HostNoc Affiliate Program Review: Make Money with Dedicated Servers

HostNoc Affiliate Program Review

Web-hosting service is a powerful infrastructural base to keep your website up and running without any hiccups. The process is instrumental in keeping most of the online businesses active and stable with its reliability, responsiveness, and efficiency. There are many web hosting providers that you can find online and one of them is Host NOC. This company offers awesome hosting features and also offers money to people who can promote it as an affiliate. To know more, read this HostNoc affiliate program review.

You will learn about HostNoc as a company, its products and services, affiliate commissions, and vital pros and cons to make an informed decision.

HostNoc Affiliate Program Review: What is HostNoc?

HostNoc is an IT-infrastructure company that offers solutions in web hosting, server management, and DDoS protection. The company started its services in 2018 and was founded by a group of IT professionals based in the US.

HostNoc has gained traction for its robust IT services, hosting, security, and extraordinary support to help its clients leverage maximum benefits and achieve consistent growth.

What is the HostNoc affiliate program?

HostNoc affiliate program

Many hosting companies rely on marketing their solutions through affiliate marketing. HostNoc has joined the bandwagon by offering up to $150 on each referred sale. There are 50% commissions on offer for different types of hosting services.

The cookie period lasts for 30-days and the affiliate program has dedicated support and resources provided to its affiliates.

How does the HostNoc affiliate program work?

HostNoc has tied up with ShareASale as its affiliate partner. ShareASale is a known name in the affiliate marketing segment.

All the marketing materials such as ads, banners, links, and dedicated affiliate dashboards are provided by ShareASale. That means as an affiliate you need to have an account with them. If you are an existing ShareASale member, then just search for the HostNoc affiliate program and apply for it.

As a new member, you can create a ShareASale account by filling in all the necessary details. Make sure to abide by the terms and conditions of ShareASale before applying. The platform follows a stringent set of rules to approve new affiliate accounts.

HostNoc products & services

HostNoc is primarily a hosting provider with a focus on dedicated servers, VPS, VPN, Domain registration, and cyber security.

Apart from cloud and WordPress hosting, the company offers separate hosting servers to cater to different types of applications, e-commerce, and operating systems.

All the solutions are backed by superior support that involves, 24/7 live chat, server migration, IP addresses, storage, and DDoS protection.

HostNoc has different pricing plans that are based on services subscribed and is an ideal choice for freelancers, agencies, small and medium enterprises who can afford it easily.

Here is a video on HostNoc dedicated server offerings:

Ways to promote HostNoc 

HostNoc can be promoted via the following sources as an affiliate marketer:

Blog: You can create a blog post on HostNoc features and benefits and publish it on your website, and social media channels. Ensure to embed your affiliate links to make referrals.

Videos: Create and upload a video on your website, social media channels, or YouTube with your affiliate link in the description.

Advertising: Publish ads, banners, and links provided by the HostNoc affiliate network on your website, and social media channels. Visuals can attract a larger audience who can be directed to HostNoc as your referrals.

Emails: Create a newsletter or a landing page with HostNoc offers and affiliate links to your email list subscribers. This is the best way to convert your subscribers into HostNoc referrals.

All the above methods are viable and allowed by HostNoc and ShareASale networks. These are the easiest ways you can find to attract visitors towards HostNoc hosting with an authoritative online presence.

HostNoc Affiliate program commissions 

HostNoc affiliate program commissions

The commission structure is 50% on different hosting plans. HostNoc offers $50 as initial commission and $75 on every VPS hosting plan.

In addition, affiliates are eligible to earn $100 for every qualified referral that subscribes to dedicated hosting plans.

The commissions are calculated on the hosting plan and its pricing and are expected to go up to $150 for each referral.

Can I make money with the HostNoc affiliate program? 

Making 3-4 figures a month is valid with the HostNoc affiliate program. However, you have to take into consideration several other factors such as your own authority as an online marketer, website traffic, promotional methods, etc.

Web-hosting services are not new but have attracted a high demand in recent years. Many individuals and companies are looking to establish their presence with dedicated online services. The challenging part is stability, and reliability which are offered by powerful hosting.

If you can make 10 referrals a month who can subscribe to HostNoc paid plans, you are in to make between $500-$1000 approximately. The actual earning figures may vary depending on your performance as an affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does HostNoc pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid after 90-days of sales. The payments are made as per the terms & conditions of the ShareASale affiliate network.

2. How does HostNoc pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid through PayPal and other payment methods allowed by the HostNoc affiliate network.

3. Is the HostNoc affiliate program a scam?

Answer: No. HostNoc is a legit company. It offers quality web hosting services with an affiliate program that is not a scam.


  • Good hosting services – The services and features offered by HostNoc are one of the highlights. Dedicated servers, managed hosting, and cybersecurity are much needed in today’s online world. It caters well with both individuals and companies alike.
  • High-commission structure – No doubt 50% commission rate is best in class. The commissions are further divided into categories of hosting and dedicated server plans that give a dynamic boost to an affiliate’s earning capacity.
  • Reputed affiliate partner – The resources, marketing tools, and payments are in safe hands. With ShareASale as its affiliate partner, HostNoc has provided reliability and trust among its affiliates who can track and monitor their affiliate progress efficiently.


  • Low cookie duration – 30-days cookie period is on the lower side. A lengthier cookie duration (60-90 days) is more advantageous and effective from a conversion perspective. This can certainly rob commissions for many affiliates.
  • No recurring commissions – Hosting services are subscription-based and offering recurring commissions could have been ideal to attract a larger section of affiliates.
  • Competitive niche – Even though highly demanding, hosting services still have stiff competition in the market. There are many options for people to choose from and in such a scenario it could be challenging to fetch in regular customers.

Conclusion: Is the HostNoc affiliate program recommended?

HostNoc as a company has great solutions to offer. One cannot run their day-to-day operations without a stable hosting provider. It acts as a backbone to websites and IT segments of big and small enterprises.

HostNoc affiliate program is equipped with the right tools and commission structure. It has a dedicated affiliate partner in the form of ShareASale, and making money in triple figures is highly possible considering the requirement of a hosting niche.

A recurring commission structure (at least for a limited period) could increase its affiliate database and they certainly need to improve the cookie duration.

Overall, even with a few drawbacks HostNoc affiliate program is worth joining and recommended for the services it offers, commission rate, and the help and support from its affiliate network.

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