Is Anovite a scam? Make money selling Colostrum!

Is Anovite a scam

Health and wellness products form the crux of many MLM companies. It is always better to perform caution and do thorough research before you decide to use their products or join them to make some money. There are many such MLM firms and one of them is Anovite. It looks like a great earning opportunity with quality products but can you really make money selling them? Is Anovite a scam or a pyramid scheme in disguise? How does it actually work?

You will find answers to these questions and many others in this Anovite MLM review post. You will also discover the products, compensation plan, and the pros and cons of working with Anovite.

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What is Anovite?

Anovite is a multilevel marketing company that sells a wide variety of health and wellness supplements. The company offers solutions that cater to weight loss, immune system, anti-aging, skincare, and more.

Anovite was founded in 2014 by its founder and CEO Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith. Anovite products are a result of his personal experience at a dairy farm and components found in Colostrum. Colostrum is a superfood ingredient part of cows and other re-producing animals’ breast fluids.

Anovite has its own manufacturing unit in Lehi, Utah, the US. The products are made in-house by Anovite through ImmuneTree who has been a Colostrum producer for 3 decades.

What is Anovite MLM?

The MLM program is a business unit of Anovite through which it sells products through independent distributors. These distributors are paid commissions on the sale of products as well as additional perks and bonuses for bringing in more people into the company.

Anovite MLM program is a complete package where distributors are trained and provided necessary business tools, a website, a mobile app, and ongoing support to grow their business.

How does Anovite MLM work?

Anovite MLM works with you joining as its distributor

The joining formality requires you to pay $39.95 and start by purchasing the starter kits. There are three options to choose from. The starter kits cost from $149 to $499.

The starter packs will make you eligible for fast start bonuses and discounted products but there is a 100PV requirement to earn it.

Alternatively, you can also choose to sell the products directly to retail customers or place an order equal to 50PQV per month to qualify for team bonuses.

Either way, you have to spend calculated money to start your selling campaign. Once successfully enrolled, you get access to a business back office, dedicated training, support, and valuable products to jumpstart your business.

Anovite products

Anovite offers multiple products that help boost immunity, improve gut health, and provide powerful nutrition.

Anovite products

The flagship product of Anovite is Colostrum6. This superfood is helpful in improving physical immunity, and gut health and reducing early aging. Colostrum6 is available in capsules, powder, and chews with different flavors.

Another featured product is LeptiTrim6. This is a superfood for weight loss that contains leptin which is an essential part of Colostrum6. The product works for your daily diet that curtails your cravings for food that increases weight. It also improves body muscles by burning unnecessary fats and calories. LeptiTrim6 is available in capsules and shakes.

Some of the other Anovite products include skincare face creams, fitness supplements, and superfoods for pets. The products are sold as individual items as well as in value packs for instant savings.

All the Anovite products are backed by a 90-days money-back guarantee which can certainly boost your sales numbers.

But to tell you the truth, apart from the term Colostrum there is nothing exceptional about Anovite products. It’s just another name, brand, and label for health and wellness supplements that you can find with many other MLM companies.

Are Anovite products worth their price? 

One thing for sure is the effects of Colostrum. The ingredient is a very effective solution when it comes to fighting human diseases and improving overall health. However, further research and investigation are required to arrive at concrete conclusions.

Anovite product reviews

Colostrum6 has been rated highly by its users. The product gathered 4.5-star on Amazon which is really good. It is priced at $225 by Anovite.

There are other Colostrum products available on Amazon. One of the highly-rated Colostrum powder with a similar capacity to Colostrum6 costs just $49.95. That’s way cheaper than Anovite’s product.

Similarly, Anovite skincare product which is a hydrating face cream costs more than $100 whereas some of the best-selling face creams on Amazon cost between $30 to $90.

To conclude, Anovite products are good from a performance perspective but are quite expensive in value.

How to make money with Anovite MLM?

Similar to many other MLM companies, Anovite offers two ways to make money with its MLM program:

  • Make money selling Anovite products at retail price to earn retail bonuses
  • Earn bonuses on the purchases/sales of your team members

Anovite compensation plan

Anovite compensation plan works on a binary system. Apart from the retail commissions, it has different types of bonuses on offer when you build a team of people.

The bonuses are paid when you and your team members order a certain volume of products according to the compensation requirements.

