How to make money with Vindale Research? Vindale Research Review

How to make money with Vindale Research

Many people are looking for a way to make money online. One of the surest ways to make money online is by participating in online surveys. Students are more interested in taking part in online surveys but they are not sure of an online survey site that pays. This is why I have decided to review Vindale Research in this post. Read on to find out how to make money with Vindale Research and if it is legit or a scam survey site.

What is Vindale Research? 

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online marketing research company that pays participants for taking part in surveys.

The good thing about Vindale Research is that, unlike other survey sites that award points to participants, Vindale Research awards cash straight and payment is through PayPal.

Vindale Research Overview

Vindale Research was established in 2006 out of New York. The company has now expanded its tentative into the Australian, Canadian, and United Kingdom markets. The owner of the company is Nathanael Ehrich. Vindale Research has paid over $7 million to members using PayPal.

Vindale Research is contracted by big brands to gather consumer insight and they need people to take part in the surveys. Payment is made to compensate participants for their time.

How to make money with Vindale Research

All the information that you need to get started with Vindale Research is available in this section. There are different ways to earn money with Vindale Research. Below are the ways you can make some money with Vindale Research:

Vindale Surveys
  1. Studies and paid surveys – Members can take part in different surveys ranging from shopping, sports, technology, current affairs, politics, etc. All the surveys are not the same in terms of payment. The longer the survey, the higher the payment. The amount you will earn ranges from $1 to $50. To qualify for surveys, ensure that you complete your profile after signing up.
Vindale Videos
  1. Watching videos – Apart from taking part in studies and surveys, you can also earn money by watching videos. This method doesn’t earn you much money but it adds up.
Vindale Reward mail
  1. Reward mail – Joining the reward mail offer is another way to earn money. You will get paid for opening and reading a lot of paid promotional emails.
Vindale Referral
  1. Referral bonus – You will be paid a $5 bonus for every person you refer to the platform. You have to refer people using your unique link. Your referrals have to be active before you can earn the $5 bonus per person.
  2. Reward codes – Another way to earn is through reward codes. To get the reward codes, you will have to join Vindale Research’s social community and follow their blog to see their polls, alerts, and challenges. Facebook and Twitter are the most active communities you can join to get the reward codes.

How does Vindale Research work?

The platform works simply and straightforwardly. You have to get sign up first.

  1. Signup with Gmail – Register on Vindale Research with your Gmail address. Go to and click on “Sign Up”. After signing up, make sure that you complete your profile and answer different questions that relate to your relationship status, ZIP code, yearly household income, etc.
  2. Earn rewards – Start earning rewards by completing surveys on your mobile device or computer, watching videos, reading emails, or participating in studies. What you would earn for each task will vary but if you add them up, you will cash out sooner than later.
  3. Withdrawing your earnings – The minimum amount for withdrawal is $50. Once you reach $50, you can withdraw the money through PayPal.

Is Vindale Research safe to use?

The platform is safe to use. The information you submitted while signing up is never shared with a third party. Your data is securely transmitted and stored. Below are some of the ways to ensure that Vindale Research is safe for users:

  • There is SSL encryption that is verified by Norton Symantec
  • Your personal information is protected
  • A credit card is not required on the website

Is Vindale Research worth the time?

You can earn extra cash by joining Vindale Research but it won’t make you rich. For it to be worth your time, you have to invest it in other more rewarding things. You don’t have to rely on Vindale Research alone if you want to improve your income. It can only take care of your basic needs. But if you intend to make good money from survey sites, you have to sign up with several sites.

Complains about Vindale Research

People have one complaint or the other about Vindale Research.

One of the common complaints is mostly about investing a lot of time on a survey only to be told that the survey is no longer available. That can be very worrisome.

Another complaint is that you can even complete the survey and you may later get a notice that the survey has expired.

The $50 minimum payout is too high. Many people may not get to $50 if surveys are not always available.

What are the alternatives to Vindale Research?

Some of the alternatives to Vindale Research are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and iPoll just to mention a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can one earn by signing up with Vindale Research?

Answer: The amount you can earn will depend on the number of surveys available alongside other methods of earning like watching videos, reading emails, etc. There is no limit to the amount you can earn but you have to earn $50 before you can withdraw your earnings.

