How to hire a content writer for your website: Step-by-step guidance

How to hire a content writer

Writing content for your website is an art. It takes days or months to excel in writing content that starts to rank quickly in search engines. But in every website owner’s journey there comes a phase where they feel to have a supportive hand in managing their content. This is owing to other necessary tasks associated with the online business that they fear to lose control of the importance of creating content regularly. And this is where the outsourcing process of content writing comes in. So, how to hire a content writer for your website?

This is what I will tell you in this post. You will discover the need to hire a writer, the process, and the sources to look for hiring a writer. Before we get into the hiring process, let’s answer a few generally asked questions on content.

What is content?

Generally speaking, content is another name of information. Information can be shared through various forms and mediums.

In terms of online business, content is providing information through writing in the form of blog posts, reviews, etc. on different online platforms or a website and communicating through videos.

Who are content writers?

Content writers are individuals who specialize in writing information on specific topics. There are also content writers who can create content on any topic depending on the requirement.

Content writers are available on different online platforms providing content creation services that can be hired on various monetary terms.

Why do you need to hire content writers?

The emergence of content writers happened to manage the following two scenarios basically:

Knowledge and,


The creation of content should have consistency to achieve higher rankings in search engines and grow your business.

People, especially beginners who lack knowledge on content creation and individuals who cannot spend enough time on writing content regularly tend to look for alternatives.

Secondly, people who become experts in their field and want to focus and expand their business by diversifying into different aspects of marketing like outsourcing the content creation activities to maintain consistency. This also helps them to keep their website status authoritative in search engines.

A majority of people who outsource their content writing activity fall into the second category. So, in the end, it’s the consistency and growth that you can achieve by outsourcing your content creation.

When and who should hire content writers?

Now, outsourcing the content writing activity should be strategic. It makes no sense to hire a content writer at the beginning stage.

If your website is relatively new and you have just started your online business journey then you may not be able to sustain the outsourcing activity. The straightforward reason behind this is the cost.

Secondly, a lack of self-knowledge on content creation will be another hindrance. You may find research for hiring a content writer difficult if you are not aware of the task yourself.

Even if you go ahead and hire someone the end result may not be satisfactory and you may have to re-write the whole content yourself which will be very tedious and time-consuming.

So, avoid your outsourcing plan if you’re a beginner, lacks knowledge, and cannot afford the hiring cost.

That leaves us with the question then who should hire the content writers. The answer is the exact opposite of the above points.

People who have reached a stage and are looking to grow their online business. And this stage is only possible if you have spent enough time learning and researching the marketing aspects of your business.

This will be also the stage where you have started earning revenue from your efforts and now is in a position to invest further for diversification and outsourcing.

The pre-requisites of hiring a content writer 

Some of the factors you must consider before deciding to hire a content writer:

Research your niche – It seems professional to work on your niche upfront. Make sure you have spent enough time researching and finding a lot of things related to your business niche. This will help in your search criteria for a relevant content writer.

Have a website – Make sure you have created a website. Because your website will the source to monitor and measure the performance of your hired individual.

Write some content yourself – Before jumping into the hiring process it is important to create some content by writing it yourself. You have a niche, you have done the research, created a website, now it is time to implement your efforts into effective words.

Doing it yourself will help you find a content writer that can replicate your writing skills and further improve them with his knowledge. Make sure to write at least 10-20 posts on your website before outsourcing the writing activity.

Ensure affordability – The cost factor is very important. It goes without saying that people who cannot afford to hire content writers must avoid it and do it themselves. If you can afford it, it is better to research and analyze the approximation of cost.

Make sure you keep a count of other costs related to maintaining your website, plugins, themes, or any other marketing expenses that you have to bear regularly.

The benefits and disadvantages of hiring content writers 

Based on what we discussed above, hiring content writers will benefit you in the following ways:

The advantages of hiring a content writer:

  • You will get more time to focus on growing your business through other marketing channels.
  • Professional content writers help you create quality content that is quick to rank and generate revenue.
  • The availability of content writers gives you freedom and flexibility. You can choose to remain occupied on own your time or enjoy spending time traveling and vacationing.
  • By hiring a content writer, you can achieve consistency with your content creation that is instrumental for SEO and conversions.
  • Hiring a content writer is easy and you can hire them on a one-time, part-time, or full-time basis.
  • You can also train content writers to perform other tasks such as researching, doing SEO, social media marketing, and all other marketing requirements. With time and knowledge, you can hire the same content writer as a full-time employee. This will leave you with just monitoring and managing tasks for your online business.

