How to make money selling auto parts online: Your guide to online auto-accessories shop

how to make money selling auto parts online

Gone are the days when people used to visit the motor garage, service centers, and auto-accessories shops to repair, buy, or replace the auto parts for their vehicles. Nowadays, vehicle owners want to have prior information about the products that they are investing in and they fulfill their curiosity by researching the internet. Auto parts are also available online and sold through e-commerce retailers and professional auto-mechanics through their websites. In this article, I will tell you how to make money selling auto parts online.

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic or an e-commerce giant to sell these auto-parts. Some research and hard work will teach you how to make money selling auto parts online.

The importance of auto parts/auto accessories:

Auto parts are an important ingredient for every vehicle owner. Your vehicle whether old or new needs some kind of accessories to support the existing features and enhance its capabilities. Over time, you may have to replace some of your car parts that become rusty and start showing wear and tear.

Auto parts are divided into interior and exterior accessories. Furthermore, with continuous research and innovation, automotive companies have introduced some advanced accessories as well which fall into the gadgets category.

Types of auto accessories

Car interior accessories
  • Interior accessories: Some of the accessories that are pertinent to your vehicle interiors such as car seats, car flooring, dashboard, etc. These parts add to the requirement of interiors and also enhances the overall design and looks of your car from inside. Some of the examples are seat covers, floor mats, dashboard cleaners, leather seat conditioners, and the likes.
  • Exterior accessories: The outside of your vehicle needs much more attention than the interiors. The front grills, chromes, plastic trims, tires, glasses, and others have a relevant accessory that is required for regular maintenance and durability of your vehicle. Some of the examples are chrome and plastic trim polishes, tire air pressure gauges and repair kits, jumper cables, etc.
  • Gadgets: This category includes mobile phone mounts, USB chargers, organizers, pillows, etc. that adds to the traveling convenience of all the passengers. Though, gadgets may not be a permanent and obligatory supplement but are in constant demand for their technology, convenience, and durability that are sold like hot cakes in the online world.

The layout for selling auto parts online

  • Information: You have to gather more and more information about the cars and the auto parts that are available online. It becomes much easier if you are a vehicle owner and have self-experienced the requirements and maintenance of your car. Even if you’re not, you won’t fall short in gaining knowledge about these products which are available online in thousands of categories.
  • Research: Once you have gathered the information, do thorough research on the topics or accessories of your choice. While researching, note down the important points relevant to the products that will come in handy to explore further. Your research should be based on good and bad information.
  • Product Selection: The selection of products or auto parts is of utmost importance. Make sure to select those parts that have your personal interest or have experienced yourself or have some knowledge that can be shared with your customers. It is advisable to avoid the technical parts relevant to the engine, battery, air-conditioner, etc. that are covered under the hood. You don’t have to misguide people to scale your business.
  • Product Reviews: Once you have selected the products of your choice, it’s time to write the reviews. Go through the existing product reviews online. Some of the sources for reviews are e-commerce sites and personal blogs. Prefer to look at negative reviews first to find out the effectiveness of the product.

If the negative reviews are only about looks, packaging, and delivery time it doesn’t devalue the quality and effectiveness. Be creative and honest while writing the review, mix it up with your own experience, and aim to guide and help your customers through the information.

  • Price: One of the most important factors in choosing the product is the price. Naturally, people like to have a product that has maximum benefits at a minimum price. Arrange the products as per their brand, quality, and price. Your product list should be inclusive of expensive, affordable, and cheaply priced products that will cover all types of customer groups.

How to make money selling auto parts online?

One of the ways to show your research and hard work is through personal blogging. There are different blogging platforms like where you can post your informative blogs, and earn money through the Google Adsense program basis your daily visitors. But this has a limited earning opportunity that doesn’t justify your efforts.

In my opinion, the best way to monetize your research is through a personal website. Your own website gives you unlimited opportunities to earn a consistent income and also expand your business. A website is also considered a trustworthy source of information and attracts a larger audience that gradually grows and converts into your regular customers.

Building a website doesn’t need any technical knowledge, skills, or even money. You just need to follow few simple steps and have your own business online.

It all sounds too easy. It is easier when you follow step-by-step training and guidance on building the website and the information on selling auto parts in this article.

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Conclusion: Is it worth selling auto parts online?

With modernization, and advancements in the auto industry, and with growing demand of vehicles worldwide auto parts are becoming an extremely important factor to the vehicle owners. Therefore, it will remain in the evergreen business category that will expand further in the long run.



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  1. there are indeed a thousand ways to make money online but you never would know if not told, I would say it my first time getting to know that one could actually make money by selling auto parts online.. everyone do have one or more auto they would  love to work on and getting this part is a must do for them so I believe they would really be a lot of income in selling this parts…. thanks a lot for such an informative post I look forward to share it

    • Hi Evansese,

      Thanks for your comments. Selling auto parts or any other products is convenient now because of the information available online. Your research and honest reviews provide valuable guidance to your target audience and you are able to get an alternative way of learning and earning money.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with us today. It was truly very helpful.  Entrepreneurs who turn to selling auto car parts for money will eventually succeed in the end.  To begin, they sure will need to get experience in the automotive industry for a clearer understanding and they should also try as much to maintain a good reputation of selling genuine parts.

    • Hi

      Professional experience in automotive industry is not required to sell auto parts online. Your online research and individual experience with cars are enough to tie up with an affiliate and start promoting and selling the auto parts/accessories online.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hi,

    The car spares are part of lots of e-commerce websites and affiliate merchants. You have to research, review, and provide valuable information to the car owners who buy these spares online. The purpose of the article is to let the people who own cars or have auto accessories to start selling their products online through a website as an additional alternative.  

    The second part of your questions is actually targetted for accessory shop owners. You don’t need to have a physical auto parts shop to sell them online.

    I suggest if you can go through the complete article again and understand the purpose behind it.

    Thanks for your interest.


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