Flywheel Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Sharing Web Hosting

Flywheel Affiliate Program Review

Website hosting is an integral part of all online businesses. Whether you are a developer, or a freelancer building websites for your clients you need to ensure the product is always up and running. So, what makes you and your clients happy? Of course, a hosting partner that can provide around-the-clock technical support and an ever-stable hosting platform. You will find these qualities in Flywheel. It not only provides quality web-hosting services but even pays you for referring others to their platform. Yes, it has an affiliate program that pays really well. To know more, continue reading this Flywheel affiliate program review and learn about its products, affiliate commissions, support, pros, and cons.

Flywheel Affiliate Program Review: What is Flywheel?

Flywheel provides web-hosting services for developers, designers, agencies, and freelancers. The services include super-fast hosting, website security and backup, and active customer support to keep your website running. All the tools and features are specific to WordPress-built websites.

Flywheel was launched in the year 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska by its founders Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker, and Rick Knudtson. The company was later acquired by WP Engine in 2019.

What is Flywheel Affiliate Program?

Flywheel has an affiliate program called as ‘Referral Program’. Under this program, the existing users or new individuals can earn up to 300% commissions once their referrals subscribe to any of the Flywheel hosting plans.

The referral program is a valuable earning opportunity for developers/common users to make really good money. Flywheel provides useful affiliate resources like banners, logos, ads, and affiliate support to help their affiliates grow their referrals.

How does the Flywheel affiliate program work?

Flywheel affiliate program work by joining it as an existing user or a new member. There is no obligation to use Flywheel services for promoting their products.

Once you join as an affiliate, you can then share your affiliate links via website, blog, social media, flywheel banners/ads.

If someone subscribes to flywheel hosting plans you can earn up to 300% commissions. The highest commissions can go up to $500 for every referral.

How to join the Flywheel affiliate program?

To join the affiliate program, go to
and fill in your details. The joining is free and the program is open to all types of users irrespective of their hosting knowledge.

Features/services of Flywheel 

So, what can you promote under the Flywheel affiliate program? Here is the list of features associated with Flywheel.

High-speed Hosting – There is no denying the fact that Flywheel offers one of the most powerful and fastest website hosting platforms.

The hosting is powered by Google Cloud that comes with strong technical infrastructure and security. The minimum hosting plan starts at $15 per month.

Client Management Growth SuiteThe product is aimed at the agency-owners to manage multiple tasks in one dashboard.

The product features include reporting, subscription and billing, and reselling of managed WordPress hosting. The growth suite is priced at $330 per month for agencies.

E-commerce Hosting – E-commerce websites have to bear loads of data and integrations. The websites are vulnerable to crashing and slowing down.

Flywheel offers dedicated hosting services for E-commerce (WooCommerce) platforms that takes care of all the backend technical stuff. The product pricing starts from $75 per month.

Flywheel also provides hosting capacity for high-traffic websites. Their products cater to all types of hosting needs for developers, designers, freelancers, and agencies that are highly demanding.

How to promote Flywheel products? 

Some of the ways that you can promote Flywheel products:

  • Website: Website is a great way to promote Flywheel. Write a detailed article about Flywheel and its features and make sure to cover the benefits. Insert your affiliate links in the post to ensure you don’t miss out on referrals.
  • Social media: Make a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post and use the Flywheel banners, and ads. If you have a huge following on social media platforms, it can lead to better conversions.
  • Videos: Making YouTube videos is another excellent way to promoting your products. Upload a detailed video on your YouTube channel with a description of using Flywheel products and add your affiliate link in the description.

Please note Flywheel prohibits using paid search to promote their products. So, avoid using paid search channels.

Flywheel pricing and affiliate commissions 

The affiliate commissions are directly associated with Flywheel products pricing plans.

Flywheel claims to offer 300% commissions on every subscribed product. That means if somebody subscribes to various plans you will be paid for every product by Flywheel.

