Gusto Affiliate Program Review: Make money promoting HR solutions

Gusto Affiliate Program Review

Human Resources or HR is an important part of every organization. The HR team helps the organizations scale their business through the onboarding of fresh talents and experienced professionals. The team remains occupied with different tasks such as recruitment, salary process, etc. for which they have to work with certain systems and processes. There are many software and systems provided by various companies that make the HR process simpler and easier. One of them is Gusto. It is interesting to know that not only Gusto is helpful in offering various HR-related solutions but it also rewards people with commissions who help them find new customers through its affiliate program. So, to explore the earning opportunity I will be doing the Gusto affiliate program review in this post.

Before going deeper into the affiliate program, it is important to have proper information about Gusto. That will set the tone for a comprehensive review of the Gusto affiliate program.

Gusto Affiliate Program Review: What is Gusto?

Gusto is a payroll, HR, and benefits platform that is used by over 200,000 businesses in the United State of America. It also handles time and attendance, hiring and onboarding, insights and reporting, and talent management.

They are in the business of empowering different organizations to handle complicated and time-consuming tasks. The tool is cloud-based and can be accessed virtually from anywhere using a web browser.

Gusto appeals to both old and new payroll administrators due to its usability and exceptional payroll setup, processing alongside real-time reporting tools.

It is important to note that Gusto only processes employees in the United States.

What is the Gusto affiliate program?

The Gusto affiliate program is a program where you can earn $50 to $100 commissions for everyone you refer to their website through your affiliate link.

It is easier to succeed with the program if you have an audience of CEOs, accountants, business owners, and HR people.

How does Gusto Affiliate Program work?

The affiliate program offers a 120-days cookie duration. This means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and doesn’t become a customer immediately, the person can still become a customer within 120 days.

ShareASale is the affiliate network partner for the Gusto affiliate program. You must have an account with ShareASale.

Click the to register if you haven’t. After signing up, you can search for the Gusto affiliate program and apply.

How to promote the Gusto for increased conversion

Once you become an affiliate of Gusto, you will have to start promoting the platform. There are many ways to do it and I will share some of them:

  1. Webinars – Organizing webinars that relate to payroll, HR, benefits, and small business is one sure way to promote the Gusto. After ending the webinar, ensure that you share your affiliate link with your participants.
  2. YouTube – Visuals speak better than text. So, you can create a YouTube video discussing setting up businesses and how Gusto can help small businesses with stressful and complicated tasks such as payroll and HR. Ensure that you include your affiliate link in the video.
  3. Use LinkedIn to build US-based healthy business connections – Build US-based connections with LinkedIn and introduce Gusto to them after earning their trust. Make sure you have built a relationship with them before sending the promotions. If not, you may be blocked for spamming.
  4. Use social media to promote Gusto – Social media is another veritable platform to promote Gusto. Make a post about Gusto and its benefits and include your affiliate link. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are still very powerful social media platforms.
  5. Write a review or blog post – Write an engaging blog post about HR, payroll, small businesses and employment benefits. Post the article on your blog and start sharing the URL link on forums.
  6. Banner placements – Placing your affiliate banners in strategic locations on your blog is another way to promote Gusto.
  7. Special offers – Gusto has got special offers, discounts, and bonuses that you can ride on to get conversions. Ensure that you promote these incentives and add your affiliate link.
  8. Word of mouth – Don’t overlook the power of word of mouth. It can go farther than you imagine. Occasionally have a face-to-face discussion with organizations that don’t have a functional payroll system and HR. If you sound convincing enough, you are going to convert them to loyal customers.

Gusto Pricing plans 

Gusto affiliate commissions are not percentage-based that is derived from its pricing plans but the importance of knowing the pricing cannot be ignored as it is helpful in convincing your audience to buy the services.

Gusto has got a pricing plan that can suit any business. It has 4 plans – Core, Complete, Converge, and Select.

  • Core – $39/month base price plus $6/monthly per person. It is meant for small businesses with simple salaries schedules.
  • Complete – $39/month base price plus $12/monthly per person. This is for growing businesses.
  • Converge – $149/month base price plus $12/monthly per person. This is for businesses that are compliance-minded with great employee commitment.
  • Select – You will have to contact sales to know the price for this plan. This is for more than 25 employees.

Click on the link to know the details of each plan.

Can I make money with the Gusto affiliate program? 

Making money with the Gusto affiliate program is easy if you are in the circle of business executives. When you introduce it to them, and they sign up with your affiliate link, you can earn more than $100 for a valid customer.

There are even commissions offered on generating leads that mean if your customers don’t actually end up signing for the services you still stand a chance to make $50+.

$100 is not a big amount but could turn into $1000+ with your authoritative online presence and solid marketing efforts. The only drawback is the coverage of Gusto services which is as of now limited to the US-based organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Gusto cost?

Answer: It starts from a $39 per month base price.

2. How can I reach Gusto?

Answer: You can reach Gusto through email at

3. What is the cookie duration?

Answer: The cookie length is 120 days

4. How can I join the Gusto affiliate program?

Answer: Click the link to become an affiliate.

5. What is the minimum withdrawal threshold?

Answer: It is $50

6. What is the Gusto affiliate program commission rate?

Answer: The commission rate is $50 to $100 per conversion.

7. Does Gusto offer a free trial?

Answer: Gusto offers a 30-day free trial. The free trial starts after a company has run its first payroll.


  • Free to join – To join the Gusto affiliate program is completely free. Just click the link to sign up.
  • 120-days cookie duration – Gusto has got a very generous 120-days cookie length. It is worth the wait even if someone clicks your affiliate link today and didn’t make a purchase. The person can still come back within 120 days to make a purchase that could earn you $50 to $100 commission.
  • Optimized tools for easy conversion – Gusto guarantees a high conversion rate with their conversion-optimized banners and landing pages that could convert a website visitor to a customer.
  • Dedicated affiliate team – With the Gusto dedicated affiliate team, you are sure that you have people who can help you with your promotions.
  • Low withdrawal threshold – You can withdraw your earnings with PayPal immediately after you reach $50. This means there is no long wait before reaching the threshold level since one sale is enough.
  • Special offers – To drive sales and help affiliates earn a commission, Gusto rolls out bonuses and special offers monthly.


  • Limited affiliate network partner – The only approved affiliate network partner is ShareASale. You cannot use Commission Junction, Impact Radius, or any other platform.
  • No international payroll processing – The Gusto only processes employees based in the United States. It doesn’t offer international payroll processing. This may limit the scope of the targeted audience.
  • Nonrecurring commissions – Subscribing to HR services is no short-term deal. The affiliate commissions should have been recurring looking at the prospect and nature of solutions offered by Gusto that will be long-used by its customers.

Conclusion: Is the Gusto Affiliate Program recommended?

The Gusto affiliate program is great for affiliates who have a US-based audience list. With a generous 120-days cookie length, you are sure of high conversion rates if you do your promotions properly.

You will also love the low threshold of $50 which can be withdrawn with payment. The numerous incentives such as special offers and bonuses are something your audience cannot resist. There is a dedicated affiliate team to assist you with your promotions.

The commission of $50 to $100 can amount to something huge if you can convert a lot of customers. Plenty of new businesses are coming out daily which means it is a big chance for any affiliate to hit the goldmine. Interestingly, it is free to join the platform.

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