Is Campaign Monitor a scam? Campaign Monitor Review

Is Campaign Monitor a scam

What is the best email marketing tool? The answer to this question is very difficult since there are hundreds of email service providers out there. But I can tell you that Campaign Monitor is one of the best email marketing tools for driving brand campaigns, generating leads, and increasing sales. Is Campaign Monitor a scam? In this post, I will tell you what is Campaign Monitor and if it is legit or a scam.

Campaign Monitor is a robust and reliable email marketing tool with excellent features to help you manage any professional email marketing campaigns effectively. This is an email marketing program that is capable of moving your campaigns from zero to hero.

What is Campaign Monitor? An Overview

Launched in 2004, Campaign Monitor was designed to bridge the gap between e-commerce business owners and their customers. The mission of Campaign Monitor is to create exceptional connections with different audiences. It has succeeded in achieving this goal to a large extent.

Campaign Monitor has become the game-changer for small businesses who want to improve sales and have a one-on-one relationship with their customers. Close to 300,000 customers cannot be wrong.

The email marketing tool is super easy to use, comes with great personalization and deep automation that allows you to create and deliver incredible emails that bring real results to your business.

The company is based in Nashville, United States of America with offices in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New York City, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. There are also offices in London, Australia, Uruguay, and New Zealand.

Features of Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Templates

Beautiful templates – Campaign Monitor comes with 60 beautiful templates. These templates have excellent aesthetics. All the templates are responsive and have professional look. They are also robust and easy to tweak.

The templates allow you to incorporate some powerful web fonts to improve your brand. You can easily customize any of the templates by quickly adding images and content with the drag and drop editor. The best part of it is that your HTML template can be imported into the environment.

Data import and export – An email marketing tool is useless if you cannot import and export data. Campaign Monitor allows you to import from different database formats such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, and TXT.

You can also import from compressed file formats like 7Z, RAR, and ZIP. If you prefer to copy and paste your content into Campaign Monitor, you can do so with ease. Exporting data is hassle-free. Your lists can be exported in CSV format.

Segmentation of data – Campaign Monitor is very flexible when it comes to data segmentation. You can send emails to multiple lists or segments at a go. In addition to that, you can also exclude some lists or segments from being mailed out. So, Campaign Monitor will be appropriate for your business if it requires a lot of data segmentation.

Powerful automation – Campaign Monitor provides exceptional automation in the following areas:

Landing pages and signup forms – Building landing pages and configuring signup forms are easy with Campaign Monitor. If you are a lover of WordPress, Campaign Monitor has a plugin that you can use to create more attractive forms. Pop-up forms can also be easily created with Campaign Monitor.

Intuitive interface – A lot of thought processes must have gone into creating the Campaign Monitor interface. It is intuitive, clutter-free, and clean. This makes it one of the most user-friendly email marketing tools in the industry. The overall design looks appealing and straightforward. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to effectively make use of the tool.

Analytics – The stats that Campaign Monitor churns out are easy to review and access. You will get credible stats on clickthroughs, open rates, and unsubscribes. You can also get certain information on what a particular user has done with the email you sent to him. This information includes if the user opened the mail, ignored or clicked on it.

  • Autoresponders – Just like most email marketing systems, Campaign Monitor allows you to activate autoresponders. This allows new users that joined your mailing list to receive some pre-programmed email messages automatically.
  • Marketing automation – Campaign Monitor allows for marketing automation. This is where certain triggers are set when sending emails. These triggers can be activated when emails are open, when certain links are clicked, when some products are purchased or when there is a visit to a particular page on a website. Some of these triggers are set by selecting yes or no conditions.
  • RSS to email – This is another way of automating email broadcasts in Campaign Monitor. You trigger the email broadcasts through RSS. The RSS feed from your website can be used to automatically send newsletters to subscribers. A typical example of this is to use your blog’s RSS feeds to notify subscribers of recent articles or posts on your blog or website. The stats can also be exported in PDF format. This is very nice for sending reports to clients.

Split testing – You won’t be disappointed if you don’t fancy split testing that much. This is because the function is very basic. The testing can only be done on two versions of emails based on the sender, content, or subject header. Most of the other email marketing tools are more advanced allowing you to test a variety of emails against each other.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

Campaign Monitor has a free plan and the paid plan starts from $9 per month. There are three paid plans altogether.

Campaign Monitor Pricing
  • Basic Plan – You can send up to 2,500 emails with the basic plan. Customer support can only be communicated through email. No phone support. The cost is $9/month.
  • Unlimited Plan – This plan goes for $29/month. Support is also through email.
  • Premier Plan – This is for $149/month. Support is through email and phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which tool is better between MailChimp and Campaign Monitor?

Answer: If you are planning to send a small number of emails to subscribers, MailChimp will be a great option but if you want to drive more engagements, go for Campaign Monitor.

2. Is it free to use Campaign Monitor?

Answer: Yes, it is free but you can only send it to five persons.

3. How to start using Campaign Monitor?

Answer: To start using Campaign Monitor is easy. Just visit and sign up for the free version to have a feel of it.

Who is it for?

Campaign Monitor is for small businesses, email marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, customer relations management (CRM), etc.


  • Built with versatile email templates that are easy to tweak
  • Comprehensive automation features
  • Excellent data segmentation options
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Reliable and intuitive email builder
  • Manages contact lists of both subscribers and ‘unsubscribers’ perfectly.
  • The emails are optimized for mobile devices
  • Lists can be imported easily
  • Supports API
  • Simple interface


  • It is expensive when compared to its competitors
  • No native social media sharing feature
  • Editing and styling have limited options
  • The analytics are basic

Is Campaign Monitor a scam?

Campaign Monitor is a 100% legit email service provider providing advanced email marketing to enable small businesses to increase conversions and build very trustworthy brands.

Conclusion: Is the Campaign Monitor email marketing recommended?

Yes, Campaign Monitor is highly recommended if you want to succeed in your email marketing campaigns with superb results.

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  1. I have checked into Campaign Monitor before and it seemed a little spendy to me.  I use MailChimp and am pretty satisfied with that.  Great review, and although it is not a scam, I will stick with what I use since it is quite a bit cheaper and seems to work for me.  Great review!


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