How to make money from Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program)? Learn & Increase your affiliate income

How to make money from Wealthy Affiliate?

This post is about earning recurring commissions by promoting an affiliate marketing platform. The platform name is Wealthy Affiliate that teaches how to do affiliate marketing. It also has an affiliate program that offers 48% recurring commissions. Recurring commissions are a great way to build a source of passive income. It provides you consistent earnings till your referrals remain connected with your affiliate partner. If you are interested in knowing about how to make money from Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program) you should continue reading this post.

Wealthy Affiliate offers more than just recurring commissions. It is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform with all the tools, and resources to make you a complete affiliate marketer.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform that provides effective training courses, website building tools and resources, keyword research, domains, SEO, and much more. The platform is built to help individuals become an expert in doing affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by its founders Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

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What is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program?

The affiliate program is where you can promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform and earn commissions. Wealthy Affiliate pays 48% commissions on each referral who joins the platform through your affiliate link and upgrade to its paid plans.

The commissions are paid on a recurring basis till your referral stays with Wealthy Affiliate as a member.

How does Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program work?

The affiliate program is offered to the individuals who join Wealthy Affiliate as a member. It has a starter free membership, and two premium paid memberships to use its features.

There is a dedicated affiliate marketing course on promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate product which is called ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ training.

The platform offers various affiliate resources such as a dashboard, banners, links, tracking, and support to their affiliates. The cookie duration for your affiliate links lasts for a lifetime.

The affiliate program is a complete package for the affiliates who can learn and earn parallelly by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

How to join the Wealthy Affiliate program?

You can sign-up with a Starter free membership. Go to
and create your free account. No credit card or any other payment detail is required to create a free account.

Once you’ve joined the platform you get access to training courses including ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ training with a limited number of lessons under a free account.

You also get access to different resources and tools. Some of the features offered under free starter membership have 7-days of limited support.

Wealthy Affiliate products and services

What can you promote to attract visitors joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform? Following are the products and services offered by Wealthy Affiliate to its members:

Affiliate Marketing training: Wealthy Affiliate offers effective learning courses on doing affiliate marketing. There are more than 100+ lessons/classes that focus on different aspects of affiliate marketing.

It covers the methods, tools, resources, etc. required to start and implement your affiliate marketing business. The training is a highlight and flagship product of Wealthy Affiliate.

Website building & hosting: Wealthy Affiliate has its own website building platform called SiteRubix. The website is backed by super-fast hosting and necessary security features.

There is 1 website offered free for starter members and 10+ websites for paid members.

Building a website at Wealthy Affiliate is a matter of one click and does not require any technical assistance or expertise. There is also a domain search and purchasing option for your website inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Keyword Research tool: Another product that stands tall is the Jaaxy keyword research tool. The Jaaxy keyword research tool is more than researching keywords.

It comprises important aspects related to keywords such as number of visitors, number of competitive websites, domain availability for specific keywords, and SEO score for researched keywords.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is an internal part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform offered with starter and paid memberships.

Affiliate programs & supportive resources: It is easy to join different affiliate programs from reputed affiliate networks. The network covers products and programs from ClickBank, Rakuten, Commission Junction, etc. to support your affiliate marketing business. The support to Wealthy Affiliate members is awesome.

It comprises dedicated site support for websites, community support from experienced Wealthy Affiliate members, and different channels such as private messaging to its members/founders and ask a question option.

Getting so many features and services at one place is pretty rare and that too offered to starter members is outstanding.

The combined pricing of just $49 per month for all the features separates Wealthy Affiliate from other affiliate marketing and web-hosting platforms.

How to make money from Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program)? 

There are two effective ways of making money from Wealthy Affiliate. By learning and implementing affiliate marketing business and by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

We will talk about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and earning money from it.

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is part of its Affiliate Bootcamp training. There are overall 50 lessons in the course and by the end of it, you will have an authoritative MMO (Make-Money Online) website.

