Flippa Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Flipping

Flippa Affiliate Program Review

The online industry is booming at a very fast pace. More and more corporates, businesses, and individuals are shifting their attention towards having a powerful online presence. There are thousands of websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, software, etc. that are now considered as digital properties or online assets that have immense value. This has created another niche among online audiences to search and invest in online assets. And to fulfill this requirement Flippa was born. Flippa helps individuals and businesses to buy and sell their assets online. It also offers an earning opportunity to its users through its affiliate program. Want to know more about it? Check out this Flippa affiliate program review post.

You will learn the process of joining the affiliate program, the commission it offers, and the pros and cons.

Flippa Affiliate Program Review: What Is Flippa?

Flippa is the number one online platform to buy and sell digital assets. On Flippa, users can list their websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, SaaS, domains, and more to find their real value and buy/sell these online assets at an appropriate price.

Flippa is an all-in-one marketplace for online bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and industries to search, acquire, invest, and earn with digital assets.

What is the Flippa affiliate program?

Flippa has an affiliate program which is called the referral program. The affiliate program is a way to earn decent commissions by referring others to the Flippa platform. Flippa offers 15% commissions to its affiliates when someone registers with Flippa after clicking your affiliate link.

The commissions are eligible on registrations and transactions of a particular user referred by you.

How does the Flippa affiliate program work?

Flippa affiliate program is well-suited for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and anyone who is involved in buying and selling online assets. The affiliate program works by becoming a member of Flippa as a user or an affiliate.

Flippa offers 15% commissions on listing fees and success fees. The listing fee is calculated when your referrals list their digital assets for online sale/purchase. The success fee is calculated on your referral’s customer transactions when its digital assets are successfully executed.

The commissions are only applicable if your referrals join the Flippa platform within a 30-days cookie period clicking your affiliate link and making a listing fee within the first 90-days.

The program offers supportive tools and content resources such as best of feeds, and how to sell, and how to buy guides to assist you with your affiliate progress.

How to join the Flippa affiliate program?

To join the Flippa affiliate program visit https://flippa.com/referral-program/
and fill out your details in the ‘Become a Flippa Referral Partner’ section. Once you have registered, Flippa takes a minimum of 30-days to approve or reject your application.

If approved, you will get your referral code and other affiliate resources to start your referral campaign.

Flippa products 

Flippa is used to auction domains, list websites, mobile apps, etc. for online purchase and sale. There are no physical products on offer so your commission earnings are calculated on listing fees and buying/selling transaction amount.

What you can promote is Flippa’s easy-to-use interface, convenient methods of listing different types of digital assets, and affordable pricing for listing. These features are valuable to every online user out there who is looking for effective ways to make some money finding the real value of their digital assets.

Ways to promote Flippa 

Some of the useful ways to promote Flippa is:

Writing a blog post – Creating an interesting blog post about Flippa’s selling and buying features of online assets will be effective.

Write about the listing method, pricing, payment options, and the way Flippa helps its users achieve maximum exposure and find profitable biddings. This will ensure engagement and conversions. Don’t forget to add your affiliate link.

Use Flippa content feeds – Flippa provides content feeds related to the process of buying and selling. The guide is a go-to material for every existing user on Flippa. You can enhance your existing content by adding the value of Flippa’s content feeds and guide to make it look more genuine and engaging.

Videos and Social Sharing – If you are an existing Flippa user, you can share your knowledge and experience of using the platform by making an interesting video. Make sure to leave your affiliate link in the video description.

Also, share the video and other affiliate tools on your social media channels. Both the methods have wide coverage and can prompt your followers to be part of Flippa.

Flippa affiliate commissions 

The affiliate commissions are divided into two categories. 15% on listing fees and 15% on success fees.

  • 15% commissions on listing fees are paid when your referrals display their assets on the Flippa platform choosing one of the paid listings plans and,
  • 15% commissions on success fees are paid when your referrals buy/sell their assets on the Flippa platform choosing one of the paid success fee plans.

