How to be an Entrepreneur at Home

How to be an Entrepreneur at Home

If you wish to become an entrepreneur working from home then you are reading the right article. In this post, I will tell you how to be an entrepreneur at home.

Many of us dream to have our own business. We want to be our own boss, work at our own pace, at our own time, and convenience, and want to earn a good amount of money every month. But our routine 9-5 jobs and other commitments act as hurdles to achieve our dreams.

I was personally looking for alternative ways to make money that can replace my job. Starting your own business demands lots of personal involvement, time, and money which was difficult for me to do along with my existing job. That’s the reason I started researching the internet on the ‘Make Money Online’ topic.

I found many resources such as online surveys, typing captcha jobs, online transcription jobs, etc.

But none of them were good enough to make you an entrepreneur. They were good platforms to work for but the resources could not fulfill my dream of earning big and achieving financial freedom.

Another result that came up very often was ‘Affiliate Marketing‘.

After spending some time reading and researching about affiliate marketing I found it to be interesting and worth doing it mainly for the following reasons:

  • You can do affiliate marketing at your own convenience,
  • You don’t have to spend too much money on learning to do affiliate marketing,
  • You can achieve your dream income and financial freedom by doing affiliate marketing along with your existing job,
  • And lastly, achieve entrepreneurship by becoming a professional affiliate marketer at home.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is done by promoting other’s (people or companies) products or services and earn commissions.

You don’t have to spend any money, do monitoring, or perform any manual activity, to earn or store the products to do this.

What you have to do is just promote the products online and earn recurring commissions.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take an example of one of the biggest affiliate marketers in the world –


Do you know Amazon is a leading affiliate marketer in the world? Not officially but…

Yes, most of the products sold on Amazon is owned by someone else. What Amazon does is just promote them on their website, and earn commissions from the owners of the products on each sale.

Today, Amazon is earning millions of dollars every day and is a renowned name in every household.

Do you wish to be another Amazon?

Well, not everybody can become like Amazon but can achieve greater financial success by doing affiliate marketing. With proper learning, hard work, and consistency you can be another Amazon in the making.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

There are thousands of industries/companies that pay to promote their products.

Affiliate Marketing can be done in any niche or topic. The best part about affiliate marketing is a majority of affiliate programs are free to join.

Let’s say you love traveling and frequently book hotels, then you can become an affiliate of to promote their hotels. has an affiliate program where they pay their affiliates if someone does the hotel booking using their affiliate links. affiliate program

When you join affiliate program, you will be provided with an affiliate link. pay commissions on every booking done through your affiliate link.

For each booking, pay between 5-6% commission.

That means if someone uses your affiliate link to book a hotel costing $500 you will earn between $25-$30.

With 10 people using your link for booking, the earnings will be $250-$300,

…and with 100 people using your link for booking, the earnings will be $2500-$3000.

Just sharing the affiliate links with your friends, or relatives on Facebook or any other communication channel can bring in regular commissions.

Hotels is one of the examples. If you don’t like traveling or hotels still you can find thousands of products online to promote and earn commissions.

For example, if you love to drive you can go to Amazon and find many products related to driving.

Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

You can join the program for free, search for driving products in the Amazon search bar…

…select the products, grab your affiliate link and start sharing.

Amazon has a structured commission plan for different categories of products. The commissions vary between 1%-10%.

Driving products fall under Automotive category that has 4.5% commission.

If one person uses your affiliate link to buy a car vacuum cleaner for $100 you will earn $4.5.

If 10 people use your link to buy the vacuum cleaner you will earn $45, if 100 people use your link to buy the vacuum cleaner you will earn $450.

Remember, these earnings are only from one product. Imagine the amounts of commissions you can earn by promoting 100’s of products. The more people purchase the products through your affiliate links the more you earn.

Affiliate Marketing is not limited to Amazon. You can join Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, and many more such platforms to find your choice of products to promote. But…

…just sharing the affiliate links on different channels may not bring the desired financial results. The earnings will be limited to your friend circle and social media groups.

So, what is the other solution?

How do you recognize Amazon,

By visiting their website. Every affiliate marketer has their own website where they promote their favorite products and earn thousands of dollars every month.

By building a website you can create a brand for yourself following the likes of Amazon, and other e-commerce giants.