The course teaches you the following aspects of promoting Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Website set-up
  • SEO set-up/Social-Media optimization
  • Keyword research and Content framework
  • Publishing of content on your website
  • Content indexing in search engines
  • Driving organic traffic
  • Promotions and PPC campaigns
  • Sales and revenue

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is task-based with a 5-years full-proof plan of making consistent money. The learning is perfect for beginners who are starting their journey into the affiliate marketing business.

For experienced affiliate marketers, the process of promoting Wealthy Affiliate is no different than promoting other affiliate programs. You can follow the below methods to promote Wealthy Affiliate:

Website blogging: Use your own website or Affiliate Bootcamp website by writing an effective Wealthy affiliate review post. Explain the features, and products in detail and insert your affiliate link.

Your own experience and Wealthy Affiliate promotional tips will come in handy to convert many visitors into customers.

Use Banners/Ads: Make use of banners/ads provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Display the resources in appropriate sections of your website or social media profiles to ensure the banners/ads get clicks from your visitors/followers.

Videos: Make a YouTube video. Replicate your Wealthy Affiliate review post information into an effective video and insert your affiliate link in the description.

Video material is always in high demand as it is a more effective way of communicating with your audience.

Paid Ads: Yes, Wealthy Affiliate allows promoting its platform through Google/Bing Ads. There is a whole section on how to use the PPC (Pay Per Click) method on promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform in its training. Use the information to enhance your knowledge and customer base.

Social-Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are your go-to platforms for more engagement and conversions. Get your followers to communicate with you through Wealthy Affiliate information, banners, etc. It may be another way to converting some of your followers into your referrals.

Following the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training blueprint is a sure way of making a 4-digit monthly income.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing and Commissions

Wealthy Affiliate offers three membership plans. The percentage of affiliate commissions differs basis your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

As a paid member, you can earn the following commissions with Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans:

Pricing Plans

Pricing (Monthly)

Pricing (Yearly)

Commissions (Recurring every month)

Commissions (Recurring every year)

Premium Plan





Premium + Plan





As a free starter member, you can expect to earn the following commissions:

Pricing Plans

Pricing (Monthly)

Pricing (Yearly)

Commissions (Recurring every month)

Commissions (Recurring every year)

Premium Plan





Premium + Plan





This means if you remain a starter member and generate referrals you stand a chance to earn 50% monthly or yearly commissions as stated above.

This is a win-win situation for affiliates to make a consistent income by joining Wealthy Affiliate irrespective of their membership.

Can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program)? 

Yes, you can make serious money with Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program. The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a proven method of setting up your Wealthy Affiliate promotion campaign. With every training task completed your website gets authority in search engines.

This improves your website rankings bringing more visitors to your website. Higher the number of visitors more chances of getting conversions and sales.

The number of referrals is further boosted by promoting Wealthy Affiliate on different channels. Sources such as YouTube videos, social media, and paid ads can help you add referrals quickly.

As a paid member, with 10 premium referrals in a month, you can expect to earn $235 every month or $2350 in a year.

Even if you are a free starter member you can make 50% commissions of what paid members make on their referrals.

Please note the above-earning figures are based on assumptions and not guaranteed. The actual earning figures depend on your promotion efforts and personal expertise in affiliate marketing.

This is why it is important to have hands-on experience with the process of doing affiliate marketing. It is recommended to follow the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training to achieve maximum success.

The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate program) 

There are many but I would like to highlight a few of them:

Training: You get access to best-of affiliate marketing training courses. The training material is really effective and valuable to both beginners and experts alike.

Weekly webinars and expert classes can add another dimension to learning and enhancing your existing knowledge to become an expert affiliate marketer.

Online exposure: Having your own website gives you professional visibility among online users. People are rapidly moving towards online for their research and day-to-day needs.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you capture this moving trend by providing constant information on human habits and behavior so that you can add and improve your website authority. It helps you remain ahead in the competition.

Research & Analysis: Wealthy Affiliate is a community of members that have groomed from being a no-one to affiliate marketing business experts. There are thousands of members who offer continuous knowledge, information, tips, and tricks based on their online research and marketing analysis.

