Is Alliance in Motion Global a scam? Find the ugly truth in this review post!

Is Alliance in Motion Global a scam

So, you have heard about Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global) as an opportunity to work from home and make money. You became curious to know more about its earning opportunity. No matter how good a company is, it is always instrumental in finding some truths, especially when you have an MLM business model to work with. So, is Alliance in Motion Global a scam? Does it really provide a legit opportunity to make money?

You will find the answers to these questions and many more in this Alliance in Motion Global MLM review.

Discover what AIM Global is, how its MLM program works, what are the products and compensation offered by the company, and what are the pros and cons of working with the AIM Global MLM program.

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What is Alliance in Motion Global?

AIM Global is a direct-selling company that sells health and wellness dietary supplements for weight management and overall physical fitness.

The company was formed by Eduardo Cabantog, John Asperin, and Francis Miguel in 2005 out of the Philippines.

It has a global presence with offices in the Middle East, and many Asia Pacific and African countries.

AIM Global does not have its own products but has partnered with many health and nutritional-based companies such as Nature’s Way, Weider, and DSM to manufacture, promote and distribute.

Owing to these partnerships, the company claims to have a global reach in 100 countries and has more than 5 million distributors worldwide which are really overwhelming to read. So, let’s find out about its MLM program.

What is Alliance in Motion Global MLM?

It’s the direct selling method that inspires AIM Global to promote and distribute its products.

This is where the MLM program comes into the picture where individuals can participate as its product sellers to earn commissions.

The other way to earn an income is by recruiting people based on your networking capabilities.

The MLM program has a compensation structure to reward its distributors. It also offers training and business tools to help distributors scale their business.

How does Alliance in Motion Global MLM work?

To work with AIM Global MLM, you have to become its distributor by creating an account

To create an account, you need to have a sponsor who will guide you through the process of registering and becoming an AIM Global distributor.

As per the online sources, there is a price to join the AIM Global MLM. You will have to purchase EC (Empowered Consumer) package which will cost at least $265.

This package includes a registration form, business kit, training presentation, a sales website, and products to use and sell.

Joining this package will make you eligible to distribute the products and earn commissions.

Alliance in Motion Global products

AIM Global products are typical health and wellness supplements consisting of dietary and weight loss ingredients. Some of the key products include:

C 24/7 Natura-ceuticals – C 24/7 is a dietary capsule made of Phyto-Alkatech, a natural alkaline ingredient. It also contains a high level of antioxidants with amino acids and a variety of fruit juice blends.

Alliance in Motion C 24/7

The product works best on cellular components giving them longevity, immunity, nourishment, and overall protection.

Burn Slim – As the name suggests, this is a nutritional shake to supplement your body with the right amounts of proteins, and vitamins.

Alliance in Motion Burn Slim

Made of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Tea Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, L-Carnitine, and White Kidney Bean extracts the product works as a perfect replacement for your daily meals.

Consuming Burn Slim shake will reduce your cravings, and fulfill daily meal requirements without boosting your weight.

Burn Slim is well supported by its siblings in the form of Tea and Coffee called Burn Liven Coffee and Burn Mate Iced Tea which are also weight loss fluids.

Vida Maxx – Vida Maxx is a food supplement to have a healthy heart. The product offers healthy blood circulation owing to resVida and FruitFlow ingredients that help dilate arteries and maintain normal platelet aggregation.

Alliance in Motion Vida Maxx

Apart from the above list, you will also find Kiddi 24/7 gummies for kids, MyChoco which is an alkaline chocolate drink, and Choleduz dietary supplement for heart benefits.

AIM Global products do have variety but lack in numbers. In fact, these are the only products listed on their website which means you have a restricted audience and reach.

What makes these products lackluster is the lack of information related to returns/shipments and refunds. This is completely missing on AIM Global website.

However, since the products are distributed in different parts of the world, there seem to be separate return and refund policies on offer.

You will have to liaise with the respective AIM Global team to know the return and refund policies of your country/location.

Is Alliance in Motion Global products worth their pricing?

Before we talk about the pricing, Alliance in Motion products are similar to many other health and wellness supplements offered by hundreds of MLM companies.

The competition is tough and maintaining retail sales will be very challenging when you enter the market as an AIM Global distributor.

The products have some reviews and feedback on Facebook

Mind you, the Facebook page is not owned by the company itself but by one of its so-called subordinates. The reviews are only positive and could be biased.

The information surrounding Alliance in Motion Global and its products is somewhat mysterious.

Platforms like Trustpilot, Indeed, and Glassdoor have some reviewers giving the company an average rating of 4-stars. But going by these reviews will give you a sense of uneasiness.

Alliance in Motion reviews

For example, a couple of reviews on Trustpilot are from users residing in Nigeria, and the Solomon Islands and both of them are positive. The only negative review is from this one user who is from the Philippines where Alliance in Motion is headquartered.

About working as a distributor in AIM Global, you can find many reviews on that are highly positive but one review that caught my attention was this:

I mean Alliance in Motion is all about health supplements then how did vehicles come into the picture?

The pricing of AIM Global products is in Philippine Peso. If we compare its C 24/7 product that costs Peso 1200 (equals to $21) then this antioxidant supplement is among the cheapest.

Alliance in Motion product pricing

Here are some of its alternatives on Amazon.

