How to build a website for free and in 30 seconds


One of the possible ways to scale-up and commercialize your business is by taking it online. Online identification of every business is through a website. A good looking, and professional website helps in increasing your customer-base potentially through online research. The higher the customers, the higher chances of generating excessive revenue from your business.

Building a website seems a demanding task and has to be perfect from all the aspects. Professional website builders or platforms will help you in creating your desired website but you have to shell out a large chunk of money as contracting fee, and for maintenance that may not be affordable for everyone.

In view of the beginners who want to start an online business or someone involved in online marketing needs constant support and appropriate knowledge about building a website. Read on the information below on how to build a website for free and in 30 seconds.

 What to look for while building a website:


A website has two fronts for its owner. A front end is where you as an owner has the access to website designing dashboard. The other front is the backend that needs technical coding with no access to you.

Relevant Theme: Depending on your type of business and content, you have to select the relevant theme. There are thousands of themes available for different niche and contents. A relevant theme has favorable options to absorb your business content with attractive appearance. An appropriate theme is considered as a symbol of identification for your targeted audience.

Simple layout: Your selected theme will have many options to make your website beautiful, colorful, and attractive. But it is better to keep the website design simple and sober to avoid the distraction. Creating too many menus, inputting larger images, and visualizing effects may diverse your audience’s attention.

Responsive: Your website should be fast and responsive. The processing speed and navigation clicks play an important part in retaining your customers. Nobody likes to remain on a website staring at the processing icon constantly. Make sure to keep your website versions up-to-date, avoid installing unnecessary plug-ins or any other external source just to enhance your website appearance.

Plug-ins: Some of the plug-ins are meant to enhance and provide automated features to your website. You have to ensure the installed plug-ins are safe and security-compliant that is not impacting the performance of your website.

Site Security & Support: Last but not least is the security of your website. Low-security websites are highly vulnerable to malware attacks and easily hackable. You have to ensure that your website has security-enabled features accompanied with online support to resolve any type of issues in a timely manner.

Best 3 website building platforms:

The 3 most popular website building platforms that help you in building, hosting, and maintaining your website are:

wordpress-dashboard has multiple features for online business. Their primary option is registering domains and along with that, you can add website building. You can build your website with the registered domain and also get hosting services from GoDaddy that are similar to the WordPress platform. All the services are offered on separate charging terms.

Pricing-You end up paying close to $70 a month for all the website hosting features.

Bluehost is another player in the website building market. It has attractive packages that include website building and hosting and goes hand-in-hand with It is ideal for small and medium businesses and CMS (Content Management System).

Pricing-Bluehost offers advanced website building and hosting services with all the features at $60 a month.

Website building and hosting is hassle-free at It offers variety of packages depending on the type of website you want to build. Whether it is retail or commercial website, has got it covered.

Pricing-An all-inclusive package will cost you around $70 a month to host your website.

All the website building platforms have free-lite versions with limited features and premium paid versions. Depending on the choice of your website theme, it is better to opt for a premium paid version theme that has all the options, features, and support that provide a convincing experience to you and your customers.

How do you build a website for free and in 30 seconds?

Do you know I can build a website for free and that too in half a minute. No need to learn any coding or any technicalities to build your website. You just have to follow 3 steps:


1) Join At Wealthy Affiliate, you can join free 7-day starter membership to build one website of your choice with all the basic features.

2) Build your website: Watch the video on how to create a professional and beautiful website in 30 seconds for free.

3) Start your online business: Follow the Online Entrepreneurship Certification training to start your online business for free and make money through your website.

Final Thoughts: Building a website has never been this easy

Thousands of successful online entrepreneurs are earning millions of dollars every month through their websites. Building a website is like a cakewalk. You don’t have to worry about any technicalities or maintenance of website building and hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and you can build a professional-looking website to earn consistent money.

A 7-day free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate give you all the basic training on affiliate marketing, website building, hosting, etc to build you a successful online business.

I hope the above information is helpful in making you decide on choosing the best platform to build your website. If you have any queries or want to share your opinion please leave them below and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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