How to do Keyword Research with Jaaxy? A Comprehensive review and guide to Jaaxy Keyword Tool

How to do Keyword Research with Jaaxy

Are you planning to use Jaaxy for your keyword research? If yes, then this post is an important read. Because in this review post, I will tell you what Jaaxy is, and how to do keyword research with Jaaxy.

You will also learn about the features, pricing, and pros and cons of using the Jaaxy keyword tool.

Keyword research is essential from indexing and ranking perspectives. This is why you must have a keyword research tool that helps you master your SEO techniques. Is Jaaxy the solution? Let’s find out further!

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What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that offers different features for researching keywords, search analysis, site rankings, and even finding a niche.

Some of the other benefits of Jaaxy include an Alphabet Soup technique that auto-suggests hundreds of terms and references based on your seed keyword.

You can also find affiliate programs in your specific niche, save your keyword list, search historical keywords, and use the Brainstorm option to find relevant ideas and topics for your next post.

Who owns the Jaaxy keyword tool?

Jaaxy is owned by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim the two online entrepreneurs from Canada. The co-founders are also the head honchos of Wealthy Affiliate, a popular affiliate marketing platform.

With this association, a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members use Jaaxy as part of their membership. This is one of the ways to access Jaaxy free of cost (with only Wealthy Affiliate membership fees).

Wealthy Affiliate was actually a keyword research platform when it started in 2005 and was later transformed into a full-fledged affiliate marketing program with Jaaxy taking over the services of keyword research.

With this, Jaaxy becomes one of the oldest keyword research tools in the online industry born even before its direct competitors Ahrefs and SemRush.

How much does Jaaxy cost? Jaaxy pricing

Jaaxy has three pricing options to choose from.

Jaaxy Pricing

Starter (Free):

The Starter option is a trial version for new users who want to test Jaaxy features. This version offers –

  • 30 keyword searches
  • 20 search results
  • 30-site rank analysis
  • Affiliate program finder
  • Keyword list manager
  • Website analyzer
  • Keyword competition data

Pro ($49/month):

Pro membership is perfect for beginners looking to build a new website. It covers everything from the starter version with an addition of –

  • Unlimited keyword searches, search results and search history
  • Sortable search results,
  • Search analysis,
  • QSR and Domain search (Manual),
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Multithread search
  • 2k site rank analysis

Enterprise ($99/month):

The enterprise plan is for pro marketers looking to scale their website and online business. This plan offers everything from the Pro plan along with –

  • QSR and Domain search (Automated),
  • Unlimited keyword lists,
  • Alphabet Soup
  • 10k siterank analysis

As mentioned earlier, you can also access Jaaxy through Wealthy Affiliate membership. There is no difference in the starter membership and this is what you get with paid plans:

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership $49/month (Jaaxy Lite)

All the features of the Jaaxy Pro plan with limited site rank analysis

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus membership $99/month (Jaaxy Enterprise)

All the features of the Jaaxy Enterprise plan with unlimited access.

In practicality, those numbers are somewhat on the higher side. Let’s analyze the pricing of Jaaxy with the features it offers.

What comes with Jaaxy? The features

You don’t get a plethora of features to work on. However, you won’t be dissatisfied either with your efforts using Jaaxy. Here’s what you get:

Keywords – This is a simple keyword research feature with meaningful data. When you want to find keywords/terms on a specific topic just enter the seed keyword in the search bar and click find keywords.

Jaaxy will display data on related keywords, average traffic in a day and month, QSR (quoted search result), KQI (keyword quality indicator), SEO percentage, and available domains.

Alphabet Soup – The Alphabet Soup feature is very much similar to Goole Autosuggest feature. When you enter a seed keyword in the search tab Jaaxy comes up with multiple results in alphabetical order (a to z) around that keyword.

The alphabet is automatically added to your seed keyword. This will help you find long-tail keyword ideas that people are looking for in search engines.

Saved Lists – Saved Lists is nothing but accessing your old keyword history. While doing keyword research you get multiple results and this is where the Saved Lists option comes in handy.

You can click on a few keyword results, create a list, and save them. You can always retrieve them using the Saved Lists feature. The list will show you the number of keywords, traffic, exporting options, and an action tab to edit them.

Search History – As the name suggests, this is an option to view the history of keywords searched by you.

This feature starts with displaying the keyword searches performed recently followed by a long list of historical keywords.

There is nothing exceptional here but just in case you want to refresh your memory on keyword searches made in the past you can use this feature.

Search Analysis – The Search Analysis feature helps you identify the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). More or less, you get to see the websites (in other words your competitor’s) ranking in different search engines.

The option covers mainly Google, Bing, and Yahoo and it shows the number of words, backlinks, Alexa ranking, and Adsense details a particular website has.