The details are shared through personal blogs, training, and as a part of Q&A sessions/options. As a member and affiliate, you will never fall behind in your race to achieve expertise and financial success in your affiliate marketing journey.

Centralization and affordability: Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-platform that offers products of different categories at one stage. The training material, website building & hosting, domains, research tool, affiliate programs, and support keeps you always engaged.

You don’t have to distract yourself by visiting different sources to work on your tasks. The accessibility to so many features in one platform makes it the most affordable program among its competitors.

Super affiliates: Affiliates that achieve 300 referral sales in a year are called super-affiliates. The super affiliates are rewarded with an all-paid trip to Las Vegas every year. Wealthy Affiliate hosts their yearly conference and invites their most successful affiliates to be part of it.

The purpose of this trip is to interact and guide their affiliates on future campaigns. There are various perks and prizes on offer for super affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does Wealthy Affiliate pay its affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid every month through PayPal.

2. Is there a minimum payment threshold before withdrawal?

Answer: Yes, the threshold limit is $10.

3. What is the Wealthy Affiliate cookie duration for affiliate links?

Answer: The cookie duration lasts for a lifetime.

4. Do you get chat and live support after 7-days under the starter account?

Answer:  No, the chat and live support is restricted for 7-days only. However, you can continue using and building your website under the free starter account.


  • Free membership: Wealthy Affiliate’s starter free membership is one of a kind. There are many affiliates who tasted financial success by being starter members. You get 10 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp training + other useful resources and tools to jumpstart your affiliate marketing business. It is a solid foundation that you can build further by opting for its paid memberships.
  • Recurring commissions: The 48% commissions are on the higher side. Earning recurring commissions serves the purpose of doing affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. It ensures your hard work gets rewarded till your referrals keep using its services. The commissions are even paid to members who are on free starter membership.
  • Cookie duration: The lifetime cookie duration is outstanding. Not many platforms offer to keep their affiliate links active forever. The online business field is quite competitive and people may not decide to invest time and money in a specific platform straightaway. That’s why longer cookie durations are helpful in ensuring you don’t miss out on your previous visitors.
  • Personal website: There are many people who want to start their online business but do not know how to build a website. This is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. It offers a free website to its starter free members, with limited security features and support. The paid member gets to build 10 websites with a complete security package and support. Having your own website itself is an achievement that you can utilize to build an online income.
  • Affiliate dashboard & resources: Wealthy Affiliate knows the value of affiliate marketing and being in the field for so many years they know what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer. This is why they have covered their affiliates with all the required dashboards, tracking, links, banners, and support. It helps you as an affiliate to keep track of your progress and improve future campaigns.


  • Payments through PayPal only: It may not be a big deal since PayPal is used as a payment method in most countries. But people with other payment options and residing in a region that does not support PayPal cannot withdraw their payments.
  • Restricted free starter membership: The free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate is not open to users globally. Some countries are restricted owing to their vulnerability to hackers and fraudulent systems. People residing in such countries cannot enjoy the free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program recommended?

It is always great to have an affiliate program from an affiliate marketing industry. People behind Wealthy Affiliate are proven experts in this field and have reached this stage with their hard work and extensive learning.

They own their success to affiliate marketing business and therefore know what to offer to their affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate has covered almost all the aspects that can help its affiliates earn more. At the same time, it also ensures that its affiliates are not left behind in learning the new methods, and tricks of doing affiliate marketing.

This is a double dose that makes Wealthy Affiliate a unique platform.

As a free affiliate, you are free to build and use the website. Availability of keyword research tool, domains, affiliate programs, and continuous support is overwhelming for any affiliate.

As an experienced affiliate marketer, you can enhance your knowledge with its regular webinars and expert classes along with building your affiliate income.

There is hardly anything to lose by becoming an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. If you are someone who is not bothered by the cons above then joining Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is a must.

By being not a member you are not only losing a consistent earning opportunity but also reducing yourself to a mere average affiliate marketer.


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