Similarly, Vida Maxx which is a food supplement for the heart costs Peso 1700 (equal to $30) and is reasonably priced against the below alternatives.

To conclude, AIM Global products’ quality is debatable but it would be easier to sell them for their pricing.

How to make money with Alliance in Motion Global MLM?

In line with other MLMs, making money with Alliance in Motion Global MLM is based on:

Selling products – AIM Global offers up to 30% commission on selling products to retail customers.

Recruiting people – AIM Global distributors can also add extra income to their pockets by recruiting people and making bonuses on their sales.

Alliance in Motion Global MLM compensation plan

The compensation plan of AIM Global MLM varies according to your country. The standard structure of compensation is based on binary and uni-level income plans.

The compensation plan is not very detailed. From what I understand, this is what you can expect to earn by selling the products:

Retail commissions – This is 25-30% on each product sold. When you become the distributor, it makes you eligible to buy products at a discounted price. When you sell these products at a retail price the difference remains as your product retail commissions.

On recruiting people into your team:

Direct referral bonus – This is paid to each new member you recruit. The bonus is $15.

Matching bonus – A matching bonus is applicable when you have one person under your left leg tree and one under your right leg tree. Each side of recruited person will give you $36 as a bonus. This keeps on getting added with every member added by your team members on each side.

Unilevel bonus – The unilevel bonus is calculated on every product purchased by your downlines. This percentage of bonus paid is 5%.

Stair Step bonus – This is calculated based on the number of recruits you have and the position you hold as a distributor. The bonus ranges from 10% for the lower level and 30% for the higher-level distributors.

You can watch the video below for a detailed understanding.

Can you make money with Alliance in Motion Global MLM?

There is no income disclosure statement released by AIM Global for its distributors. This is kind of strange considering the company has been in the MLM business for so many years.

Some of the other factors one should keep in mind while working with MLMs is the category of products to be sold.

This is where you will struggle a lot. Believe me, there are 100s if not thousands of MLM companies selling health and wellness products, and that too is better than AIM Global. How will you convince the customers to buy AIM Global products? The only convincing reason could be its pricing.

Secondly, making consistent income is only possible if you have many people on your team. This is another challenging feat that many MLM distributors fail to achieve. And don’t forget, MLMs are not without monthly sales targets, which is a must remain an active distributor.

Taking all this into consideration, it seems very difficult to make money with AIM Global MLM.

Is Alliance in Motion Global a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Officially, Alliance in Motion Global is not a scam. But there are many unanswered questions tied up with its existence and MLM business model.

The company claims to be existing since 2005 but its website seems very outdated with missing information on the joining process of its MLM program.

There is no standardization in finding the information because when you click on a particular link/button you are taken to a different page or a website having different names.

Some of them include Alliance in Motion, AIM Global, Alliance Global, etc. The presentation and appearance of its website are very sketchy.

The other aspect that makes AIM Global more suspicious is its presence. The company seems to have a disguising presence in the US and an established presence in high-risk countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, etc.

I won’t call AIM Global a pyramid scheme because it has a variety of products for sale. But, to be honest, I am not too comfortable with the amount of information available and the controversial business model it operates on.

There is certainly more investigation and caution required before you decide to enter its MLM program.

Alliance in Motion Global lawsuit/controversies

Alliance in Motion Global has been accused of running a pyramid scheme in disguise in the past. The company though did not generate any profits through product sales but its distributors were caught making commissions from the recruited people and sharing the same across the pyramid ladder.

The allegations were part of the COMESA competition commission (Common Market for Eastern and South African states) and the claims were established. 

Secondly, not too far ago AIM Global’s Uganda unit was accused to be involved in human trafficking. The case was registered against its 18 members in 2021 which is another scar on the company’s profile.


Decent retail commissions – The retail commissions offered on selling products are up to 30% which is very generous. This is the only benefit I can see in AIM Global MLM.


Lacks transparency – The company’s existence and nature of doing business are very shady. They claim multiple presences across the world but most of their offices are located in highly sensitive and financially risky countries.

The information on its founders, background history, and overall website appearance seems very dicey and unreliable. This is one company that seriously lacks transparency.

High start-up cost – You have to pay more than $250 to start your MLM journey. This is the least enrolment pack and any maintenance cost related to the website and hidden membership fees can make the start-up cost really high.

Over-saturated products – AIM Global products are very common. No matter how cheap and effective they are it will be a herculean task selling them consistently in the over-saturated market.

Limited info on its compensation plan – In contrast to other MLM compensation plans that are highly complex and detailed, the information offered on AIM Global compensation is very limited.

It mainly highlights 5-6 ways of earning and that too without any information on monthly sales quota which is very unusual.

Conclusion: Is Alliance in Motion Global MLM recommended?

No. I do not recommend Alliance in Motion Global MLM to anyone. Even if you are someone who likes selling products and recruiting people still it is better to avoid an MLM company like AIM Global.

The main reasons for non-recommendation are its unethical online status and foggy background.

It may be legit but one of the first factors to consider joining any MLM company is its strong history and solid reputation. AIM Global doesn’t seem reliable and trustworthy.

The rest of the factors such as recruitment challenges, investments, and persistence remain still if you happen to be part of AIM Global MLM incidentally.

Take my word, if you are seriously looking to make money there are many options to choose from.

Look for a program that will help you learn the methods to earn passive income online. It is good if you can find one. In case you fail, then check my recommendation below.

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