The data is pulled out on the basis of the keyword you enter in the search bar. This feature may help you get an idea of how competitive a keyword is and who exactly are your competitors.

Some of the other details you can take advantage of are Meta description and keyword density. The screen basically covers the number of websites and their position followed by SERP details.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Programs from Jaaxy are not just about making money as an affiliate but it also helps you find a suitable niche for your website.

The screen is filled with 4 specific networks Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, and Click Bank. Just enter the product keyword, select the affiliate network you want to find products in, and click on find keywords.

Jaaxy will return an appropriate list of products relevant to your keyword that you can utilize as an affiliate to monetize your website. The details include the affiliate program name, product website, commission percentage, Alexa ranking, and affiliate network.

These details will also help you analyze and broaden your niche ideas.

Brainstorm – The brainstorm feature from Jaaxy is to help you gain ideas on the trending topics that you can research.

The screen is pre-filled with the number of topics that are trending on Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends. These topics are constantly updated so that you can find your next keyword to write an article on.

You can also use the screen to enter your own keyword or a topic to add to your brainstorm queue.

Once you choose a specific topic just click on the plus sign and it gets added to your queue. If you want to check the statistics (keywords, traffic, etc.) on these topics just click on it and Jaaxy will take you to the keyword research screen.

Site Rank – If you want to know the status of your posts/pages in search engines then this is the feature to use.

With Site Rank, you can input a keyword and enter your website domain URL to find the rankings of your site.

The feature covers Google, Bing, and Yahoo which will help you determine the position of your website ranking for the entered keyword post.

Jaaxy will also return the results of other websites that are ranking for the same keyword you have entered. This will again let you analyze your competitors and replicate their strategy to improve your own website’s ranking.

Site Rank is a good option to keep a track of your posts, and monitor the rankings of your website to remain competitive.

Site Rank is the last core feature of Jaaxy. There is an affiliate program and help option that I think needs no explanation. Now, let’s deep dive into some of the core features to see how they work.

How to use Jaaxy:

How to do keyword research with Jaaxy?

There are primarily two ways to do keyword research with Jaaxy:

  1. Simple keyword research – This is the main feature of Jaaxy. The process to perform keyword research sits under ‘Keywords’. To use the feature, enter a keyword or a term you want to explore.

Once you click on find keywords, Jaaxy will display a variety of metrics on your keyword. In our example, entering ‘Jaaxy’ give me these results:

Keyword: You get a bunch of keywords (short and long) that are associated with your topic.

Avg: This is the average number of visitors a particular keyword is getting in a month.

Traffic: Traffic indicates the number of people searching for a keyword in a day. This means the number of visitors you will get if your post ranks on the first page for this keyword.

QSR: Quoted Search Results metrics tell you the number of websites using that same keyword for ranking. You must pay attention here because the higher the number lower will be the chances to rank for that keyword quickly.

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator is there to tell you the relevancy and quality of your keyword. This section is color-coded into green, yellow, and red. Green indicates that the quality of your keyword is good, yellow indicates it’s okay, and red means it’s a poor keyword selection.

SEO: This is the SEO score provided for a particular keyword. The scale is between 1-100 where 100 is easier and 1 is more difficult to rank for your keyword.

Domains: Domains are simply finding a relevant domain name in your keyword research. This option shows the availability of a domain name categories.

In our example, I will go with the keyword ‘Jaaxy keyword research tool review’ that is meaningful, has low competition (QSR), and good SEO score.

  1. Alphabet Soup – The Alphabet Soup technique is the more advanced feature of Jaaxy to find long-tail keywords. How different it is from normal keyword research?

You get a list of long tail keywords with Alphabet Soup that comes up in alphabetical order just like Google Autosuggest.

But unlike Google Autosuggest where you have to type in a-z before and after your keywords to get the suggestions Jaaxy does this automatically.

Using our example of ‘Jaaxy’ the alphabet soup feature came up with unlimited keyword phrases and terms you can think of. Starting from ‘a’ it goes on to ‘z’ and it helps you get 100s of ideas and topics to write upon.

The best part of Alphabet Soup is its connection with Google Instant which is used to pull the data. This means you are not dealing with some kind of outdated stuff but real searches performed by real people on Google.

In order to explore the metrics on a key phrase just click ‘search on this’ and you will be directed to the keyword research tab for more details on traffic, SEO, etc.

How to get targeted traffic with Jaaxy

The Alphabet Soup technique is the best way to get targeted traffic with Jaaxy.

When you enter a keyword/term in the Alphabet Soup search bar it comes up with 1000s of results combining long-tail and short-term keywords.

If you want to have specific details on any keyword you can explore it in the main keyword research tab.

The keyword research tab will show you the average traffic (per month and per day) for a specific keyword.

