How to make money during COVID-19: Earning Opportunities Online

How to make money during covid-19

Do you fear losing your job? Is Covid-19 making you financially worried? Are you looking to have an additional income source along with your full-time job? If the answer is yes to the above questions, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you how to make money during Covid-19.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has taken the whole world under its grip. A microscopic creature is big enough to infect not only humans but also affect the economies of the superpowers of the world. One of the worst things to happen post-COVID-19 is jobs/business losses. So, let us see how to remain financially stable and make money during the COVID-19 crisis.

The impact of COVID-19

We have already started witnessing the damage this pandemic is causing to the healthcare systems, infrastructure development, IT sector, stock markets, and various other sectors of 90% of businesses/industries globally.

Almost every business owner, salaried, and professionals is fearing for the worst. Millions of job losses are already in pipeline and the industrialists, and business tycoons are incurring losses in billions of dollars every day.

The experts are estimating several years to overcome the economic crisis post-COVID-19 and the future seems really bleak for the existing and younger generation for their professional and financial growth.

How to make money during Covid-19? Internet is the source

Recently, lots of people have started researching the internet extensively in search of alternative ways to make money. Whether you are a salaried professional fearing the lay-off or someone who is looking for a job, the internet is the best source to provide you with earning solutions in the economic crisis provided you have a computer/laptop with an internet connection.

You can earn passive income by doing online surveys at, be creative with print-on-demand, and e-books at and Amazon Kindle, and offer freelancing services at Fiverr, etc. But here, the earning opportunities are limited to your potentials and may not lead to speedy growth.

On the other hand, there are some really potential earning sources online that will help you in making money full-time. Through proper research, learning, hard work, and dedication you will be able to earn money that could be enough to replace your existing job.

Earning opportunities online

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of earning money online consistently. With proper learning, guidance, and hard work you can earn consistent income regularly in thousands of dollars. This is one legitimate way to make money online for years to come.

The basic requirement to achieve success in affiliate marketing is through education. You need to have the appropriate knowledge and resources to be successful in building an online business.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing in 4 simple steps:

1) Someone researches the internet for information.

2) You become the source of information through your website.

3) The researcher finds your source of information through search engines and takes action.

4) You earn revenue in commissions through affiliate programs.

In essence, you get an opportunity to explore a different online world, learn new skills, implement and establish an online business that will reward you consistently.

Affiliate marketing education and training require you to invest some amount to start and scale your online business. There are a number of platforms online that offer affiliate training such as Clickbank, Amazon, etc.

My recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best platforms for learning and building your online business through affiliate marketing is Wealthy It has a free starter membership that offers basic training in affiliate marketing along with 1 free website building and hosting to provide you initial guidance in establishing your online business.

The premium version is way ahead in terms of training, guidance, and support that is really helpful to establish you as an online entrepreneur successfully.

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2. Transcription:

Transcription services are meant for converting the recorded audio/video files into text files. The files are recorded for general interviews, legal proceedings globally, and need text conversion.

There are a number of online platforms offering freelancing positions that require fluent knowledge of the English language and decent typing speed.

You are free to apply and join as a freelancer and with proper understanding and rigorous hard work convert it into a full-time job. Experienced transcriptionists are able to earn between $1000-$2000 a month.

Some of the best transcription platforms online are,,


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3. Domains Auctioning:

Domains are always a hot topic in the online world. Every online business starts with domains and there are millions of searches performed every day to find appropriate and relevant domain names by the business owners. Domain buying and selling is another way of earning potential income.

With proper knowledge, guidance, patience, and experience, you may be able to earn thousands of dollars with a minimum investment in every auction. The basic requirement is internet research and domain auction membership.

Some of the best domain auction platforms are,,


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Convert Covid-19 into an opportunity to find other ways of earning money

You have to be smart in choosing your options for making money online. There are thousands of options available on the internet that serve you fully-blown balloons which become flat with the time and some may even forge you financially with their cheap version of offers with zero returns.

The above methods and platforms are proven formulas for success in making money online especially during the financial and health crisis as evident today (COVID-19). These are the ways that require minimum or no investment to start earning a good amount of money that will act as a backbone during your crippling financial needs.


