How to make money on Survey Junkie? Survey Junkie Review

How to make money on Survey Junkie

Taking part in paid surveys won’t make you rich. It won’t also replace your full-time job or business. However, paid surveys could help augment or pay some of your bills. There are plenty of survey sites out there but how do you know the ones that pay? That is the essence of this article. After some research, I discovered Survey Junkie. In this post, you will know what is Survey Junkie all about and how to make money on Survey Junkie.

You will also find out if Survey Junkie is legit or a scam. Read on to know all the information.

What is Survey Junkie? An Overview

Survey Junkie is an online survey site that pays people for taking part in surveys on their website.

The company is one of the oldest survey sites in the industry. It started its operations way back in 2013. It is located in Glendale, California, USA. Survey Junkie has a community of more than 10 million members worldwide.

Unlike many survey sites that pay only through PayPal, Survey Junkie has different payment options including Amazon gift cards.

For you to take surveys on Survey Junkie, you must be a resident of Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom. If not, you may not be eligible to take any surveys.

How does Survey Junkie work?

To successfully use Survey Junkie, below is how it works:

  1. Account set up – The first thing is to set up your account. It takes less than two minutes to set up an account. To set up your account, you have to visit the Survey Junkie website at and fill out your personal information such as ZIP code, country of residence, date of birth, gender, first and last name.

After you have signed up, the next thing is to fill out your profiles. Doing this increases your eligibility to participate in more surveys. Some of the questions you get when completing profiles include your type of smartphone, whether you have a pet, how much time you spend watching TV, where you shop certain products, etc. You will earn some points immediately after you finish completing the profiles.

  1. Completing surveys – After completing the profile questions, you will start to get some paid survey opportunities. A list of available surveys is shown in your account dashboard. Before clicking on one of the surveys, you will see how many points you are going to earn for taking that particular survey and the duration of the task such as 40 minutes for a 10 minutes survey.

When you compare Survey Junkie with other survey sites like MTurk, you will realize that the surveys take a longer time with less pay. For instance, I was able to complete 35 tasks between taking part in surveys and completing profiles, all I earned was just a paltry $10.

There is also the possibility of answering many questions only to get disqualified. That happened to me a couple of times. This is normal with many survey sites including Swagbucks.

Regarding the survey questions, Survey Junkie questions are mostly about products and services that consumers purchase. Your survey questions may be different depending on your completed profiles.

  1. Getting paid for your effort – Survey Junkie pays less for surveys. One point is equivalent to one cent. That means you will earn $1 after you have earned 100 points. To cash out, you must have earned $5 which is 500 points.

You can choose PayPal for your payment option. There are also bank transfers and gift cards.

These are some of the available gift cards:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Sephora
  • Groupon

How to make money on Survey Junkie?

There are several ways you can make money with Survey Junkie. Here are some of the ways:

  • Surveys – Of course, taking part in surveys is the number one way of making money with Survey Junkie. You can log in to your account and earn some points for completing surveys that you are qualified for. Every survey comes with some basic information to let you know what to expect. You cannot see the topic the survey covers but you can see the possible points to earn for completing the surveys. Points are awarded even if you don’t qualify for a survey.
  • Focus groups – This is another way to earn some points with Survey Junkie but you have to be invited. The invitation is mostly based on your completed profile. Focus groups earn you more points than surveys but it consumes more time. It is more about letting participants give their thoughts about a certain topic.
  • Product testing – Product testing comes with the highest rewards. It is reserved for the best-performing members. Apart from receiving high points, you also have the chance of testing products that are not yet released to the public.

The brands will send physical products to members for testing. There are strict guidelines when participating in product testing. You must not share the product on social media. You may be required to sign a non-disclosure pact.

When you receive the product, you will test it and give your honest opinion about it.

What is the minimum amount to redeem a gift card at Survey Junkie?

You can redeem your gift card once you have reached 500 points which is equal to $5.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw using PayPal at Survey Junkie? 

To withdraw from PayPal, you must have accumulated 2,500 points which are equal to $25.

Is Survey Junkie worth the time?

You cannot become rich by taking surveys on Survey Junkie or any other survey site. It is not a replacement for your full-time job. You can only make little money that can take care of your basic needs. You have to join more survey sites to make a reasonable amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Survey Junkie App

1. Does Survey Junkie have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes, it has a mobile app.

2. Is it safe to use Survey Junkie?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use Survey Junkie. Your sensitive personal information is not shared with a third party. Your sensitive information is well protected and all the data are encrypted using SSL.

3. Can anyone join Survey Junkie?

Answer: Survey Junkie is not for everyone. You must be a resident of Australia, the USA, UK, New Zealand, or Canada to become a member of Survey Junkie.

4. What devices are ideal for accessing Survey Junkie?

Answer: You can access the website through a web browser or download the app.

5. Where can I download the app?

Answer: You can download the app from the Play Store and App Store.

Who is it for?

Survey Junkie is for anyone interested in making money online by doing online surveys. It is ideal for students, single moms, nursing mothers, and the unemployed.


  • It offers different payment options
  • To sign up is completely free
  • No credit is needed for sign up
  • No special skill is needed to complete a survey
  • Low payout threshold
  • It is easy to use
  • Well designed website and mobile app
  • Survey Junkie is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


  • You may not qualify to take all surveys
  • Participation in surveys is based on where you are located

Legit or scam

Survey Junkie is a 100% legit, safe, and trustworthy online survey company that pays people for participating in surveys.

Conclusion: Is Survey Junkie recommended?

Yes, it is 100% recommended if you are looking for a way to augment your income by taking surveys online.

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