Choose the keyword that has higher traffic, low competition, and the highest SEO score and you are good to get targeted traffic.

How to get more traffic using Jaaxy

To get more traffic using Jaaxy, you must always consider 3 factors while choosing a keyword.

Traffic – Ensure there is enough traffic precisely 100 visitors a day for your targeted keyword.

QSR – The number of competing websites should be as low as possible. Anything below 100 is ideal to rank faster.

SEO – The SEO score should be close to 100 as it helps you rank your chosen keywords quickly.

Finally, make sure the keyword you are choosing makes sense. It is also important to consider the human elements and meaningful terms that people are actually searching for.

If you apply all the above three factors while choosing a keyword there is no doubt you can get more traffic with Jaaxy.

How to use Jaaxy for niche research

You can use the Brainstorm and Affiliate Programs sections to use Jaaxy for niche research.

For example, when you input a keyword to find a product in your existing niche using Affiliate Programs, Jaaxy will produce multiple results displaying relevant products and the sub-products associated with them.

These sub-products can be targeted for your niche research.

Secondly, the Brainstorm feature is perfect for researching a niche. Here, Jaaxy keeps updating the trending topics searches across Google, Alexa, Amazon, and Twitter.

You can take advantage of these topics by adding them to your Brainstorm queue. Explore them further through the keyword research tab and if there are enough traffic and SEO elements you can make it your next niche.

How accurate is the Jaaxy keyword tool?

Accuracy is not a big deal if the tool has been developed to use metrics directly from Google.

This is the reason 8 out of 10 times you would find Jaaxy keyword results spot on as they are pulled in from Google Instant. And the best way to explore this information is by using Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup feature.

For example, typing in ‘how to make money online’ in Google gives me these results.

When I entered the same term in Jaaxy Alphabet Soup it spitted out 100s of results that also included some of the searches shown by Google.  

This proves that Jaaxy works well on its claim of providing accurate keyword searches through Google.

Do this mean Jaaxy is 100% accurate? The answer is NO.

Jaaxy keyword tool or for that matter any of the keyword tools are not 100% accurate when it comes to offering metrics related to a particular keyword.

This is because all these tools rely on some third-party resources to collect the data which is derived from user behavior among different search engines.

The end result is based on predictions, and estimations and does vary according to the algorithms and metrics of these third-party tools.

Taking our ‘how to make money online’ example, when I do the keyword research in Jaaxy here is what I get.

Jaaxy say’s that ranking for ‘how to make money online’ is not too difficult, in fact normal. But the human element in me says that this is a common term searched by millions of people and it won’t be easy ranking for it unless Google has given you authority.

If you search this term in any other keyword tool, I am sure the statistics and ranking difficulty score will be very different.

So, my take is none of the keyword tools are completely accurate and I personally don’t rely on just the data and SEO scores of the keyword tool I use. One must always go and cross-verify the keyword details directly with the boss- Google.

Is the Jaaxy keyword tool worth the price?

The starting price to use Jaaxy is $49/month. This is not too high considering the value and features it brings to the keyword and SEO segments.

There are no major complications in using Jaaxy however, the tool is not as robust and data-driven as Ahrefs. This could be also owing to the accessibility based on your pricing plans but still, you won’t get millions of keyword terms and searches like Ahrefs.

But again, why would a beginner or a new website owner want to have that much data and that too for a starting price range of close $100? Expensive right?

What about Semrush? Semrush is more than just a keyword or SEO tool. It also offers content marketing, backlink analysis, website audit, etc. and this is the reason you will love using it as a pro affiliate marketer who can pay a starting price of 100 plus dollars.

Some of the other options like KWFinder, and Ubersuggest are cheaper than Jaaxy but lack features like competition analysis, niche research, and brainstorming.

Combining all these together, Jaaxy somewhat falls in between of KWFinder and Ahrefs which makes it a valuable competitor with that pricing.

Who can use Jaaxy?

With the kind of keyword research features and SEO factors Jaaxy offers it is an ideal tool for bloggers, affiliate marketers (especially beginners), marketing agencies, SEO consultants, and content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jaaxy legit?

Yes. Jaaxy is a very much legit keyword tool. The platform is owned by reputed online entrepreneurs and owners of Wealthy Affiliate which is running since 2005.

Is there Jaaxy free alternative?

Some of the alternatives to Jaaxy include KWFinder, LongTail Pro, SemRush, and Ahrefs. None of these keyword tools are completely free but you can test their features using a free trial for limited days.

What is Jaaxy QSR?

Jaaxy QSR which stands for Quoted Search Results is the metric related to keyword competition.

The numbers under QSR show how many websites are using the same keyword term you are targeting.

A lower QSR should be ideal for new website owners.