12 thoughts on “How to make money during COVID-19: Earning Opportunities Online”

  1. Thank you for sharing this extremely useful information on how you can maintain a decent income amid this pandemic. I’m also learning about affiliate marketing and it sounds like a very good way to earn money long-term, especially with the uncertainty that surrounds us at this time. Also appreciate you providing some alternative methods that can help make money from home.

    • Hi Nile

      Thanks for going through the article and sharing your valuable comments. Indeed, all of us need to think and act smart in these testing times and work hard for the future.

  2. Your statements about how the business world is changing are so spot on.  We are seeing lots of changes.  The only way to survive is to change along as well.  Having a side income and business online can be the way to make sure things stay financially stable for you and your family.  Affiliate marketing is surely a sound way to make money.  The world is adapting to online marketing.  Most business now have the kinks worked out of the delivery system, and shoppers are enjoying the convenience of online shopping. 

    While some are eager to get back to shopping, some of us are enjoying our independence from the mall and other shopping venues.  The idea that you can learn to earn while helping people find a way to get what they need from the comforts of their home is a good way to start your business online.  Helping people find what they want has been the route for a long time, and is easy enough to do.  There are a few learning steps, some work, not hard but you do have to do it. It is usually not fast, but once you get the revenue started, it can continue without a lot of attention for you.  

    This article offers a good rundown on what to expect with having an affiliate business and how to make money with it.  I appreciate the complete coverage you are giving readers.  Thanks,

    • Hi Sami,

      I really appreciate your valuable opinion and insights on the current situation and how to overcome it. The crisis, though depressing has opened the doors to look at the world differently and change your approach towards earning and living an innovative yet simple life.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. This pandemic has had a huge impact in the economic industry and we don’t even know when this will all stop – if the virus ever goes away. People are going to lose their jobs and we are all going to be living in a bigger crisis. Online surveys can be sketchy sometimes and you barely eat a few cents for them, or if you’re like me then you probably won’t even have access to those surveys due to your location. Affiliate marketing is the best way to start this journey and maybe later on you can create something of your own to profit from and at the same time help others.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I agree with your points on online surveys and other ways of earning passive income. Therefore, affiliate marketing is the best option that will survive with the time as it has till now and continue to be a profitable and innovative way of earning.

      Thanks for your comments and feedback.

  4. Thank you for your post. It is inspirational. This is one of the most difficult time for all of us. Covid-19 brings a lot of crises, such as financial and health, to us. It is nice to see your positive attitude, turning negative crisis into opportunities.

    There are a lot ways to convert covid-19 into an opportunities as described in your article. Most of business have almost no cost to start, for example, it is free for you to start online business using Wealthy Affiliate. There are thousands of options available for you to start online business. 

    Your article is certainly a good start for anyone who is interested in online business.

    • Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for going through the article and sharing your feedback. All of us need to be positive and act smartly to survive and be optimistic about our future. The options in this article are some of the ways that can keep you moving forward.

  5. Hi there,

    Excellent article, I loved the reading!

    I am lucky that I am involved in affiliate marketing; it really helped me get through the coronavirus. The thing is that even after the coronavirus, people need to recover, and this takes time. However, the good thing is that people will buy more online now, which is great for affiliate marketers. Just a question if you don’t mind. What niche would work best during coronavirus?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for going through the article and sharing your thoughts. Yes, I agree that the momentum will shift towards online more because of the situation people have to face every day. This has created a big opportunity for affiliate marketers to harp upon.

      I personally feel that since the overall lockdown, lots of physical activities that involve education and fitness are planning to innovate their methods of teaching through online videos/courses. I think this is where you can research more and find out different niches for your online business.

  6. Hi Arif, thank you for this great article, you really mentioned a lot of great points.

    The global pandemic has certainly affected us all and I also felt the financial effects of everything shutting down. With everybody stuck at home behind a screen, there’s’ never been a better time to get into affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Stevie

      Affiliate marketing will bring more and more opportunities in these testing times. We have to be smart enough to grab those for our future financial needs.

      Thanks for your comments.


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