What happens when you build a website

  • You build a website,
  • Write valuable information and reviews about your favorite products,
  • Join the affiliate programs,
  • Share the affiliate links of the products on your website.

When your website starts appearing in search engines more and more people visit your website, read your reviews and buy the products through your affiliate links, you get commissions by the owner of the product.

The commissions are directly sent to your account every month.

Your website will be your primary source of income that appears in search engines such as Google, and Yahoo. These search engines rank your website basis the amount of content you have, how helpful and valuable is your website for the visitors.

You can add an end number of contents, or information about the products or services you want to promote with affiliate links to earn unlimited income. The more content you have, the more visitors will be sent to your website every day.

The more visitors you have, the higher commissions you will earn every day. The best thing about building a website is you keep getting the commissions even if you stop working on your website. Don’t believe me? Check this!

Search engines will continue showing your website and people will continue visiting and buying products from your website.

Affiliate Marketing is a passive income concept where you continue to earn money for the years to come.

In a year’s time, with proper learning and implementation, you will be in a position to outsource your website work to professional freelancers and just monitor the proceedings and income.

This is how you achieve entrepreneurship status working from home by doing affiliate marketing.

Simple? Not really…

I am sure you must be asking a few things here.

>> How do I know all the above points about affiliate marketing?

>> Who knows how to build a website?

>> How do I write information and reviews about the products of my choice?

Well, that’s the trickiest part and this is where you need proper training and guidance to learn and implement affiliate marketing.

I was in the same mind and researched on affiliate marketing courses for many months on the internet.

What do you need to start doing Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, you need just four things to start doing affiliate marketing:

  1. A computer/laptop with an internet connection,
  2. Step-by-step training on affiliate marketing,
  3. A website, and….
  4. Continuous guidance and support on the affiliate marketing process and website technicalities

My research ended when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches how to do affiliate marketing, build websites, and monetize them to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform was not an immediate or overnight decision.

I first joined their free plan to check how the platform works, what are the features and benefits, how is the support, how much I have to pay for being a regular member of Wealthy Affiliate, and does it actually makes you wealthy.

And this is what I found…



…and 100’s of such stories on achieving financial freedom and success through affiliate marketing with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Now if you want to be a part of this successful bandwagon then you will have to become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

What do you get at Wealthy Affiliate as a paid member:

1. Step-by-step training course on Affiliate Marketing (value $79)

Wealthy Affiliate Training Course

The course includes Online Entrepreneurship Certification (70 lessons) and WA Bootcamp Training (50 lessons),

You will also get access to weekly webinars by industry experts on various affiliate marketing tips and tricks to achieve quicker success,

Through this course you will learn:

  • Basics of doing affiliate marketing,
  • Choosing a niche or topic of your choice,
  • Building website (s),
  • How to write valuable content and attract traffic/visitors to your website (s),
  • Finding and Joining different affiliate programs,
  • How to monetize and earn regular commissions consistently.

2. Website Building & Hosting (value $49)

Wealthy Affiliate has its own website builder called SiteRubix. With just one click you can build as many as 10 websites without any technical knowledge or coding skills.

The hosting is a powerhouse. The websites run without any technical issues at a faster speed.

The website hosting includes important features such as Site speed, Site security, and Site support.

3. Website Domains (value $10)

Domains are your website name or URL. You don’t have to visit different domain platforms such as GoDaddy to buy your domain.

You can find and purchase your own domain (as many as you want) inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

4. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (value $99)

Keywords are the terms that are used by your visitors to search the information on search engines.

Keywords are very important to get ranked in Google, and Yahoo to attract visitors to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Jaaxy keyword research tool to search the end number of keywords for your website.

It goes without saying that the Jaaxy keyword research tool is like a heart to pump your website building and scaling. You get free access to this tool that has many valuable features.

5. Affiliate Programs (value $20)

You can find your favorite affiliate programs and products inside wealthy affiliate.

There are reputable affiliate partners such as Rakuten, Clickbank, etc. that pay up to 50% commissions for promoting their products.

This saves you lots of time from doing personal research on finding relevant affiliate programs for your website.

6. Wealthy Affiliate Member Community Support (value $50)

Wealthy Affiliate is home to more than 2 million members worldwide and still growing.