What is the importance of the Jaaxy keyword tool in SEO?

Jaaxy is very important when it comes to finding the difficulty score to rank for a keyword, and analyzing your competitors and their rankings.

The SEO score in Jaaxy indicates how difficult or easy it will be to rank for a chosen keyword. The numbers are shown in reverse order from 1-100. 1 is the most difficult and 100 means easier.

Target the keywords that are close to a 100 SEO score and you have a great chance of ranking faster.

Secondly, Jaaxy offers insights on tracking and analyzing your competitor’s rankings and data associated with those rankings. This can be achieved through SiteRank which will show you the number of websites ranking for a particular keyword.

To explore further on these websites, go through the Search Analysis feature that displays the word count, backlinks, Alexa rankings, meta description, etc. pertaining to that post.

If the numbers are moderate to low then you have a good chance of outranking these websites with proper SEO.

Which is the better tool for SEO purposes Jaaxy or SemRush?

Jaaxy is more inclined towards keyword research driven by the Google Instant database. Perfecting keyword research, and applying the on-page SEO elements with Jaaxy will help you improve your website’s SEO metrics.

SemRush is an analytically advanced tool that offers more data and analysis on search volumes, competitors, backlinks, and other SEO metrics.

So, if you are a practical person looking to constantly improve your SEO methods through keyword research then Jaaxy is better. However, if you rely on comprehensive data and metrics to work on your websites then SemRush should be your choice.


Simple to use – Jaaxy user interface is very simple and easy to use. There are no two thoughts on searching and toggling between different features of Jaaxy.

The top bar serves as a guide and once you find a suitable keyword you can easily play with it under SiteRank, Search Analysis, or Alphabet Soup.

More than just keywords – Jaaxy offers a lot more than just keyword research. There is no denying that you can find keywords on Jaaxy that are most searched on Google, it will also give you stats and details on domain availability, affiliate programs, and even trending topics through brainstorming.

Competition tracking and SEO elements are finely covered under Search Analysis and SiteRank features.

Excellent Alphabet Soup method – The Alphabet Soup technique is one of its kind in Jaaxy. Blessed with Google Instant, you can find thousands of long-tail keywords and phrases that have high-intent buying potential.

This feature remains one of the main differences and the biggest strength of Jaaxy against its competitors.

Lots of SEO potential – The SEO score, Search Analysis, and SiteRank features have the potential to offer lots of insights on SEO. By using these features, one can analyze their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

This paves the way to target those keywords that are still untouched and have a high turnaround in the search engines which can bring more traffic, more sales, and more revenue.

Very affordable – The Pro package ($49/month) from Jaaxy is affordable for all segments of users. The features and tools offered under this membership are unmatched by some of its competitors.

Agreed there are alternatives cheaper than Jaaxy but the tools lack inclusivity. You may end up paying more than $49 to get all the features in one package which makes Jaaxy preferable.

You can save more money if you access Jaaxy through Wealthy Affiliate. A $49 membership offers the Jaaxy Pro version with unlimited access not only to the keyword tool but all the premium features of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


No data on backlinks – Unlike its competitors, Jaaxy completely misses the SEO game by avoiding the metrics on backlink analysis.

The only way to look at other websites’ backlinks is through Search Analysis and there is no way you can track or measure them through Jaaxy.

This does not have a direct impact on your website’s SEO but having the knowledge of backlinks can help you rank faster and gain authority among search engines.

Limited contact support – Under Jaaxy help, what you get is learning materials and videos on how to use Jaaxy and keyword research aspects.

Although, Jaaxy is not at all complicated to use in case you need some kind of assistance or help the only way to get in touch is through the contact form.

Alternatively, Jaaxy is fully integrated with Wealthy Affiliate, and users accessing it through Wealthy Affiliate will never be short on support.

Conclusion: Is Jaaxy a good keyword tool and recommended?

If you want to find keywords or topics that are easier to rank, have high search volumes, and low competition then Jaaxy is a good keyword tool.

Another reason to personally recommend it is its Alphabet Soup feature. You can find tons of keywords of different lengths, sizes, and values to capture audiences with high-buying intent. This will definitely help you scale your affiliate marketing business.

Jaaxy is not without some drawbacks. If you have an authoritative website or you are advancing at a great pace in your business then you will sorely miss backlink analysis, and in-depth details related to on-page SEO elements of your competitors.

To conclude, Jaaxy is an excellent tool for beginners, niche website owners, and users who rely on high-converting keywords.

It definitely has the features and pricing to help you jumpstart and establish your website authority slowly and smoothly.

Quality keyword research has the power to drive substantial traffic to your website content. If you want to perfect the art of keyword research, and use it to scale your business then Jaaxy is not a bad deal.

So, start your 30 searches for free!


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