Is 4Life a scam? Make money selling immune system supplements?

Is 4Life a scam

What keeps you fit and ever-ready to fight diseases? It’s the immune system. Your immunity plays a vital role in maintaining your health. Many people rely on healthy eating and lifestyle to gain immunity and some even take supplements to boost their physical fitness. But can you make money selling these immunity supplements? 4Life thinks so. It is an MLM company that offers health and wellness products and an earning opportunity selling them. Is 4Life a scam? Is it another pyramid scheme?

In this detailed 4Life MLM review post, we will provide answers to these questions and many others. We will learn about what is 4Life, how it works, its products, its compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is 4Life?

4Life is a health and wellness MLM company that sells a wide range of nutritional supplements. The company promotes itself as an immune system company because its products are helpful in boosting people’s immunity.

4Life products cater to wellness, personal care, and skincare. The company was founded in the year 1998 by David and Bianca Lisonbee. It is headquartered in Utah, the US, and has a presence in more than 20 countries around the world.

What is 4Life MLM?

4Life MLM is part of 4Life’s affiliate program where individuals can sell the company’s products and earn commissions. In other words, it’s a network marketing opportunity to share the 4Life products with your friends, family, and other people to make money.

You can also earn a commission bonus on convincing your referrals to join 4Life MLM as an independent distributor.

The MLM program offers discounted products, a Myshop cart that works like your sales website, training, and tools to learn and implement your sales campaign.

How does 4Life MLM work?

4Life MLM works with you becoming one of its affiliates. To do that, just go to the 4Life website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ option. . You can enroll yourself with the help of an existing affiliate or contact the 4Life support team in case you don’t have a sponsor.

The enrolment fee to join 4Life MLM is $25. This will give you access to its membership and you can purchase products at a discounted (wholesale) price.

In addition to the joining fee, you will have to purchase product kits. This will ensure your eligibility to participate in the 4Life MLMs compensation plan. The product kits range from $146 to $525.

As an affiliate, you can also start sharing your products with others to get eligible for retail discounts, and commissions. Once you start enrolling a few people under your team you begin to earn extra rewards and bonuses.

4Life products

4Life products are meant to provide supplementary strength and improve physical immunity. They also have some products under the personal and skincare categories. Below are a few of them that you can share to earn some money:

Transfer Factor Immune products – This is the flagship product of 4Life. It consists of dietary supplements that primarily support your immune system. There are multiple products in this category including capsules, chewable, powder, spray, and tablets.

4Life products

All the products possess ingredients from natural food such as cow colostrum, egg yolks, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and superfruits like pomegranate, blueberries, etc.

The products help in improving your mental and physical capabilities with better recognition, response, and memory.

Akwa – These are the set of cream, toner, moisturizer, cleanser, mask, shade, and primer for skincare. The product is aimed at women who want to improve and maintain their facial skin.

One of the highlighted ingredients used in Akwa is ancient Korean fermented green tea water. Along with other plant-driven extracts, Akwa helps your skin nourish, soften, and glow.

Digest 4Life – As the name suggests, Digest 4Life is the digestive health line that supports the overall digestive system. These supplements include probiotics and prebiotics, fiber-based ingredients, aloe vera juice, natural herbs, and multiple enzymes of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Digest 4Life supplements are instrumental to achieve enhanced digestion, a strong immune system, gut health, and improved cardiovascular function.

Likewise, you can find many more products from 4Life that helps improve overall immunity and physical strength. Preferred customers/affiliates can enjoy the products with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. This could be a booster for affiliates to improve their sales numbers.

However, the product category of 4Life is something that can be a big hurdle. You can face stiff competition from 100s of other MLMs and online marketplaces that sells similar products.

Are 4Life products worth their price?

To determine the pricing factor for any product, it is important to find out its performance and effectiveness. This is where 4Life products score really high.

I happened to find a few reviews around its Transfer Factor products on Amazon and Webmd websites. Surprisingly, the average rating for these products stands at 4.5-star which is excellent.

4Life product reviews

A majority of users were very happy with the benefits and immunity results they achieved using 4Life products. But when it comes to pricing comparison with other similar products, there is a big difference.

4Life transfer factor classic which is a cow colostrum dietary supplement is priced at $52 whereas some of its alternatives cost from $18.

Similarly, 4Life Akwa moisture cream is priced at $32, and some of the other best-selling moisture creams on Amazon start at $9.

So, there are many options available that are way cheaper than 4Life products. But the good thing is you can still expect to perform well on the sales front owing to the positive reviews and feedback on 4Life products.

How to make money with 4Life MLM?

