Is Bellame a scam or a legit beauty MLM opportunity?

Is Bellame a scam

Selling products from the comfort of your home is an ideal scenario searched by many. It helps to make some money online. When you research these topics you will find many companies offering such opportunities. Bellame is one such company. Bellame is an MLM company that offers a wide range of beauty products, and a business opportunity selling them. But is Bellame a scam or a pyramid scheme in disguise? Can you make money with Bellame MLM?

In this Bellame MLM review, we will take a closer look at how Bellame MLM works, as well as the compensation plan and the pros and cons of joining this company. If you are considering joining Bellame MLM, then this review is for you!

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What is Bellame?

Bellame is an MLM company that offers high-end skincare and cosmetic products. Bellame’s mission is to help women feel beautiful and confident without breaking the bank.

Bellame was founded by Melissa and Scott Thompson in 2017. The founders are a couple in real life and bring in more than 4 decades of experience in network and digital marketing fields respectively.

What is Bellame MLM?

Bellame MLM is a direct selling opportunity that allows members to earn a commission on sales of Bellame products. The other way to earn money with Bellame MLM is by recruiting people to join the company.

People who join Bellame are called Brand Partners. The company offers a comprehensive compensation plan that works on the selling of products, and recruiting people. It also offers an online training portal called BELLA-U, mentorship, and support to its members.

How does Bellame MLM work?

Bellame MLM is a simple way to make money by sharing Bellame products with your friends and family. When you refer someone to Bellame, they will receive a discount on their purchase, and you will earn a commission on the sale.

Bellame starter kit

To work with Bellame MLM, you have to join the program as a Brand Partner. Joining Bellame MLM will require you to purchase a starter kit.

There are multiple options for choosing a starter kit and the costs range from $150-and $500. You can even build your own starter kit that starts with a basic cost of $50. 

The starter kit consists of best-of Bellame product samples to jumpstart your MLM business.

Bellame products

Bellame offers a wide range of luxury skincare and cosmetics products. Their product lines include:

Bellame products

Skin Care: Bellame offers a variety of skincare products designed to improve the appearance of your skin. Their products include serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and exfoliants. Acqua Lumiere is one of the main collections in this category. The products under this brand include a cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, and hydrating serum.

Makeup: Bellame’s makeup line includes different products to help you create the perfect look. The products in this category include foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more. Luxe is the highlighted product in this section that offers liquid eyeliners, and color palettes.

Beauty: In addition to skincare and makeup, Bellame also offers a line of beauty products. Their products include hair care, body care, and fragrance. The main product in this category is BAOBAB which offers different types of body wash, scrubs, and moisturizers.

Bellame’s products are available with a 30-days return policy for its Brand Partners. It also offers a 45-days 100% money-back guarantee to its Brand Partners for the products used for personal consumption.

Overall, Bellame products have nothing new to offer except for the name and branding.

Are Bellame products worth their pricing?

Bellame products have good reviews and ratings when it comes to quality and performance. However, the reviews are posted on Bellame’s Facebook page which needs genuine cross-verifications.

Bellame product reviews

Still, going by some of the other online resources and websites that review beauty products, Bellame managed to gather more than 4-star ratings on its offerings.

Good thing is, I couldn’t find Bellame products on other online marketplaces such as Amazon which is a normal trend for most of the other MLM companies. This makes Bellame products availability exclusive to network marketing which is good from a selling perspective.

As far as the pricing goes, Bellame products are comparatively expensive. Brands such as Loreal, Olay, and others sell their beauty and skincare products much cheaper than Bellame. Below are a few examples.

To summarize, Bellame products are of good quality but selling them regularly could be a tough task due to their pricing.

How to make money with Bellame MLM?

You can make money with Bellame MLM in two ways:

By selling Bellame products – You can make up to 40% commissions when you sell Bellame products directly to your friends, family, and other people.

By referring people to Bellame – When you refer someone to Bellame, they will receive a discount on their purchase, and you will earn a commission on the sale. Plus, when you build a team of people, you earn additional perks and bonuses on their sales.

Bellame MLM compensation plan

The Bellame MLM compensation plan is based on a binary structure. It is a fairly typical compensation plan for an MLM company. However, there are a few things that you should know before you get started.

