How to make money online with an affiliate program

How to make money online with an affiliate program

You must have heard of passive income. Yes, passive income is about making money online while you are sleeping. Affiliate programs are one of those online businesses that generate a lot of passive income if you put in the required effort and hard work. In this article, I will tell you how to make money online with an affiliate program.

Like every other online business, affiliate programs are not a get-rich-quick scheme. Persistence and patience are two important virtues you must have to be successful in any affiliate program. 

Understanding what affiliate programs are

Affiliate programs, also known as affiliate marketing are where you earn a commission for selling other people’s products online. It is all about revenue sharing with the affiliate networks.

Some affiliate networks can give out as much as 50% commission. Starting an affiliate program is free but you need to create a blog where you display the products.

You will have to register with the affiliate network; you will be given a unique URL that you are going to embed in each of the products displayed on your blog. You earn a commission the moment a product is bought through your affiliate link.

5 tested and proven affiliate programs to join and earn good passive income

  1. Amazon affiliate – When it comes to selling physical products, Amazon affiliate is the largest affiliate network in the world. You can find products in almost all categories. From automobile to baby products, furniture to footwear, sports equipment to household items, just name it, you will find them on Amazon. To join the Amazon affiliate program, you have to register at
  2. Fiverr affiliate – Fiverr is just like the digital version of Amazon. It is the largest marketplace for digital services such as graphics design, logo design, website design, content writing, data entry, programming, and a lot more. You can earn up to $150 from first-time buyers. Follow the link to register.
  3. Bluehost – Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers high commissions when you join their affiliate program. Affiliate bloggers are always interested in web hosting affiliate programs. Everyone that wants to start an online business will need a web hosting platform to have an online presence. This makes Bluehost affiliate very attractive. The conversion rate is very high too. Payment is made every 16th of the month once you reach the $100 threshold. Click the link to join.
  4. Commission Junction – Commission Junction affiliate is one of the oldest affiliate programs in the world. The affiliate network is a part of the Fortune 500 and it is trusted by the world’s biggest brands. To start earning with Commission Junction, you will have to register as an affiliate publisher and start generating a lot of traffic. Go to to join.
  5. ShareASale – ShareASale is another affiliate marketing platform that provides a reasonable commission of between 5% and 30% for internet marketers and bloggers. Their payment is also very prompt. With ShareASale, you can display either text or banner on your blog. Register at

How to make money online with an affiliate program

Let’s take an example of the Amazon Affiliate program. You will have to follow the below steps to be part of the Amazon affiliate program to earn money:

  • Registration: Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates program is free to register provided you have a website with decent content. Fill in all the information and your application will be accepted in a few hours/few days.
Amazon Associates_1

  • Products: Choose the products that you want to promote. Make sure they are available and have a trending purchase cycle. Research the product demand. Amazon has a commission tariff structure basis the product category ranging from 1-10%. You will have to choose the product with a high percentage of commission to have a higher income.

Note: It is recommended to choose a product of your interest to have an authority on your website that converts quickly into sales.

  • Product information: Write valuable content on your website. Provide relevant information about the product that includes the pros and cons, the buyer’s guide, how to use it to help your audience.
  • Insert affiliate links: Insert the product affiliate links provided by Amazon in your content.

Amazon Affiliate links
  • Traffic: Attract visitors through various traffic sources.

Once your website is having daily visitors who read your content and purchase the product by clicking the affiliate link you get a commission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is qualified to become an affiliate marketer? 

Answer: Nobody is restricted from joining affiliate programs. Anybody can partake in it. Unlike in other areas of life that you have to be highly educated to qualify for a job or program, affiliate programs require just basic education. No age requirement. The most important requirement is a decent internet connection.

  1. How much can one earn per month? 

Answer: It depends on the affiliate network and the level of traffic you can generate. You can earn between $100 and $10,000 a month.

  1. Is an affiliate program or network free? 

Answer: Yes, most of the affiliate programs are free of charge.

Conclusion: Make affiliate programs your consistent source of earning

You cannot go wrong with affiliate marketing. It is a sure way to make money online but there are investments to make before the reward start coming. You have to invest time and money to host your blog.

Persistence and patience are two important factors to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

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