How to build social media strategy with Pinterest: Step-by-step guidance

How to build social media strategy

Social media carries a lot of weight in terms of driving traffic and empowering your website to grow eventually. There are many websites and businesses that rely on additional traffic from social media to generate revenue. But the traffic and revenue are not natural. You have to follow a certain process and build a strategy with social media channels to see the growth. In this post, I will tell you how to build social media strategy with Pinterest that will help you add another source of traffic easily.

Pinterest holds its own position among users worldwide with visuals being the center stage. By following a structure that provides valuable insights through engaging visuals you can expect to establish a brand for your business with Pinterest.

What is a social media strategy?

It is a step-by-step process to follow certain steps and perform actions regularly on social media to improve engagement by exchanging content.

In other words, social media strategy is working towards the goal of increasing your followers by sharing posts, commenting, further sharing, and directing them to your website.

What is Pinterest?

For those of you who don’t know about Pinterest, the answer is simple. It is another social media platform that is used to exchange information and market your business with the help of images or videos.

Unlike Facebook, or Twitter where one can share anything Pinterest’s marketing strategies rely purely on visuals that should be part of every post or information you want to share.

Pinterest’s popularity has been growing tremendously in the last few years and it is an effective platform that must be used for marketing your business.

Why do you need a social media strategy?

As we know that a strategy works on certain procedures that one needs to follow to achieve their goal. And in our case, the goal is to earn revenue with our online business or a website.

Yes, you can do this by simply accessing your social media profiles and sharing your website content. But this activity is not a full-proof assurance to provide a detailed analysis on how many people have actually looked at your content, and if they have, what are the actions they have taken by reading your posts.

So, it makes no sense to just post your content on social media channels and forget about it. The casual approach of using social media may not be beneficial.

So, what should you do? One, increase your followers. Grow your network by following like-minded people or groups who are relevant to your website or business niche. And second, work on engagement. Remain active on your social media profile by spending some time may be an hour or two on commenting, liking, sharing the content or posts of the people you follow.

Your strategy to build social media growth should be based on the above two components that are building your network and creating engagement. And the secret to doing this is by making this strategy a schedule of your daily routine.

Let’s see how you can do this by using Pinterest.

How to build social media strategy with Pinterest?

Pinterest mainly works on visuals but the other factors remain very much the same like Facebook or Instagram where you can like somebody’s pin, share it further, follow them, etc. And these options will be our focus to grow the network and increase the number of followers for our profile.

Because more followers create more engagement and generate more clicks on the links of the post that will direct them to our website.

Step-by-step process on increasing Pinterest followers –

Before following the steps below make sure you have a Pinterest account preferably a business account. A business account is more helpful in giving you detailed analysis on clicks, audiences, devices, location, etc.

Step 1 – With every post you share on Pinterest ensure to follow at least 3 accounts/profiles that are similar to your brand/niche and also follow the people within those accounts.

For example, if your brand or niche is about dieting then follow the people that have boards and pins on dieting topics.

Go to your Pinterest profile dashboard and check the profiles of the people you are following, click on your followers and the screen will open like this.

social media strategy pinterest following list

Next, click on the name of the profile and it will take you to that person’s Pinterest profile dashboard.

Check the people they are following and find the profiles that are relevant to your niche. Choose at least 3 profiles and follow them. You can choose to follow more depending on your research and permission of time.

Step 2 – Follow the creators and pinners. That means if you like someone’s pin that is interesting and also according to your brand or niche but not limited to, check the profile who actually created that pin and follow it.

Secondly, check the person’s profile who actually pinned it on their board and follow it. Check the screenshot example below.

Step 3 – Ask others to save, share, comment on your pins. Now, this is a voluntary option that you can set up on your Pinterest profile which is called ‘Invite Collaborators’.


Go to your profile dashboard and select one of your Pinterest boards. Next, click on the ‘Plus’ icon next to your profile picture. It will open a screen showing ‘Invite Collaborators’ options.

The screen will provide you with a link to share with others and also show an option for what your invited collaborators can do with your pins. By default, the option will be ‘Do (almost) everything’. You need to change this option to ‘Save and comment’ as the first option also provides deletion of pins to your collaborators which is not appropriate.

Select the ‘Save and comment’ option and click on done. This will allow your followers to save, organize, comment, and react on the pins of their own or others that they can share on your specific Pinterest board.

This may not necessarily increase the traffic for your website but it will surely increase the chances of growing your Pinterest network. And all the above three steps will end up giving more exposure to your boards, and pins which will eventually increase your followers.

At the same time, it also helps Pinterest to take notice of your account who will then start marketing your profile boards and pins according to its algorithm.

Step-by-step process on engaging Pinterest followers –

One of the main factors to engagement is consistency. Remain consistent in creating boards, and pins on your Pinterest profile. If you don’t have anything to share from your website, go through others’ pins on Pinterest and share them on your account. You can also re-purpose and re-pin your posts with different keywords, and terms.

One of the other ways to create consistency is through automation. You can automate posts to Pinterest by following the below steps:

Go to Pinterest profile > Settings > Bulk create Pins

Next, go to Auto-publish option > Connect RSS Feed > RSS Feed URL

To get the RSS Feed URL, go to your website URL and add Feed after your website name. For example, This will open up a screen of codes. Just copy and paste it into RSS Feed URL. Select the board* you want the posts to go in. Next, press Save and done.

Going forward, whenever you create a new post on your website it will automatically go to Pinterest as a Pin saved to the board selected while setting up the RSS feed.

*Important Note: Before pasting the RSS Feed URL ensure to create a separate Pinterest board dedicated to your website’s niche posts. For example, dieting, so create a board dedicated to dieting posts/pins.

Another way of engagement is sharing the pins directly from your website to your reader’s Pinterest profile.

To do this, go to any of your Pins and click on the three dots that you see just beside your Pin image. Click on ‘Get pin embed code’ and it will generate a URL.

Next, go to your website article or post relevant to this pin and embed the code on your post page wherever you like but prefer to do it at the end of the post.

This will create a Pinterest pin on your post itself from where your visitors/readers can directly share it on their Pinterest profiles.

Last but not least is commenting. Comment on those 3 accounts that you have started to follow. Write something nice that will encourage the opposite person to follow and like your pins. Share your experience through comments if relevant. End the comments by clicking on emoticons.

The more you comment and like other people’s pins and boards the more liking and comments you will receive in return that will gradually increase your followers and improve engagement.

Ensure to follow the above steps with every post that you share on Pinterest and make it a strategy to spend some time on social media channels by remaining active and posting regularly.

Final Conclusion

Your purpose of using social media (in this case Pinterest) should be different than using your Facebook or Instagram accounts. First of all, the account should be specific to the business. And then, as we have seen there are many components inside of Pinterest that allow you to create engagement factors.

Using these components strategically, you will be able to increase your Pinterest followers which will effectively increase visitors to your website.

The more the number of followers, the higher will be chances of getting more clicks and generating more revenue. And to increase the number of followers it is important to create engagement and remain consistent in your approach of using Pinterest.

If you are looking for more such methods and strategies that will help you build a profitable online business then check out my no.1 recommendation here. Apart from the strategies, you will get to build a website, access to a keyword research tool, an awesome set of training and resources, and 24/7 support.


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