As with any other MLM, 4Life offers two primary ways to make money:

  • Sell the products and earn retail profits
  • Build a team of affiliates and earn extra rewards and bonuses on their sales/purchases.

4Life compensation plan

So, what can you earn if you perform on the above two metrics? The compensation plan from 4Life offers the following financial benefits to its affiliates:

  • Retail profits – This is the pricing difference between the products you buy at discounted (wholesale price) and sell them at retail price. For example, if you purchase a 4Life product at $50 and sell it to a retail customer for $75 then $25 will be your retail profits.
  • Rapid rewards – This is a 25% commission on the first order placed by your sponsored preferred customer. The commissions add up to 12% on your second sponsor and 5% on your subsequent sponsor orders.
  • Myshop commissions – Myshop commissions are 25% on all the monthly volume of over 100 Life Points generated through your 4Life shopping website. That’s $25 on every 100LP ($100) value order.
  • Builder bonus – The builder bonus is applicable when you and your team start to achieve 100LP of volumes every month. The minimum required members should be three or more with your personal volume of 100LP. The bonus ranges from $50 to $800.
  • Go 2 bonus – You can expect to earn Go 2 bonus when you are able to sell at least 2 essential 4Life packs. These are bundled products with LP volumes of 200, 400, and 800. The minimum bonus amount is $25 and could go up to $100.
4Life compensation plan

Based on your qualifications as an affiliate, you can get elected to earn team commissions of up to 8%.

Irrespective of the level you attain, a minimum of 100LP volumes is a must to keep your membership active. There are overall 14 levels to climb and the top-level affiliates are rewarded with different bonus pools and incentive trips.

You can also watch the video below or check the full details of the 4Life compensation plan here. 

Can you make money with 4Life MLM?

Yes, you can make money with 4Life MLM but it won’t be an easy task. As is the case with many other MLM companies, the success ratio is very low. This is because a lot of distributors fail to achieve the required sales volume and recruitment numbers.

Both aspects are essential to the 4Life compensation structure. Yes, the structure is very rewarding but when it comes to practicality you will find convincing others to purchase the products and join the company very difficult.

This is where 99.9% of MLM representatives fail to sustain their membership and quit. MLMs demand consistency in terms of investment, hard work, patience, and persistence. It can take years to make some money with 4Life MLM.

Exact income figures are inconclusive since 4Life hasn’t shared the income statement of its associates since 2016. Referring to a back-dated income statement is inappropriate.

However, if you want to take some ideas then check the statement below. The numbers were very discouraging.

4Life income disclosure statement

Is 4Life a scam or a pyramid scheme?

4Life is not a scam. The company has survived more than two decades in the MLM industry which is not a small achievement. They have strong leadership and high-quality health and wellness products so you can trust its legitimacy from a joining perspective.

It is not a pyramid scheme either since its members earn money by selling physical products. Pyramid scheme companies do not have any physical products and just make money by recruiting more and more people.


  • Well-established company – 4Life is a well-settled and established firm. The company has earned many rewards in the past for its exceptional products, and performance. It has strong financial stability and experienced leadership to keep it growing from a long-term perspective. This is one of the probable factors everyone should look for in an MLM organization.
  • High-quality products – No doubt 4Life offers some very high-quality products in the health and wellness segment. Its transfer factor supplements line is worth trying. The products have attracted many positive reviews that play a vital role in keeping your sales campaign on track.
  • Rewarding compensation structure – 4Life compensation structure is very rewarding when it comes to earning money. Retail commissions and other bonuses range from 25% to 30% which is on the higher side. If persisted with the 4Life MLM program, you can definitely make decent money from its compensation plan.


  • Over-priced products – Even with superior quality, 4Life products are quite more expensive than its competitors. Over-priced products are always a hard sell, especially in a market that is over-saturated with health and wellness alternatives.
  • Referral challenges – MLMs are always challenging from people’s perspectives. To make those extra dollars, you have to master the art of convincing. This is the primary way of making money with 4Life MLM. Without consistent recruitment, you won’t find success easy and may lose your membership and investments.

Conclusion: Is 4Life MLM recommended?

4Life is recommended as a platform to buy its well-made products. As an MLM opportunity, it is better avoided.

Some of the positives to take away from the 4Life MLM program are low start-up costs, positive product reviews, and an encouraging compensation plan.

However, owing to the demanding network marketing business model and non-sustainable recruitment process 4Life MLM is not an ideal platform to make money.

You can find many other online resources that offer a higher return on investments compared to MLM. So, I suggest you research such opportunities on Google or check my recommendation below.

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