How to find a niche for a website: Step-by-step guidance

How to find a niche for a website

If you are into the affiliate marketing business then finding a niche for your website is of utmost importance. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro affiliate marketer the importance and relevance of a niche is instrumental in deciding the fate of your website. A lot of people get confused when choosing a niche and overcomplicate the things that may result in taking a few steps backward. To avoid such a situation, I will help you with how to find a niche for a website that is profitable and easy to find.

Before we dig deeper it is better to understand the concept of a niche.

What is a niche?

From a broader perspective, a niche is like a subject or a topic. In affiliate marketing terms, it is called a segment of a market that you can explore to build your business around.

A niche could be your interest, passion, hobby, or anything that you have knowledge about and want to further learn and share with others.

A niche should be relevant. It will be better to have a niche that you are passionate about. To make it sustainable, choose a niche that you have moderate to expert knowledge.

A niche cannot be perfect. However, you can make it perfect by becoming an expert through proper research and learning.

This way you can build a website around a topic that has multiple dimensions and is vastly explorable.

Many people start building their websites around a topic that is based on their hobbies without any research. This should not be the case. Hobbies come with limitations. As a result, the momentum to build a website is broken when you reach the limits and have nothing more to share.

Points to remember while choosing a niche

We have understood what is a niche. There are a few points that you must consider when you think about choosing a niche:

  • Choose a niche that you can write about. That means you should have some knowledge that you can share with your audience with an aim to help them. Keep in mind that you are not a professional writer so your writing should be fun and engaging.
  • Your niche will be your source of communication. Make sure you are not into a niche that is boring and gets monotonous with time. Your audience should feel engaged and motivated to take action.
  • Ensure your niche is relevant. Relevant to the audience and to the products. Because when you write and communicate about something it should be backed by certain products that you can promote and make revenue.
  • Overall, your niche should be helpful. There are many people with similar habits, interests, and passions that you are writing about. Helping intent generates trust and will convert your audience into regular visitors and buyers.

How to find a niche for a website?

To find a niche you will have to research and to research a niche, you will have to evaluate your own interests. As mentioned above, finding a niche is all about finding yourself. Your passions, hobbies, and interests make you do certain things and perform some actions that can be relevant and helpful to others.

So, the first thing you should do is brainstorm yourself by putting your interests in black & white. Take a piece of paper/notepad or start jotting down your point of interest in a word document.

For example,

1. What do you like to play? An instrument, game, sport, etc.

2. Are you involved in some kind of outdoor activities like gardening?

3. How do you keep yourself busy? Do you like to read some books, write something, or watch movies/shows, etc?

4. Every person likes to look good and stay healthy. So, what are the things or solutions you use for your personal care, health care, etc?

5. What is your profession? Can you provide some help or products related to your profession with others?

All the above points are relevant to every human being out there. And the answers to these points will serve you with 4-5 or maybe more niches.

Almost everything is a niche but remember everything you do cannot be a sustainable and profitable niche. This is what we will look at in the next section.

Types of niches

Now that you have a list of your niches it is time to further dig deeper and do proper research. There are niches and there are niches and that’s the reason niches are segregated into types. So, what are the types of niches? A type of niche depends on the topic you have chosen. Basically, there are two types of niches:

Broad niche,

Micro niche

Broad niche: A broad niche is a topic that is very commonly used from a broader perspective. For example, as a hobby or a favorite sport, you like to play football. So, football as a niche has a wide spectrum with tons of information and products related to it.

A website on the football niche will be very successful considering it is recognized and played across the globe, and as your favorite sport you will enjoy writing about it.

The problem with a broad niche is although they rank faster on search engines they take time to grow owing to the broader scope and competition. And this is why it is better to explore it further.

Micro niche: Micro niches are the small topics or segments that sum up a broad niche. For example, football shoes. Shoes have a great impact in a football game and are worn as gear. Football shoes can be further drilled down to different types like football shoes for men, football shoes for kids, football shoe bags, etc.

A micro-niche has a brighter prospect from a ranking perspective but some micro niches lack marketing elements.

In my personal opinion, a micro-niche of football shoes is a better option than football shoes for men which is too micro, or just football which is too broad.

So, in the end, it comes down to the personal choice and interest in choosing a type of niche. Whatever type of niche you choose make sure to consider the above-mentioned tips.

In addition, your choice of niche should not be too micro as it may get difficult to sustain it for a longer time. Your personal involvement and availability of products that can be sold online are some of the other aspects that should be on your mind while choosing a niche.

Segregating your list of niches into broad and micro will leave you with limited choices in the list. Maybe one or two. You can start working on these niches but as we emphasized earlier on knowledge and passion which are important aspects from the sustainability perspective it is better to analyze and fit them in both categories.

Football could be your favorite sport which you love to play and are passionate about but it is not necessary that you have all the knowledge about football shoes. So, football shoes will be considered as your passion niche on which you have limited to no knowledge. But at the same time, you can research, explore, and learn more about it owing to your passion.

The next step is to explore more about your niche.

Exploring a trending and profitable niche 

Once you have finalized your niche the next thing is to find out the actual scope, connectivity, and financial elements.

The best way to do this is to go for online research. Make use of Google. Google has a database of online research topics in the form of Google Trends.

Let’s take the example of the football niche. We will keep football as a niche aside and see the trends for football shoes, and football shoes for men.

Looking at the Google Trends results, football shoes have a consistent ride throughout the year with a slight bump towards the end of the year. On the other hand, football shoes for men being too micro has the lowest interest over time though the trends are consistent.

Check the related topics and queries section to get an idea of the products and search terms that have a trending flow. You can further narrow the trend results by selecting a specific region or a country if you have a limited target audience in mind.

In the above example, we have a few results on related queries and one of them is football training shoes. Now, this could be part of your football shoes niche. Let’s check the trending results by clicking on football training shoes.

The trending results are impressive. The flow is consistent with some fluctuations which are common for most of the trends. You can further explore the other related topics and queries to find their trends.

Every related topic and query in Google Trends carries an indication like percentage or breakout. If a topic or a query indicates breakout that means the search term is the most used and has a bigger scope to write about. Choosing these breakout topics will be beneficial in ranking your website faster.

Now, what about the financial element? Google the topic or a query to find the relevant products. In this case, the related topic result is Adidas-design company with an indication of breakout.

Adidas is a very popular and trusted brand for shoes and you will have thousands of products available on different online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. with affiliate programs.

You can add up many brands associated with football shoes and promote the products parallelly sharing your knowledge and passion.

So, in our scenario football shoes will be a niche that covers all the ranking aspects and financial elements required to build a website.

Now refine your list by researching and adding the relevant topics and queries on football shoes from Google Trends and Google. This will broaden your scope of writing with topics that could be new but relevant to your niche. The more you explore and research the trends higher will be your chances of making a revenue-based sustainable website.

Note: Football and Football niche are just an example used to illustrate the niche research.

Final Conclusion

On many occasions, while researching a niche you have to go with your gut feeling. As we discussed, everything is a niche that is searched online by billions of people and the list is going to grow in the future. There is no such thing as called bad niche or a wrong niche.

What you need to do is add your personal touch of hobbies or passions along with some knowledge and related products that will help others. This way you will enjoy writing about your niche and even make some money out of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I am sure if you apply the tips and follow the process provided in this article you will be able to find a niche of your choice that will be easy to write and profitable.

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