First, you’ll need to be able to recruit people into your team in order to make money. Second, you’ll need to sell a lot of products in order to earn a decent income.

When it comes to selling Bellame products, you can earn 25% retail profits. The profits are calculated based on the difference between the purchase and selling price.

Your retail profits can be increased up to 40% if you are able to achieve a certain sales volume every month. These are called Elite sales bonuses.

Bellame compensation plan

When you refer people and build a team, you become eligible to earn universal bonuses. There are 11-leadership levels to achieve by building a team. The bonuses range between 2-and 10% depending on your personal level and sales volume achieved by your team.

An executive director level will increase your earnings further with the addition of generation and title bonuses.

To summarize, the higher position you achieve, the higher will be your earnings with multiple streams of bonuses flowing in. Every position will require you to maintain a certain sales volume to remain an active member.

Here is the detailed Bellame compensation plan for your info. 

Can you make money with Bellame MLM?

Making money with Bellame MLM is possible provided you are enthusiastic about beauty products and loves selling and recruiting.

The compensation plan from Bellame is very generous and rewarding. 40% retail commissions are on the higher side and genuine efforts to sell these products regularly can help you build a potential source of income. You have to also display tremendous team-building skills to scale up your commissions.

However, income from MLMs does not come without some drawbacks. You will have to invest money in buying the products regularly to keep your membership level active. Plus, there will be expenses related to traveling, promotions, etc.

Team building is another challenging task that is hard to achieve. After some point in time, it becomes extremely difficult to add people to your team. The competition in the beauty segment is another challenge and Bellame product pricing could make selling tougher.

In such circumstances, making money with Bellame MLM may not be sustainable. The sad part is, that there is no income disclosure statement revealed by Bellame for its Brand Partners. It is difficult to arrive at the actual income that you can make with Bellame MLM.

Is Bellame a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Bellame is not a scam. It is a legit company selling high-quality beauty products. It also offers a network marketing business opportunity to people looking to make some money by sharing its products.

The company is backed by the highly skilled leadership of its founders who have decades of experience in this field. However, it is still premature to conclude the legitimacy of Bellame considering the number of years it has been in business. It takes at least 5 years for any MLM to survive in the market.

Bellame is not a pyramid scheme since it offers physicals products to its members. The compensation is paid on the sales of products and not the recruitment numbers.


  • Early momentum – Bellame is not too old as an MLM company. The early momentum gives an edge to its members who can work hard and scale their membership to top-level leaders. MLMs tend to benefit senior members more than newbies owing to their business model.
  • High-quality products – Bellame beauty products are of high quality. It includes ingredients that are harmless and provides effective beautification and anti-aging elements to its users. There are many positive reviews and ratings offered for Bellame products which are good from a selling perspective.
  • Generous compensation plan – Bellame compensation plan is another advantage to look at. It has retail commissions that go up to 40% plus various bonuses that are offered on personal sales volumes and team generation. It certainly has the potential to make a 4-5 figure income if implemented appropriately.


  • Expensive products – Bellame products are very expensive when compared to other similar products in the beauty industry. This can make selling difficult as consumers can find many options in the market that offer beauty and skincare products cheaper than Bellame.
  • Competitive beauty segment – Beauty products are sold and available by many other MLM companies and retail segments alike. The market is over-crowded and one has to be over-active and over-smart to make regular deals selling Bellame products.
  • The MLM challenges – Selling and recruiting are two main challenges of any MLM. Bellame is no different. You have to be constantly making sales and performing recruitments regularly to make money. Any complacency could cost you your membership as well as all the money you have invested in starting the Bellame MLM business.

Conclusion: Is Bellame MLM recommended?

The decision to join Bellame MLM should be based on your own personal goals and objectives. Their products are top-notch and their compensation plan is very generous.

However, the money aspect lies in your ability to sell and recruit people. It still does not guarantee the money that can be enough to survive the MLM challenges.

The business model is a tough nut to crack. The success ratio is just 1% and that too for the people who remain at the top. This is one advantage that you have with Bellame MLM. It is fairly new in the MLM industry and you can make it to the top with your own efforts and hard work.

I would recommend Bellame MLM only to those who are experienced and professional network marketers and someone who loves selling and convincing people.

For people who are just starting, there are many options and alternatives that you can find online. If you can’t find one or are unsure about it then check my recommendation below.

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