How is Oberlo for dropshipping: Oberlo 101 Dropshipping Course Review

How is Oberlo for Dropshipping
How is Oberlo for Dropshipping

There are more than a thousand and one dropshipping courses out there. The dilemma many people face is in knowing the right course to choose. I was once at the stage where you are now when I wanted to start my online business in dropshipping. I had many questions to ask but there was no one to provide the answers. Don’t bother yourself. I have got you covered. In this review, I will take care of most of your concerns regarding the Oberlo 101 course. So, how is Oberlo for dropshipping?

You have to avoid the temptation of starting a dropshipping course without any basic knowledge. You must get some form of training before delving into dropshipping. Purchasing a video course is one great way to educate yourself on dropshipping. 

This is why I am reviewing the Oberlo 101 Dropshipping Course. Is this course legit or scam? This review will help you find out as I continue. So let’s get started

How is Oberlo for Dropshipping? An Overview

Oberlo 101 is ranked 6th out of 30 dropshipping courses. The course is presented by Jessica Guzik who is a successful Dropshipper. Oberlo 101 covers different areas of dropshipping so you can be well equipped and successful in the business. It provides a systematic approach to finding genuine and trustworthy suppliers. Choosing a product and niche is always a big headache for many aspiring dropshippers. 

This course throws a lot of light on how to select the right product and pick a good niche. Facebook advertising is another aspect that should not be overlooked by anyone who desires success in dropshipping. This part is very comprehensive. It starts with how to create an Ad account and finding your target audience. It also includes setting up your campaign goals, creating captivating video ads, retargeting campaigns, and sales optimization.

The Oberlo 101 course information

The Oberlo 101 course contains a total of 23 lessons packed into a 7 hours video. This course is professionally presented with a user-friendly design that makes it interesting to follow to the end. When compared with other expensive courses such as the eCom Success Academy and Dropship Lifestyle, you will understand that the Oberlo 101 dropshipping course stands out from the crowd because of its affordability and comprehensive delivery. 

Oberlo 101 is not a course designed by one person. Other experienced contributors shared their thoughts in the course to make it very rich. These contributors include Paul Lee, Chris Wane, Scott Hilse, Harry Coleman, Yuliya, and Mike.

Oberlo 101 breakdown

The course entails the following:

  • Various types of e-commerce business models with special attention paid to dropshipping
  • How to find the right products to sell
  • Locating the ideal suppliers
  • Setting up a Shopify store
  • How to populate identified products
  • And lastly, how to create Facebook Ads

Oberlo 101 Modules

The Oberlo 101 dropshipping course is divided into 5 modules. The modules are as follow:

Module 1 – Getting started with Oberlo 101

This is an introduction to dropshipping. Navigating your way through the course is what this module is all about. There is also a link to FAQs.

The highlight of this introductory lesson includes:

  • How to get the most of Oberlo 101
  • A short introduction to dropshipping business
  • Three different types of dropshipping business models

There is nothing much in this module since it is just introductory. The video lasts for 19 minutes.  

Module 2 – Finding the right products to sell

In this module, you will learn the following:

  •  The sharing of excellent product ideas
  • Choosing the winning products for your e-Commerce store
  • Finding reliable and dependable suppliers

This module is of great importance to beginners in dropshipping. Finding the right products that sell like hell and locating the right suppliers for these products are germane to the success of any dropshipper. Without having a good grasp on these two, the dream of becoming a successful dropshipper will die at an early stage.

Despite being a 20 minutes video, this module covers all there is about finding the right products and suppliers.

Module 3 – Setting up your online store

This is the section that discusses how you setup your Shopify store. You will have to sign up for Shopify, think of a good business name and use the Oberlo automated system to add products to your Shopify store. Setting up a store on Shopify is easy. It requires no coding or technical skills. It is a simplified process.

In the module, the presenter puts you through a thoughtful process of choosing a business name with ease. You get a detailed explaination on how you can choose a name for your dropshipping business.

Adding products to your store is a breeze with Oberlo automated system. This saves you a lot of time. With the Oberlo software, there is no longer a need to manually add products to your store. The video time for this module is 2 hours, 13 minutes.

Module 4 – Using Facebook Ads to launch your store

This module is summarized as follows:

  • Explains how Facebook Ads Algorithm works
  • The right way to set up Facebook Ad campaigns and optimize the campaigns effectively
  • How to make videos that grab the attention of your prospective buyers
  • Analyzing Facebook Ad results and how to adjust your Ad campaigns appropriately

The reality is that you cannot do without social media campaigns especially Facebook if you want to succeed in the dropshipping business. This makes the module an important one.

The best part of this module is how the Facebook Ad campaign and analysis is delivered. This part is not as detailed as the others in this course.

The total duration for this module is 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Module 5 – Scaling your dropshipping business

In the last module, Jessica talks about the following:

  • How to fulfill orders and track the shipping
  • Managing returns and refunds like a guru

These two parts hold the key to effectively managing the business. Though, this module is not as comprehensive as the other modules in this course. One of the omissions is not teaching about the different Shopify Store apps that one can use to optimize a Shopify store. Notwithstanding, you will still understand this aspect very well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the requirements to get started with Oberlo 101?

Answer: You need to have a computer, a connection to the internet, and a hunger to learn. No technical skills are required before starting the course. 

  1. For how long can I access the Oberlo 101 course?

Answer: The course can be accessed for as long as you want. You will have lifetime access after your enrollment. Learning is at your own pace.

  1. Is there a free version of Oberlo automation system?

Answer: Yes, there is a free version. The Starter Plan is 100% free. $29.90 is the cost of the Oberlo Basic Plan per month while Oberlo Pro costs $79.90 per month.

  1. How much is the Oberlo 101 course?

Answer: The course costs just about $40 but there is a free version. It is advised that beginners start with a free version and upgrade to a paid version later.

  1. How can I sign up?

Answer: To sign up for Oberlo 101, you have to visit the website at

Who is it for?

For all the people looking to succeed in the business of dropshipping.


  • This is a well-presented dropshipping course
  • It is thorough and insightful
  • The Facebook data analysis is fantastic 
  • The course is cheap and affordable
  • Good for beginners in dropshipping


  • Practical implementation of Facebook Ads is lacking
  • The last update of the course was in 2019

Legit or scam

Oberlo 101 is a legit dropshipping course that gives you an edge in the dropshipping business. 

Conclusion: Is Oberlo 101 dropshipping course recommended?

Yes, for anyone who wants to be successful in dropshipping business, the Oberlo 101 dropshipping course is well recommended.

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