The good thing is commissions are offered on both buying and selling aspects performed by your referrals. Below table will reflect on what you can expect to earn with Flippa affiliate program commissions:

Listing fees commissions:

Listing Plans

Listing Fees

Commissions (%)

Commissions ($)

Established Website & Online Business




Starter/Template Websites








iOS and Android Apps




Success fees commissions: (Success fee is calculated based on the percentage of the selling price)

Success Fee Plans (selling price range)

Success Fees (%)

Commissions (%)

Commissions ($)













Your success fee commission amounts may vary depending on the actual selling price of an asset.

Dos and don’ts of Flippa affiliate program 

Make sure to follow the affiliate program rules & regulations as directed in the terms and conditions of Flippa. Some of the points that are noteworthy as a Flippa affiliate:

  • Disclose all your promotion resources such as websites, videos, social media channels, etc. to Flippa where you will use your affiliate links.
  • Avoid using paid ads using Flippa’s branded keywords that direct the users to your website(s).
  • Avoid performing cookie stuffing or pop-ups, using misleading links, and masking URL information.

Can I make money with the Flippa affiliate program? 

Yes. Selling and purchasing online assets has a great potential to make money. There are thousands of online users that deal in online businesses and the list continues to grow. The ask is to find such people who are actively online and looking to diversify their earnings.

Websites, mobile apps, and other online resources have a great resell value. Some people have made it their profession to just build websites, or other digital assets and put them on sale to make money. With such people as your target audience, it won’t be wrong to say that you can make consistent commissions in the range of $1000+ a month as a Flippa affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does Flippa make payments to its affiliates?

Answer: The payments are made through PayPal and wire transfers.

2. When does Flippa pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid on the 28th day of each month.

3. Is there a minimum threshold to withdraw commissions?

Answer: Yes, the threshold is $50.

4. Is there an eligibility criterion to receive commissions from Flippa?

Answer: Yes, the eligibility criteria is to generate a minimum of 2 customer transactions with your referrals to receive commissions.

5. Does Flippa offer support to its affiliates?

Answer: Yes, you can contact Flippa at affiliates@flippa.com for any support or queries.


  • Profitable niche: The online assets are highly valuable. With the growing trend of people looking to find ways to make money online, such assets will keep increasing. The websites, domains, apps are the new form of real estate that grows in value with passing time. You can find thousands of users in this niche and direct them to Flippa as your referrals.
  • Interesting commission structure: The commissions offered on listing and success fees are quite interesting. As an affiliate, you have twice the chance to earn commissions with Flippa. Listing of online assets is an obligation to find relevant people looking to invest in your product. This ensures that you always remain eligible to earn commissions irrespective of the final outcome of your referral’s product.
  • Potential earnings: 15% commissions may look less on the paper but in reality, it has tremendous potential to convert in bigger amounts. The established websites and apps have immense value online and usually attract investments in the range of 5 to 6-figures. The higher the selling/buying price higher will be your commissions.


  • Limited cookie duration: The 30-days cookie duration is very suppressing. That means if your referrals click your affiliate link and take longer than 30-days to join Flippa you are not eligible to earn commissions.
  • Unfair commission eligibility criteria: The affiliates are not paid if their referrals do not list their assets on Flippa within 90-days of joining through the affiliate link. This is another drawback wherein affiliates lose considerable amounts of commissions if the listing happens after 90-days.
  • Limited affiliate resources: Flippa offers content feeds and weekly Top-10 best of feeds as affiliate resources. There are ‘How to’ guides that can be shared with your audience. But there is no mention of ads, banners, logos, etc. that will surely reduce your promotion options.

Conclusion: Is the Flippa affiliate program recommended?

Flippa affiliate program is well-recommended for every user irrespective of their online status. The program has a great potential to make consistent residual income every month.

The commissions are structured in a way to ensure every affiliate has some money to make out of it. There will be no shortage in finding relevant audiences owing to the ever-demanding niche of online assets.

The downside is with the eligibility to earn your first commission. More than the 30-days cookie duration the problem lies with 90-days listing criteria with limited promotion resources. But Flippa’s easy- to use interface and ‘How to’ guides can come in handy to convince your referrals to list their assets in no time.

If you are well-versed with websites, apps, etc., and have an authoritative online presence then you should be part of Flippa’s affiliate program.

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