The disadvantages of hiring a content writer:

  • The first and foremost is cost. Irrespective of the type of content writer you hire, there will be a consistent increase in your investments. Not only monthly payments, but you may have to spend extra money on giving incentives or bonuses to encourage and motivate your recruitment.
  • You may have to do multi-tasking in the initial stages of hiring. If you are hiring a content writer on a part or full-time basis, you will have to spend time on training, providing access, reviewing, monitoring, measuring, and tracking their progress. You will have to perform these tasks without compromising your daily business activities.
  • For many individuals, content writing is like a job. So, a lot of them look at it as full-time work similar to working with an organization. If not taken care of properly, they may look for other alternatives leaving you again to do a search and perform the hiring process. This may definitely impact your online business progress.

The sources of hiring content writers 

There are many but to name a few that are most popular:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

You can find more options provided you research but make sure to follow the pre-requisites before you finalize a platform to hire a writer.

How to hire a content writer? 

The process of hiring a content writer may differ based on individual choice and preferences. But I will show you my way of choosing and hiring a writer.

Let’s take the example of Fiverr as it is one of the popular and most common platforms used by millions of people across the globe.

Go to Fiverr. Create an account if you don’t have one. All these platforms are free to join.

Once you have logged in, go to the search tab or check the menu bar that consists of many Gigs. Now, gigs are known as jobs, or tasks performed by freelancers on Fiverr.

Select Writing & Translation and go to the Website Content option. You will find profiles of many individuals offering services on writing blog posts.

Now, if you find the options overwhelming, you can go to the Search tab and input the search term according to your website niche to reduce the number of results.

For example, dieting. Type dieting content in the search bar and click search.

Next, you will have a list of profiles offering content specific to dieting.

Once you have the list of profiles here are a few points to look for while choosing a writer:

Click on the gigs you find interesting and check the profile details of the individual. Make sure the profile has an image or a picture of an individual for better identification.

Gender doesn’t matter. First, check the title. Make sure the sentence of the title is relevant to your niche and has correct spellings and punctuations.

Next, check for experience. Most of the individuals share their previous experiences as attachments or slides in the profile itself. Go through them. It is necessary from the content quality perspective. A few qualities that you need to check are creativity, passion, simplicity, and tone of the article.

The quality should be appropriate. You don’t need to hire a perfectionist in the beginning. An intermediate person with good experience will be an ideal choice.

After that go through the package offerings. The package includes pricing, number of words, duration, and other relevant details about revisions, etc. Professionals and quality content writers charge a bit higher than beginners.

Go through 2-3 profiles and select the one that has pricing very close to each other. Next, make the payment. It will take you to another screen once the payment is processed. Fiverr will secure the payment within the platform and release it only after the service is delivered and approved by you.

Now, provide the required details such as keywords, the tone of the article, and any other detail that you want the writer to include in your post. Be specific and clear so that you get what you want.

Next, ensure you get the delivery according to the timelines. Any delay should be highlighted by the writer in advance. This is important from a professional perspective.

Once delivered, make sure to go through the document in detail. If you need any revision raise it immediately selecting appropriate revision options within Fiverr. Don’t be over-critical. If you are not satisfied, say you are not satisfied and want a revision in a polite way. After revision, if you find the article appropriate then release the payment.

Remember, you cannot raise a revision after you have approved the order and payment is released by Fiverr.

It is better to test the writers with a one-time task in the beginning. This will help you analyze the metrics required to hire a permanent writer. So, there is no harm in doing your research by testing 2-3 profiles.

Don’t worry about the money. If you can find a writer who can perform all the tasks as per your requirements then your return on investment will be much higher and consistent.

If you have found a suitable writer then check the requirements for permanently hiring him/her for your content. Try and negotiate the pricing options up front with the writer itself before you make the final deal.

The above steps are relevant to Fiverr only. The search criterion and other aspects related to providing the requirements and payment may differ depending on the platform you use.

Platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer are very similar to Fiverr but also provide an option of posting the requirements on its platform.

This allows the relevant service providers to apply for the post based on your requirements. In the end, you get the authority to select the content writer as per your needs.

Final Conclusion

Hiring a content writer should be planned according to your needs and requirements. Just because you feel that writing is not your cup of tea doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and outsource the content writing.

Sure, many do this but the process falls flat owing to a lack of knowledge and experience in hiring a content writer.

This is why you should do proper research, keep your pre-requisites ready, as well as keep your options open in terms of investing and trying out more than one applicant to match your writing needs.

Always remember that you are investing money in outsourcing for consistency, higher rankings, more traffic, and sales that should result in a greater return on investments.

I am sure by reading and applying the methods provided in this article you will find a content writer of your choice easily. If you are looking to find more methods and tips on writing content and outsourcing content creation then check out my no.1 recommendation here.


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