2. What does it cost to join Vindale Research?

Answer: It cost nothing to join Vindale Research. It is free.

3. How many paid surveys can one take?

Answer: It all depends on the availability of surveys. You can take many surveys as you want as far as you have the time.

4. Are the surveys difficult to answer?

Answer: The surveys are not difficult if you have the basic computer skills needed for taking part in online surveys. For a great user experience, it is better to use a desktop computer with a fast internet connection.

5. Why does Vindale Research collect personal information?

Answer: Your name and email address are to contact you for payments. Demographic information like age and location is to match you with the relevant surveys. Personal information is never shared and survey results remain anonymous.

Who is it for?

Vindale Research is for anyone interested in making money online by participating in online surveys.


  • Joining the platform is completely free of charge
  • Swift payment is done with PayPal
  • There are more than one way to earn
  • $5 is for the referral bonus
  • The browser extension shows you when surveys are not available
  • There is no processing fee when you want to withdraw your earnings.


  • Payment is only done through PayPal
  • The payment threshold of $50 is high
  • No option of gift card

Legit or scam

Vindale Research is a legit company that is hired by big brands to conduct market analysis and consumer insight.

Conclusion: Is Vindale Research recommended?

Yes, Vindale Research is recommended 100% if you are looking for an online paid survey site that pays people for taking part in online surveys.

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10 thoughts on “How to make money with Vindale Research? Vindale Research Review”

  1. When I was first looking to make money online, I did surveys thinking that this was a great way to make extra cash. I signed up for as many surveys as I could through multiple sites and spent each day doing whatever surveys I could.

    It didn’t take long to realize that I was earning way below the minimum wage for my time per hour and that there were easier and less mundane ways to make money online.  Surveys can get very boring, and frustrating, especially when you are told you don’t qualify halfway through or get kicked out because the survey closes.

    I now do affiliate marketing which is way more lucrative. Surveys are ok if you just want something small to keep you going, but don’t expect to make anything to write home about.

    • Hi Mlchel,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comments about online surveys. The online survey sites should be seen as a source of earning a side income with your full-time job or business.

  2. I have not come across Vindale Research before, but that is most probably because I live in Italy, where it is not available. Making money by filling in online surveys, is a way, but with most survey sites that I have come across, you earn very little money. That does not seem worth the time that you spend to do the survey. It is not very encouraging if you complete a survey, only to be told that the survey is no longer available. Vindale Research might be a legitimate company, but I don’t think is is worth the time and effort.

    • Hi Line,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comments. I agree that online survey sites are something that you cannot rely on completely for earning. But they are a good source to provide you a handful of bucks for your daily needs. 

      That being said, I would not recommend it if your hands are full with other important activities.

  3. Thanks for this useful information on Vindale Research.

    It is very unfortunate that they let people start and even complete surveys before telling participants that it is finished.

    As there is not an endless supply of questionnaires and the payout can be low, it is definitely not the scheme for making a full time income from.  But if you enjoy taking part in surveys then why not get a little money for doing so.

    It is definitely worth checking out.

    • Hi Geoff,

      You are absolutely right. Doing online surveys is not something you would enjoy but it may come in handy to take care of your basic tasks. Thank you for sharing your valuable comments.

  4. Thank you for your review of Vindale Research. I really appreciate the in-depth, comprehensive review. It enables one to make a considered decision as to whether to get involved in that kind of online income. I have certainly dabbled in online surveys in the past (probably not Vindale), and have got exceedingly angry with the hundreds of companies that contacted me subsequently. I think that was my major gripe and why I stopped. It is good to know that Vindale keeps your information confidential.

    • Hi Jenni,

      Security is always a major concern for anyone who is using a website. This is where Vindale Research scores high. You can have a side-income by using Vindale Research. Thanks for your valuable comments.

  5. Building up our group of trusted online survey sites is helpful. These sites don’t have work for us 24/7. But having several of (these proven to be legit) sites, will enable us to always have surveys available to work on. Thank you for suggesting Vindale Research. I’ll add it to my list.

    • Hi Abel,

      Thanks for visiting my website and for sharing your valuable comments on Vindale Research. These sites don’t make you rich but keep your account ticking.


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