To start with, retail bonuses are paid up to 20% when you order products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price to your customers. Alternatively, customers who order products through your website also give you retail bonuses.

If you want to increase your income then you will have to share the products with your friends, family, or others to build a team. Once you have two people under your sponsorship who can order 50QV products, you can earn between 25% to 50% commissions and bonuses.

Here is the list of bonuses paid by Anovite:

  • Fast start bonus
  • Fast start mentor bonus
  • Fast start bonus doubler
  • Team bonus
  • Matching team bonus
  • Rank advancement bonus
  • Lifestyle bonus
  • Executive pool bonus
  • National executive pool bonus
  • Board of director’s pool bonus

Every bonus payment has a requirement of certain QV and BV volumes. There are overall 15 ranks to climb and every level you climb will bring more demanding volume and team building requirements. Here’s what the requirements look like:

Anovite compensation plan

To be honest, the compensation plan is very generous and confusing at the same time. You can check the detailed Anovite compensation plan here

Can you make money with Anovite MLM?

Anovite has been kind enough to release the income disclosure statement of its distributors. The earning figures are an indication of how much effort you have to put in to earn a 3-figure monthly income.

Anovite income disclosure statement

The average monthly income of a senior associate was $267 who remained active working for 2-4 hours a week. The income is exclusive of any expenses incurred during the stint.

That means you have to reduce the cost of membership, product purchases, marketing, traveling, etc. The income figures will certainly come down.

If you notice there is no income detail of an entry-level associate which means you have to purchase starter kits to qualify for earning commissions.

As mentioned earlier, starter kits range between $149 to $499. Even if you consider taking a $149 starter kit as your investment then your actual income will be just above $100 a month.

I am sure it’s not enough to survive your membership, forget about earning a living. The only way left out is building a team of members forever who can constantly order/purchase products to increase your earnings. The sad part is, that continuous recruitment is never sustainable in the long run.

If you cannot recruit more people then it is tough to make money with Anovite MLM.

Is Anovite a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Anovite has been in the business of selling health, wellness, and beauty products for a long time. The company is still going strong owing to its strong leadership and quality products. It is a 100% legit company and not a scam.

Its Colostrum formula is a big success. The product is sold by independent distributors who earn commissions and bonuses on their sale performance. Pyramid schemes do not offer any physical products so, Anovite is not a pyramid scheme either.


  • Reliable history – It has been 30 years since Colostrum-based products are sold by Immune Tree (part of Anovite). The company is well-established with reputed products that make it a strong MLM contender from a joining perspective.
  • Good quality products – Colostrum is a sure-shot winner. It is the center of attraction when it comes to making product purchases. There are many positive ratings and reviews associated with it. It does perform well in providing effective health and wellness benefits.
  • Valuable MLM resources – When you join Anovite MLM, there is a number of resources, tools, and support on offer. It doesn’t leave you alone and provides dedicated training, offers community support, and makes sure you have everything from a website, mobile app, and tools that will help you jumpstart and grow your business. The resources are commendable and beneficial for your business progress.


  • Expensive products – Anovite products have been over-priced. When you look at other companies who followed Anovite’s Colostrum formula to make their products, the pricing has a big difference. It surely makes your job difficult to sell Avonite products at higher prices.
  • Competitive niche – You are selling Anovite products in a tight market. Health and wellness segment is over-burdened with such products. Apart from the Colostrum ingredient, there is nothing new on offer. As an associate, you have to be too good as a salesperson to generate regular sales.
  • Complex and demanding compensation plan – Your actual earnings start only when you begin to bring in more and more people to Anovite. The more you recruit and more products are purchased and ordered by your downlines, the higher will be your commissions. But this task of recruiting more and more people is highly demanding. The numbers associated with team-building and their volumes are quite complex to understand as well.

Conclusion: Is Anovite MLM recommended?

I do like the features of the Anovite MLM program. The start-up cost is comparatively low (just $39.95) and MLM business tools, resources, and support are awesome.

However, product pricing, and grilling compensation structure can dent your MLM progress. The income figures are also not encouraging. It doesn’t make sense to spend years of hard work, dedication, and money on earning just a 3-figure income.

Overall, I recommend you become a customer of Anovite to enjoy its Colostrum-based products but do not recommend joining its MLM program.

I suggest you do more research on finding a suitable, legit, and rewarding make-money-online program. If you fail to find one then check my recommendation below.

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