You can ask anything related to your affiliate marketing training, websites, affiliate programs, etc. to receive an immediate reply from any of these members inside the live chat option 24×7.

You can also access valuable trainings on different topics created by Wealthy Affiliate members based on their personal knowledge and experience.

As a paid member, you also get access to communicate directly with the founders of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle & Carson) for any help or support.

Support and hand holding are very important in any business and this is where Wealthy Affiliate stands tall among others.

7. Site Support (value $30)

Site support is a technical team to respond and resolve any queries or issues related to your website building and hosting.

The support team is really quick and is available 24×7 to reply to your queries/issues within 30 minutes.

Apart from the above core features of Wealthy Affiliate you also get miscellaneous benefits such as personal blogging, website comments & feedback, creating your own trainings that are worth mentioning.

The total value for all the above features individually will cost you:

$79 + $49 + $10 + $99 + $20 + $50 + $30 = $337 per month

However, at Wealthy Affiliate, you get all the above features at just <<$49 per month>>.

This is the most undervalued price I have found for so many features on a single platform.

In comparison, a single website building and hosting platform with all the necessary features will cost you around $50 per month. This will be without any training, domains, research tools, community support, etc.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a yearly payment of $495 that will save almost 20% of the cost and be worth the investment for what you will achieve in one year’s time.

Wealthy Affiliate paid membership is a proven method to become a professional affiliate marketer like Amazon.

If you are still hesitant about spending money upfront and want to check how affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate works then you can create a free account. You will get free access to the following features for 7-days.

Step-by-step free training course on Affiliate Marketing

The course includes:

  • Online Entrepreneurship Certification (10 lessons) and WA Bootcamp Training (10 lessons),
  • Access to 2 classroom trainings,
  • Building one website,
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (30 keyword searches),
  • Choosing a niche or topic of your choice,
  • Learn how to write valuable content and attract traffic/visitors to your website,
  • Join one affiliate program and how to monetize your website,
  • Personal blogging,
  • Communicate with experts.

The above features are enough to give you an idea of how affiliate marketing works and how to become an affiliate marketer in 7-days for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I have to invest in affiliate marketing?

Spending money is the first thing that comes to mind and this is the most commonly asked question. Based on my personal experience, anything between $50-$100 per month will suffice the requirements of doing affiliate marketing. Remember, you are spending money in an online business that brings in consistent revenue for a long time.

How much time do I have to spend doing affiliate marketing?

If you are employed or have other tasks to perform spending an hour or two every day is enough. Working every day for an hour will maintain consistency which is the key to build your affiliate marketing business.

How much time does it take to see the financial results in affiliate marketing?

It all depends on your commitment and dedication to doing affiliate marketing. As a full-time affiliate marketer and with all the aspects in place, you will get to see positive results in 6 months. The progress and result may be slow and take at least a year for the people who are doing it part-time.

Can I do affiliate marketing along with my existing job?

Yes. You can do affiliate marketing along with your existing job if you are good at time management skills. There are lots of people who started doing affiliate marketing with their existing job. Once they achieved success, these people switched to full-time affiliate marketing quitting their jobs.

Below is an example from Wealthy Affiliate:

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate

Venturing into any business requires you to have some knowledge about it. This is to ensure that your first step towards building your business doesn’t fall back. You need to learn before you start a business and also keep learning while you build your business.

With learning, you need to spend some time and invest some money. This applies to any kind of business. Without knowledge, time, and money you will be building a baseless infrastructure that can run into losses and fall flat with failure.

For learning, you will find many scams about affiliate marketing on the internet. Some of the platforms I have come across ask you to pay more and promise instant success without doing any hard work. These are just attractive gimmicks to ruin your hard-earned money.

There are four basic keywords to achieve success in affiliate marketing. Knowledge, hard work, persistence, and patience.

All the above details are the result of my personal knowledge and experience that I gained on affiliate marketing with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Sharing it with you gives me a great feeling!

If you’re serious about fulfilling your dream of becoming an entrepreneur working from home then it’s your turn to implement the above learning into your full-time online business with the help of the best tools and resources at Wealthy Affiliate.

Disclaimer: This post has some affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and subscribe to the program I will earn some commissions without any extra cost to you.

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