks is very easy. All four types of bonus blocks have relevant options to create a bonus.

These blocks are very useful to create bonus pages, save them, and retrieve them as and when you want to use them.

The best part of Bonus blocks is you can just drag and drop the entire block into your new bonus pages to save time.

The bonus blocks are fully customizable and allow you to build bonus pages by downloading/accessing information from external resources.

You can give a name to your bonus page, add a category so that it is easier to retrieve, color the page, and use the image option or WYSIWYG editor to enter product information.

Once you have created a bonus product and saved it, it will automatically appear in the Bonus Library tab.

Commission Gorilla bonus library

The bonus library section can be used to view all the bonuses you have created and use them in your promo pages. The bonus pages are retrievable based on bonus names and categories.

Once you are ready with your bonus page it is time to attract visitors to share these bonuses. And to do this, Commission Gorilla offers:

Drag and Drop Promotion Page Builder – Promoting bonus pages is not feasible for every individual. To cover all types of marketers, Commission Gorilla has done well to offer a page builder that works on simple drag-and-drop elements.

This page builder is where you will create a promo page that will direct your buyers to the actual bonus product.

Under this section, there are mainly two sections of settings and blocks that can be used to create a visually attractive promo page.

The page setting is where you have to give your bonus page a name. After that add your affiliate link and lastly enter a URL to redirect your customers in case the page is paused.

Then there is the SEO features section where you can input the page title, Facebook text, meta description, and keywords to help your page appear faster on social media and search engines.

Next, you can color your page using the Page Colors feature. There are outer and inner color options to make your page look bolder and more colorful. You can also give color to the background image URL.

While creating the promo page, Commission Gorilla offers a Bonus Delivery Page section. This is where your buyers are directed to your bonus pages in the form of a Thank you page.

A thank you page can be set up by giving a header and a name. This is also an option to use an Invisible Block layout.

Once you have completed the settings, switch to block elements to a create page with images, videos, call-to-action buttons, social sharing buttons, text blocks, a countdown timer, etc.

There are no technical aspects involved here and you have to just drag and drop the choice of your elements and the bonuses in the page builder to create a visually appealing promo page.

This section also has a bonus block feature that you can use to select and upload the bonuses you have created and stored in the bonus library.

The next step is to:

Sharing your bonus page – Commission Gorilla has built-in sharing options and hosting services. So, once you have completed creating and saving the promo page it will automatically open a downloading and sharing options window.

Commission Gorilla offers to host your bonus pages. You just have to copy and paste the URL generated by Commission Gorilla into a new browser to view your bonus page. The URL link can be further shared on different channels including social media.

In addition to this, there is a direct option to share these bonus pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

This feature is also instrumental in driving traffic and if you already have a huge following on these social media channels it could be a bonus to convert them into your buying customers.

Visitors who want to buy the bonuses will be directed automatically to a bonus delivery page offered by Commission Gorilla.

This will certainly save you time as your visitors can access their bonuses through the delivery page without you having to communicate and send them externally.

These are the core features of Commission Gorilla you get with the asking price of $49. The page builder also has a Pro Feature section. This basically helps you add a few more attention-grabbing alerts and notifications.

It includes an Attention bar that pops up at a specific time while scrolling through the page, an Exit Redirect which is again a window that pops up when you try to exit the page, and lastly a customizable Countdown Timer with various color and display options. But to get these features, you will have to pay $37 extra one time.

Commission Gorilla has another section called ‘My Pages’. This is nothing but a section of bonus pages that you have already created.

In addition, Commission Gorilla has integrated the ‘Best Practices Template’ that contains the built-in pages developed by Commission Gorilla experts that are already making profitable revenue.

Users who want to replicate the format and customize it with their own product information and bonuses can clone this page using this section.

Finally, there is the ‘My Account’ section that basically offers your account info. One of the cool things in this section is ‘WordPress Integration’. So, if you have a WordPress website and want to use Commission Gorilla you can do that by using this section.

Just download the plugin and paste it into your website to start using Commission Gorilla bonuses with your affiliate products.

Apart from these core features, Commission Gorilla is also offering miscellaneous bonuses such as:

20 promotional campaigns – You get access to 20 additional promotional campaigns from Commission Gorilla which can be run simultaneously with your own affiliate campaign.

This can be your additional source of income as you will be promoting different sets of products in a variety of niches.

Import of any Commission Gorilla page – If you are tempted by other affiliate pages created by another Commission Gorilla user and want to use them for your own campaign then this is the option to go for.

Commission Gorilla allows you to import the readymade stuff in your own account with a simple copy-paste process. This is a really good option for users who struggle with designing or want to save time in doing so.

10 done-for-you bonuses – If you want to get started right away with Commission Gorilla by offering bonuses to your customers then you can use these 10 done-for-you bonus products.

While you can learn to create the process of building bonus products and pages from scratch having readymade products is always handy when you want to run multiple promotional campaigns.

8+7 bonus campaigns and pages – You also get 8 readymade bonus campaigns that contain highly convertible offers and products. This can be really time-saving and profitable incentives.

Secondly, you also get 7 bonus pages that are readily available to be cloned for your own products. This can be customized and personalized according to your own promotional needs.

