Faberlic MLM Review: A legit business opportunity or a scam?

Faberlic MLM Review

There are many companies selling personal care products globally. A few of them have been established as a brand that hardly needs any introduction while selling. Then there are some whose products are only available and sold through network marketing. Such companies intend to save their advertising cost by offering a business opportunity to individuals who can market their products. One such company is called Faberlic. If you are interested to know more then read this Faberlic MLM review post till the end.

You will find what is Faberlic, its MLM business opportunity, its products, the compensation it offers, and the important factors related to its legitimacy, benefits, and disadvantages.

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Faberlic MLM Review: What is Faberlic?

Faberlic is one of the largest direct-selling companies (MLM) selling skincare, personal care, nutrition, dietary supplements, fashion, home, and health products.

The company was founded in 1997 based out of Russia by its founder Alexey Nechaev. It claims to operate in more than 20 countries since 2003 and has more than 8 million users involved in its products.

Faberlic is best known for manufacturing patented oxygen skincare products that are helpful in improving the skin layers and their health.

What is Faberlic MLM?

Faberlic operates its business by selling products through independent consultants who are called Faberlic Representatives. They call this their partnership program.

The products are purchased by the representatives and directly sold to their clients. Faberlic offers structure-based commissions and discounted products to its representatives in exchange for sales.

There are no retail outlets for Faberlic products and direct selling is the only option to use their products.

How does Faberlic MLM work?

The requirement to work with Faberlic MLM is by becoming a representative. To do that you can visit the Faberlic website and register with your details. You can also take help from an existing representative in your area.

Upon successful registration, representatives are required to purchase Faberlic products like starter kits with 20%-26% discounts. Faberlic also provides training and other marketing resources to its representatives.

Individuals have to work according to the Faberlic compensation plan that demands regular sales and recruitment of people to achieve comprehensive financial results.

Faberlic products

When it comes to product offerings, Faberlic has a variety of them. There are different categories that include:

Faberlic products

Personal care – Personal care products are sub-divided into face care, body care, and hair care. You get creams, lotions, facials, sprays, shampoos, etc. There are separate sections for men, and kid’s personal care products.

Cosmetics and Fragrances – In this category, there are eyeliners, mascara, blush, foundation, powder, lipstick, nail polish, etc. You also get perfumes and deodorants for men and women.

Apparels – Faberlic also offers unisex clothing and accessories. The apparels include clothes for different occasions such as beachwear, lingerie, loungewear, sportswear, etc. The category is inclusive of men, women, and kids.

Dietary supplements – This category of products deal with food supplements for weight loss, hygiene, and physical care. The supplements include beverages and consumable items that provide a balanced diet and nutrition.

In addition, Faberlic also sells household accessories such as kitchenware, toiletries, appliances, air fresheners, etc. As a representative, you have a wide range of products to cater to different occasions and needs of every household and customer.

Are the Faberlic products worth their price? 

Faberlic products are used in many countries and some of them are found on marketplaces such as Amazon.

Looking at the reviews and ratings by its users, Faberlic products seem to be of good quality and effective. The reviews pertain to an eyelash mascara which garnered more than 4 stars on Amazon. The product seemed slightly expensive compared to other brands in the same category.

Overall, the pricing is fairly justified considering the quality and value Faberlic products provide to its customers.

How to make money with Faberlic MLM? 

To make money with Faberlic, you have to work on two options:

  • Purchase of products – This is where you have to regularly purchase products and sell them to your clients to earn personal/retail commissions.
  • Recruit downlines – This is where you can make a team of members (existing clients/friends/relatives) and earn performance bonuses and incentives on their sales.

Faberlic compensation plan 

Faberlic compensation plan offers several benefits in the form of product discounts, sales commissions, bonuses, and incentives to its representatives.

There are retail commissions to be earned on the direct sale of products. Here the products are offered with a discounted price of 20% to 26% and sold at the retail price.

The difference between the purchase and selling price is retail commissions. Commissions are calculated periodically and paid to representatives on completion of each periodic cycle.

Faberlic compensation plan

To maximize your earnings, Faberlic offers performance commissions that are calculated on the personal group volume of your downlines. The commission range is between 3% to 23% depending on the level you climb.

Every level has its own requirement of maintaining certain personal group volume and personal sales volume.

Here are the details of the Faberlic compensation plan.

Can I make money with Faberlic MLM? 

Faberlic compensation plan is a perfect example of how MLMs work. It has everything from personal commissions, to bonuses, to incentives that are directly related to sales and recruitment.

You have to also look at the investment factors. Barring the personal commissions that can be achieved through direct sales the actual money lies in recruitment.

Faberlic offers comprehensive discounts and extended incentives to representatives who constantly purchase products, and achieve the required sales target.

This requires continuous investment in product purchases and any shortfall in achieving your targets may result in termination of your membership.

The other drawback is the absence of the Faberlic representative’s income statement.  It is hard to conclude how much money you can make with Faberlic MLM.

You can make money with Faberlic MLM. But it comes with lots of effort, learning, patience, and persistence. There is also a high risk of losing money if your financial status and network potential are weak.

Is Faberlic a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Faberlic is a legit company existing since 1997. The number of years in business speaks volumes for the company. It has a strong financial infrastructure that lasted more than 2 decades and still counting. The company is here to stay and not a scam.

Recruiting people is part of almost all the MLM business models. Faberlic isn’t excluded. You have to create a team of members to increase your earnings from their product sales. Faberlic offers commissions on product sales and not recruitment numbers so officially, it is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Proven business history – One of the factors to join any MLM company is its business background. Faberlic has been operating on the MLM business model for years. The company has grown exceptionally well in the last few years with expansion in several countries. You won’t feel cheated working with Faberlic.
  • Positive reviews and product quality – A majority of Faberlic’s product reviews are positive. This is another beneficial factor from a sales perspective. Appreciation and praise for Faberlic indicate that their products are well-researched and manufactured keeping costumer’s requirements in focus.
  • Decent commission structure – 20% + personal commissions are good from an earnings perspective. With regular sales of Faberlic products, there is potential to make 3 figure commissions consistently. The compensation plan consisting of incentives and bonuses is also on the higher side and you can expect higher commissions through effective networking.


  • Highly competitive niche – You cannot escape the fact that selling personal care, and dietary supplements in today’s market is very challenging. There are millions of products and 100’s companies offering similar products at competitive prices on different platforms. Making direct sales could be very tough and non-sustainable in the long run.
  • Recruitment is a must – Making good money with Faberlic is not without the hard work and complications of continuous recruitment. The commissions are paid purely on constant purchase of products which is not possible unless you have a big number of people under your mentorship to whom you can sell. Consistency is key here failing which you have everything to lose.
  • No income disclosure – Faberlic hasn’t revealed the income potential of their representatives even after remaining in business for so many years. This is quite surprising. Actual income figures are a motivating factor that encourages many individuals to consider joining a company.

Conclusion: Is Faberlic MLM recommended?

Faberlic as an organization is reliable and trustworthy. The products it offers are another plus point. One of the good things is versatility and variety. You don’t have to completely rely on just one segment of the market.

Starting with Faberlic is easy. The commission percentage is on the higher side though the structure is very demanding. It will surely keep you on your toes from investment and sales perspectives.

If your expectation is to make quick money with minimal effort then you could be in a big surprise. This Faberlic MLM opportunity is for hardcore sellers who are very good at convincing and recruiting people. So, if you do not fall in this category then I recommend you stay away from Faberlic.

Instead, there are many online opportunities where you can make money with minimum investment and effort. One of them is my recommendation below.

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