Below are the pricing plans and commissions you can make as an affiliate:

Product Plan

Pricing (per month)

Affiliate %

Affiliate Commissions (one-time)

Tiny (Hosting)




Starter (Hosting)




Freelance (Hosting)




The maximum commission amount can go up to $500. Flywheel also offers commissions on referring a transfer. You will earn commissions if your clients transfer their website hosting to Flywheel.

The commissions are paid one-time through PayPal after 90-days of active subscription by your referral.

Can I make money with the Flywheel affiliate program?

Yes, there is no doubt you can’t make money with Flywheel. The hosting products are always in demand.

With more and more people focusing on having an online presence for their businesses the requirement of building quality websites with powerful hosting will keep growing.

The Flywheel affiliate program is well suited for website developers, freelancers, and affiliate marketers who have an authoritative online and social media presence.

If you are able to make 10 customers in a month who can opt for a minimum plan of $15 your commissions stand at $450. Higher subscription plans can bring in thousands of dollars.

The benefits of joining the Flywheel affiliate program 

The upfront benefits offered by Flywheel to their affiliates are:

  • Affiliate resources: Affiliates get relevant banners, ads, and other promotional resources after joining. Flywheel also provides a demo website to share the features and products with affiliate links. You can also customize the ads, and banners to suit your needs that are supported by Flywheel.
  • Affiliate offers: Affiliates have an added advantage of receiving promotional offers before they are released online. The Black Friday and Fly July offers with maximum discounts and benefits can add up to your list of referrals quickly.
  • Affiliate support: Flywheel support is excellent for their customers. In addition, affiliates are not left alone with their promotional or any technical issues. You can get in touch with the support team by sending an email at

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is the Flywheel affiliate program free to join?

Answer: Yes, it is free to join.

2. When do Flywheel pay their affiliates?

Answer: The payments are made every first week of the month after 90-days of active subscription by your referral.

3. How do Flywheel make the payments to their affiliates?

Answer: Payments are made every month through PayPal.

4. Does Flywheel offer recurring commissions?

Answer: No. The commissions are paid only one-time. There are no recurring commissions for renewals.


  • Flywheel affiliate program is free to join. There is no obligation to be an existing member of the flywheel to promote their products.
  • Web-hosting products and services are always in demand. Achieving a higher number of referrals is possible in a demanding niche.
  • The 300% commissions are outrageously on the higher side. The commissions are offered on each individual referred product that can add up the earnings quickly.
  • The are no restrictions on promoting flywheel products. The services can be marketed through websites, blogging, social media, videos, etc.
  • The availability of affiliate resources such as banners, ads, and images is an added advantage. It makes the job easier for promotion.
  • There is support available for affiliates in the form of an email.


  • Affiliates are paid only after the subscription remains active for 90-days. The waiting period is too long and unfair.
  • The cookie period information is completely missing. Long-lasting cookie duration is very critical from a conversion point of view.
  • The commissions are one-time only. There are no recurring commissions paid by Flywheel even if your referrals renew their subscription.
  • Payments are made only through PayPal. This could be discouraging for affiliates who don’t have PayPal options in their country.
  • Flywheel website mentions affiliate support through email. There are no multiple support channels.

Conclusion: Is the Flywheel affiliate program recommended?

Flywheel hosting is top-notch. The company is now under the shadow of WP Engine who is another giant in the hosting market. The products and services are of utmost value and have conversion appeal.

The affiliate resources, support, and 300% commissions are mouth-watering. There is no denying that all these things are going in Flywheel’s favor.

However, a lack of information on cookies is sorely missed. The percentage of commission is quite high but offering it only one time is not motivating. I would love to have chat, and phone options to get in touch with their support team as these are very common nowadays.

The Flywheel affiliate program is recommended if you are okay with the above shortcomings. Yes, you can make money but it would have been the icing on the cake had they offered recurring commissions.

The Cloudways affiliate program is a better option that offers similar services and an affiliate program with recurring commissions.

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