Affiliate Gorilla video training – If you want to learn how super affiliates generate more revenue with their business then Commission Gorilla offers in-depth 10-video training to help you learn the secrets.

This is more of a learning concept on affiliate marketing where you can get adept at finding products, creating offers, and building bonuses to get your affiliate campaign on track.

Is Commission Gorilla worth its pricing? 

Commission Gorilla charges $49 annually for building affiliate bonus pages. Bonuses remain a vital part of promoting different products.

As per the analysis, it has been observed that the conversion rate is comparatively higher for the products that are accompanied by some bonus products.

Having said that, experienced affiliate marketers and those with pro designing capabilities can build their own promo pages and bonus products with any graphic designing tool such as Canva.

Yes, it will take time and effort but you can save money on buying products such as Commission Gorilla.

One of its alternatives in the bonus products is Commission Magnets. The product is priced at a one-time fee of $297 way higher than Commission Gorilla but it also offers comprehensive tools and features related to email marketing, affiliate marketing training, etc.

From a usability perspective, I think Commission Gorilla is worth it’s pricing.

Who can use Commission Gorilla? 

Commission Gorilla is an ideal product for affiliate marketers, bloggers, content creators, email marketers, social media marketers, eCommerce business owners, and anyone who wants to make money online.

As a piece of advice, Commission Gorilla is more suited for experienced people in the online marketing industry.

If you are a beginner or someone with a low budget then avoid using Commission Gorilla or any such product till you are well-versed with the online business concepts and have started to make some money.

Is Commission Gorilla a scam?

Commission Gorilla is not a scam. It is a 100% legit affiliate page builder software for affiliate marketers from well-known online entrepreneurs. The product is one part of many tools and resources offered by the company called PromoteLabs.

Commission Gorilla may seem like a scam for people who are not able to make money using its features. This is mainly because they presume it is a tool to get rich quickly which actually is not.

This tool offers learning material, and resources to create and promote products. The financial outcome is purely based on every individual’s own effort and personal condition.

Can you make money with Commission Gorilla?

Yes, you can make money with Commission Gorilla but not to the extent of 5X as claimed by its owners.

This kind of money is possible provided you are an established affiliate marketer and looking to expand your earning boundaries by promoting more products.

Affiliate marketing is a process where you have to first learn the basics, implement it step-by-step with your hard work and efforts, and with all the factors in place start making money.

This will take some months or even a year. And once you have reached this stage, products like Commission Gorilla comes into the picture.

If you are a pro affiliate marketer with an authoritative online presence you can make money in 4-5 figures every month through Commission Gorilla.

Is Commission Gorilla good for affiliate marketers?

Commission Gorilla is actually made for affiliate marketers. The product is as good as your affiliate marketing skills.

Promoting affiliate products without any bonuses or incentives has rare authority. More than 90% of affiliate marketers ensure the products they are promoting are complemented with some kind of discounts, offers, or bonuses.

For this very reason, Commission Gorilla’s bonus pages come in handy. It will help you attract more customers, bring in more traffic, and generate more revenue.


Ease of use – Building promotional campaigns isn’t easy and using the elements to design such campaigns is even harder.

Commission Gorilla’s biggest advantage is its ease of use. The platform is very easy to navigate, you can use the elements through simple drag and drop, and most importantly anyone with zero knowledge in designing can adapt to the requirements of Commission Gorilla.

Valuable features and resources – Commission Gorilla offers to build bonus products and promo pages, importing highly convertible bonus products, etc. all through simple bonus blocks.

You can use and store these bonuses through the bonus library anytime. It also offers free hosting of pages and sharing the same on multiple social media channels. What’s more, is, you can easily integrate Commission Gorilla products with your WordPress website.

Very affordable – A price of $49 per year is very affordable for anyone. There is no doubt that Commission Gorilla has the potential to convert visitors into buying customers.

The product is well-supported with multiple bonus offers and campaigns which make $49 look very cheap.

30-day money-back guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on offer with a full refund.

Although, the situation is very rare in case you are not convinced with the results of Commission Gorilla there is nothing to lose as you get your money back within 30-days.


Limited to particular niches – The bonuses and products offered by Commission Gorilla may not work with every niche.

The promo pages and bonus products are designed for users in common products such as affiliate marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, etc. This will limit your reach and also affect your revenue.

No instant financial results – On the contrary to the claims of making money faster, Commission Gorilla cannot result in instant financial results.

The promo pages and bonus products are effective only if you have valuable products on offer. People looking for get-rich-quick schemes should avoid using Commission Gorilla.

Conclusion: Is Commission Gorilla worth it and recommended?

There is no doubt that Commission Gorilla is a well-made software tool to create highly convertible bonus products and promotional campaigns. It is web-based, easy to use, and offers a variety of designing options that require no technical knowledge.

The pricing is very cheap considering you also get hosting and direct integration with WordPress which reduces your dependency on creating and sharing the bonus pages.

I am not a big fan of readymade stuff but if you are someone looking to purchase built-in bonus products or lazy enough to avoid doing it yourself then Commission Gorilla should be your go-to option. Give it a try as you don’t have much to lose (except $49).

For someone who has just started in the online world or looking to make money online then check my personal recommendation below. This will help you decide on the stage at which you would consider using products like Commission Gorilla.

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